Why You Shouldn't Eliminate TV Completely From Your Life

Why You Shouldn’t Eliminate TV Completely From Your Life

How Watching TV Affects Your Life

Some people talk about eliminating TV completely from their life, but I’m not a fan of that. I used to be, but now I see the value in it. Let me explain.

A long time ago, I turned off the news and never looked back. I realized that it scared me so much that it was affecting my life in a very negative way. Even though 90% of the news was just meant to promote fear and didn’t translate to anything real in my own life, I couldn’t help but let it affect almost 100% of my life.

Ridiculous, right?

I find that this happens with horror shows too. The last horror I watched was paranormal activity – the first one – and it took years for me to get over the fear that the show brought on. I still think about it sometimes and experience fear.

I have a deep belief in the paranormal, but while I’m kind of fascinated by it, I’m also terrified by it! My personal experiences have made me into an adult who runs upstairs at 7pm and locks herself in her bedroom when her husband is not around because I’m too scared of being in a big house in the dark.

So, I don’t watch horror movies ever.

The point is the TV can blend into your reality and affect your subconscious mind, which affects your attitude, behavior, and direction in life.

The subconscious mind stores information that the conscious mind may not immediately process with full understanding, but it stores the information for later retrieval when ”recalled” by the conscious mind –Wikipedia 

Your Subconscious Mind Soaks It All In!

Have you ever been doing something during a commercial and then suddenly crave a pizza or certain restaurant’s food? I have, and upon inspection (i.e. the rewind button) I’ve noticed that a commercial for that food, that I wasn’t consciously aware of, had just played. But, my subconscious had soaked in the message and affected my current desire.

I am a huge believer in positive subliminal messages for transforming your life into something you want. (Read more about that here.) But I also think that they can affect your beliefs in a negative way if you listen to enough negative messages.

For example:

  • Watching thin movie stars constantly complain about their weight can send a negative message about your own weight to your subconscious, and eventually you can start to criticize yourself for being too fat.
  • Watching people do risky things without consequence can influence people watching to try it out for themselves. It can reduce the severity of real consequences in the mind. Think smoking – (George Burns always had a cigar in his mouth and he lived to 100!)

You may not think that you are soaking in these kinds of messages, but when it comes time to make a decision or judge some sort of experience, the subconscious mind is what takes the steering wheel.

You subconscious mind is made up of everything you have experienced, including the things you have seen, and your belief system draws from those experiences and decides how you will go through life.

Not All TV Is Bad

I find that some TV shows have very positive and uplifting messages for people. These are messages that get soaked into the subconscious and affect people’s belief system positively!

One show is “My Big Fat Fabulous Life.” Now I know some people may argue with me on this and say she’s promoting obesity. But the truth is that she actually talks about trying to lose the weight and become healthier, which is a very positive message for everyone. She also promotes self-love and acceptance, which is also a positive message for everyone. I don’t like a lot of reality shows on TLC, but this one resonates with me as something that can help stop shame, hurt, and pain.

Following is an interview with her that showcases her reality of the reality show.

Her message is so positive that it’s hard not to fall in love with her and root for her. And the subliminal messages that you get from her, such as being happy despite your size, enjoying time with friends is important, and a supportive family is something that makes life better, are all positive messages that can increase your happiness.

Another show that I love, which happens to be on TLC too, is The Little Couple. (I swear, I’m not promoting TLC with this article! lol)  It showcases two WONDERFUL people named Bill and Jen, who are going through life as a little couple. They are both little. They have also adopted two children (both little) from China and from India.

I never say I’m obsessed with anyone, but I am obsessed with this show. It makes me feel good just to watch it, and I know that my subconscious is getting all kinds of powerful messages for my happiness, such as how we have the ability to reach our dreams no matter what we face in life and how a sense of humor is very important for life’s challenges.

Here’s a clip from when they made their family complete by picking up Zoey.

So, Why Shouldn’t You Eliminate All TV From Your Life?

Some TV shows have people on it that you may never meet in your life.

In other words, you may never get to experience the powerful and positive messages that they are giving off, which impacts your life in a powerful and positive way and can contradict all the negative messages you get throughout your life.

Get pickier about the TV you watch. Choose shows that make you feel good or inspired, and avoid the crap that sends negative messages to your subconscious mind.

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