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Why Weight Watchers Works For Me

I used to be so skinny, and I didn’t appreciate my body then. Of course, I spent a lot of time not eating during that period. I was partying (dancing), working (on my feet for 8 hours), sleeping, and partying – so there was not a lot of time to get some good meals in there, but I was very active.

Add that to the fact that I was a picky vegetarian, who only ate a handful of things, and you had a recipe for someone who never gained weight!

Now, I am 36 and a writer, which means I sit all day long. I stopped partying, met an Italian man who knows how to cook, got interested in a lot more food (I’m still a vegetarian), and I have put on 50 pounds since those days. Moreover, I’ve struggled with those 50 pounds.

I’ve lost weight for a cruise and then gained it back.

I’ve lose weight for a trip to Newfoundland and then gained it back.

In short, I’m good at losing weight when there is a cause, but go back to my old habits of eating after that cause is over.

But now, I find the cause is that I’m uncomfortable with my body. I put on my jeans to go out last weekend, and I could barely breathe. I sit in the tub, and I feel heavy and squished. No matter what position I sit in, my stomach annoys the heck out of me.

I’m ready to lose some weight and trim down a bit.

Why I Like Weight Watchers

When I lose weight, I use the old point system in Weight Watchers. Why? Because it is the only diet that works for me.

Mainly, it helps me to avoid overeating, which is my issue that puts the weight back on. The food I like, I like a lot! And I will eat and eat and eat if I can.

I’ve tried to stop overeating on my own, but I excuse it or minimize how much I am eating.

Once you find out how many points you can have, it is just a matter of sticking inside those points. Plus you get an extra 35-49 pounds a week (depending on who you talk to), so it becomes even easier to stick to the daily points by adding on 5-7 points to that total.

I make an excel sheet, like the following, to keep track of points and other relative information.

Weight Watchers points
Click on it to see it on a bigger scale: I automatically put coffee in every morning because I know that is 4 points gone no matter where I am.

Even though I don’t feel like I’m overeating in my normal diet, I can easily do twice my required points for day and sometimes three times my required points. Fast food adds up, so does chips, so it doesn’t take that long to pack on the points (and the weight!)

If you have a problem with overeating, and can’t get control over it yourself, I highly recommend Weight Watchers points program. It helps you stay honest with yourself.

I can easily lose 20 pounds in a month on Weight Watchers. I may have a higher metabolism than some people though. I know my mom has been on Weight Watchers for years, and she cannot lose that much. I personally believe that it may have something to do with my belief system too…because I truly believe that I will easily drop the weight once I start really doing the diet.

I also like that you can earn points and clearly see how many you have. There is a great calculator for that here. It makes you want to be more active because you can eat more if you are, or eat less points if you don’t feel like eating more.

What I Don’t Like About Weight Watchers – But Plan To Change

It’s about a lifestyle change, right? That’s what they say in the commercials and ads. But the truth is that once you quite the ‘diet’ part, you can easily stop counting points and start eating whatever you want again.

I find that after I lose the weight I want to lose, I become obsessed with points – and I don’t like that. So, eventually, I stop counting and start eating what I want, and then I fall back into eating the way I did before Weight Watchers, because what the hell! I’m skinny again!

This time, I plan to change that. I haven’t tried to lose weight for about a year, and when it comes to personal growth, I have experienced a lot thanks to all my writing and researching!

I plan to use the following things:

Positive affirmations: I plan to change the way I talk to myself when it comes to food by using a ton of positive affirmations. For instance, instead of saying, “As soon as this ‘diet’ is over, I will be able to eat again,” I will say things like, “I am excited to eat smaller amounts of food that I love!” (The truth is that food tastes better when you are not overeating!)

A new wardrobe: Here’s the thing – I always know that I have bigger clothes to fit into if I want to, so I don’t worry if I gain a pound or ten. This time, when I lose the weight, I am going to buy a new wardrobe and donate my old one. No more excuses to go back to an unhealthy way of eating…it will be a huge motivator to stay the size I am.

That’s it! I know that talking to myself differently is the way to make a permanent change. If I want a lifestyle change, then I have to view eating in a different way, and in order to do that I have to talk about food and my relationship to it differently.

Are You Going To Try Weight Watchers?

If you are, you don’t have to pay for it. You can do it the way I am doing it by using the two free calculators online, keeping track of your points and adjusting the amount you get if necessary, and staying committed to it.

My mom goes to the meetings, and she really likes them. That comes with a paid membership. The meetings offer her support and tools and techniques, and that keeps her going. I don’t need those things…I’m pretty motivated as it is. Plus, my style of Weight Watchers works for me!

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