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What Good Deed Would You Do?

Help Someone Out good deed
This would be something I would do any day of the week!

If you were given $5000 with the purpose of helping out someone else, what would you do?

I saw this question asked by Oprah on yahoo answers, but it was with $1000, not $5000. I thought, why not make it $5000, which gives you more room (or not) to do a good deed.

What Good Deed Would I Do?

For me, I think I would choose the first person who was angry with me for the day…you know, the person who give you the finger, a dirty look, or just calls you a name as you walk by…anywase, I would ask them what was making them so upset. I know that anger is always a projection of sadness or fear, so if they were to be honest with me, I’m sure I would find out something.

  • Maybe their mother just died.
  • Maybe their spouse just cheated on them.
  • Maybe they don’t have enough money to pay the bills.

I would take their answer and use the money to help THAT part of their life in whatever way I could. For instance, if their mother just died, then I may buy them a trip to visit a place that she loved or simply buy a headstone that represents their love to their mother.

I would try to help alleviate their problem, their fear, their sadness, and their anger. I would try to make their day, and maybe even their life, a little better.

Answers That Were Given From The Question Posed By Oprah

What Good Deed Would You Do

Good deeds what would you do

What would you do good deedWhat Good Deed Would You Do?

I am in a rather grumpy mood today, and thinking about this has lifted my spirits, so if you are feeling down or you would just like to share your thoughts, please let me know what you would do in the comments.

The more I think about this, the more I realize that there is a ton we could do with a few thousand to help out someone.

I know that a few thousand for me would make me feel better, so I can’t imagine what it would feel like for someone who really needs it.

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