What Kind Of Conversations Are You Having – Conscious Or Crappy?

Concious Conversations

How often do you engage is crappy conversation? If you are like most people you probably do it quite often.

It seems like crappy conversation is usually done when we need to fill in silent moments. For instance, sitting with someone you hardly know could result in complaining about the weather, the circumstances around you, or other people.

Wouldn’t that time be better spent NOT putting out negative words into the world and internally focusing on negative things? You could, instead, use that time to sit in silence until something valuable, inspiring, loving, or useful comes up.

What Is Conscious Conversation?

Conscious means to be aware or awake and conversation means to speak with words, which could be to ourselves, others, or even your plants. So, conscious conversation increases are awareness of how we talk to us and others, and when it happens good things happen in our lives; for instance, negativity disappears.

I started being aware of my conversations a few years ago – mostly around my negative family members. Conversation was filled up with nonsense about TV, the news, and other things I didn’t care about. All I wanted to do was talk about our lives and how they were improving and what we were excited about.

Unfortunately, my family members did not know how to relate to that, so they talked and I listened without engaging in the conversation with words. I couldn’t complain because I was conscious of the fact that I had nothing to complain about!

Conscious Conversation With Yourself

[adsenseyu2]If you think about it, all of our beliefs come from the conversations that we have with ourselves. We sporadically talk about how ‘fat’ we feel and how worthless we are when it comes to certain things, and those conversations with ourselves form our beliefs, which result in the way we live our life.

The useless conversations we have with others and ourselves cause us to hammer those beliefs in even harder and keep us in a rut in our lives. The best way to change our mind-set is to start listening to our inner voice and speak from that place.

For instance, my inner self tells me that all is good. Every day is a gift and I should appreciate the moments that pass by because they are precious. If I were to consciously articulate that, I would say things like, “I’m really enjoying this moment!” or “Today is such a beautiful day!” and many more things like that.

In short, by listening to my inner voice, I become aware of what my inner self knows and I express it through words, and that affects me positively.

Your Words Predict Your Future

The conversations you are having with yourself and others are predicting your future. When you say, “I can’t go on vacation this year because I am not going to have any money,” you are engaging in a conversation that is not accurate.

You don’t know if you are going to have money or not in the future. You could get a million dollars tomorrow for all you know. But, when you constantly engage in conversation that dictates how horrible your future is going to be, you start to manifest that crap into your life. You are setting out a plan for yourself and, chances are, you won’t be going on vacation with that kind of conversation.

A more conscious way to engage in conversation is to say, “I want to go on vacation this year. If I get the money I will have one foot out the door.”

So don’t let your conversations proclaim what will happen. Instead, keep all of your options open as you speak and only talk about things you want, not things you don’t want. And don’t assume to know the future, because we all know what assuming does! (Hint: To assume makes an ass out of u and me!)

Start With Positive Affirmations 

I am a huge believer in positive affirmations – because they work. The more you say something positive, the more conscious you become of it, and the less likely you are to talk negatively in conversations.

For example, one of my daily affirmations is: Every day is a gift; treat it as such. That affirmation helps me to look out my office window and see beauty in the world instead of looking inward and talking negatively.

Moreover, I can’t talk about what a crappy day it is with other people because I am conscious of the fact that it is a gift, not a crappy day.

In the end, positive affirmations help you to become more conscious about your reality and, therefore, help you to have more conscious conversations.


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