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Why You Need To Help THIS World Come To An End

I normally don’t watch any videos about the end of the world because I think they are made to promote useless fear. But, when I saw the following video I read the comments and realized that this was not going to be another crap video made by pessimistic people.

Why I Needed To Watch This Video

Parent's house: Not Much Parking Space
The root of my anger – a parking spot.

I am staying at my parents for a few weeks because they have gone on a cruise. My husband and I are treating it like a vacation, even though we both still have to work. But, it is still a break from our house, our neighbors, and the same old routine.

The other day we came home to one of my parent’s neighbors parked squarely in front of my parent’s home. We had to squeeze our car in front of my parent’s driveway, trying not to move in front of the other neighbor’s driveway, while the neighbors to the left, and all their household occupants, had a ton of room to park their cars in front of their home and my parent’s home.

I got very angry.

All I could see was their lack of respect and consideration. My parents have a one person driveway, and we have always used the front of the house to park or else we would be in other people’s space.

I felt their invisible middle finger as they knowingly left us very little room and parked in front of my parent’s sidewalk.

Even though I can normally detach myself from stupid things like that, and recognize that it isn’t good or bad – it just is, I couldn’t do it this time. My throat got a lump and I focused on these people and their arrogance.

Maybe it was my hormones. I like to blame it on that sometimes.

Anywase, this morning I woke up feeling much less judgmental about the situation. I realized that whether they are being arrogant or not, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t really affect us in any way. We still have some room to park. And, if someone wants to come up to the house, they can walk around the car and then get on the sidewalk.

Plus it is a parking spot. It is not like they are parked on the lawn or invading our space.

But I still had some lingering anger…until I watched the following video.

Help The World Come To An End

If you are angry today at someone, something, or a situation – I urge you to watch the following video. It’s thought provoking, and it should help you see that moving past your anger – or hurt or any other negative emotion – is more important than anything else.

In other words, the world needs to come to an end, and you can help that happen.

After watching this, I realized how stupid my anger was.

I realized how caught up I was in my pride and useless crap.

I realized how stupid I sounded about a silly parking spot.

I realized that it is really time for a new beginning.

I’m looking forward to my husband coming home from work so we can enjoy our vacation and spread our love to each other and our parent’s neighbors.

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