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What Some People Over 100 Think About Life (And An Important Takeaway)


My grandparents all died before I could really appreciate them. I was too young, too ignorant, and too busy to listen to them. That is one of my biggest regrets so far in life. I would love to sit down now and listen to their wisdom and what they think is the secret to happiness and health is.

Luckily there are people recording other older people out there who have lived and have something to share.

Jessie Jordan – 105 At Time Of Video

The following video really stands out to me.

She reminds me of my Nana in her later years: the way she talks, laughs, points, and walks. But, the thing that strikes me the most is her emotion around peace and forgiveness, as well as her faith.

Another thing that interested me about Jessie Jordon is that she kept her figure all her life. In fact, she is still active and flexible.

I’ve been seeing many health shows lately pointing to the fact that gaining weight and then dieting, and then repeating the process over and over, is worse than being steadily heavy all your life. Perhaps that was one thing that kept her health up. Read this article, under the title ‘risky bigness’ to see all the effects yo-yo dieting can have on your health.

Olive Watson – 102 Years Old At Time Of Video

Olive is very focused on a clean diet and still exercises on a stationary bike. And, what I found interesting is that she avoids cow milk.

According to T. Colin Campbell, casein found in milk protein, is very bad for health. In addition, she avoids sugars and unhealthy fats, which is something that we are learning is very unhealthy. I guess we are just catching up to Olive.

I also found it interesting she is still married and, seemingly, in a happy relationship. I have heard that love keeps you healthy over and over again. So, it may be time to ditch the unhealthy relationships and focus on true love.

Walter Breuning – 110 At Time of Video

Love this man’s advice. He believes that keeping your mind and body moving is important. That’s something I try to do every day, so I’m feeling good about that. 🙂

You can tell that he has a sense of humor, but he is acutely aware of what his life was like and the hardships that he went through. He doesn’t try to hide that fact.

He says that there is no secret to living a long life, but in the same breath he says that the lord allowed him to live as long as he has. Just like the previous two ladies, faith seems to be a part of his life.

According to Wikipedia, Walter passed away in 2011 at 114. So he lived another 4 years after this video. And, his diet consisted of a big breakfast, big lunch, but no evening meal – just fruit. He also focused on moving his body with light exercise.

What Do They All Have In Common?

One thing that I noticed in all lessons from older people is that they have faith. Of course, we don’t know exactly how they thought, acted, or ate, but they all referred to their faith in some way.

Faith always comes up in people who are happy and healthy – and not just religious faith, but faith in anything. Faith in exercise being healthy, faith in diet being healthy, faith in love, peace, forgiveness, charity, or anything else being healthy.

To me, it seems that the strong belief that you are doing something good for your mind, body, and spirituality, has an awful lot to do with living a healthy and long life.

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