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Is It Time To Start Waking Up Earlier? Try This Doable Challenge

Is It Time To Wake Up Earlier?

I used to sleep in until 1pm. I’m not kidding. I worked an evening shift, I was single, I stayed up late watching TV, and I could barely drag myself out of bed at 1pm.

Times have changed since then, but I still find it hard to wake up too early. I get cranky and, often, physically sick to my stomach. Yet today I woke up and thought I should really start getting up earlier. 

Every morning I get up around 8 (sometimes a few minutes before or after). I meditate, exercise, walk my dog, make my coffee, and then get started with work. But by the time I get started, it is pretty late.

Considering I am most creative in the morning, I really want to use that time effectively, so I either have to get rid of my morning habits that I’ve worked hard to develop, or I have to wake up earlier.

I vote for waking up earlier!

This morning, as I was scrolling through some answers to an interview I have ongoing on MyBlogU, I noticed one that was exactly on point with how I felt this morning.

The interview is on taking challenges, and one woman – who helps other people become their best self – had responded with some insight into a challenge that she and her audience took on in regards to waking up earlier.

She gave me an awesome idea on how I can slowly start to get out of bed earlier. And, if you are ready to start waking up earlier too, I think that her challenge is something you will want to take on.

The Interview

Shauna Mackenzie InterviewShauna Mackenzie

Founder of Best Kept Self, personal and professional development coach, entrepreneur, and content marketing expert.

Twitter:  MsShaunaMack

Facebook:  Shauna Mackenzie VanBogart

Google Plus:  Shauna Mackenzie

Q. What Challenge Did You Take On?

My challenge was actually one I wanted to take on myself but then also put out to our audience at Best Kept Self. It was called “Start Right End Right 30 Day Challenge” and the goal of it was to turn myself into a morning person. Each week, I tacked on an extra 15 minutes of getting up earlier so by week four, I was up a whole 60 minutes earlier than normal.

Each week there were tasks assigned to do within the extra time each morning, including a quick breakfast idea/recipe. The whole premise was that if you could start your day right, you could end your day right.

Q. Was It Hard To Stick With The Challenge?

As a non-morning person, yes, it was. But the incremental time changes each week made it much easier than, say, to jump to 60 minutes earlier right off the bat. However, because I felt I truly did reap the benefits of the challenge and the extra time I was allowing for myself in the morning, it got easier as the days went on. I really did feel better throughout the day.

Q. What Were Your Results?

By the end of the 30 days I was actually looking forward to getting up earlier. I was getting up actually 90 minutes earlier than my normal alarm clock time because I so enjoyed making time for myself in the morning, getting in a good breakfast, and spending that time getting ready in a relaxed fashion rather than hurried and rushed. It made my day a lot more calm and stress-free as well. The results sustained long after the 30 days.

Getting Up 15 Minutes Earlier Each Week

I love her challenge idea for waking up earlier. Often times I try to do too much at once, but that ends in failure because it’s overwhelming.

Getting up 15 minutes earlier is doable, and because I’m excited about it, I know that the excitement will transfer over to the morning and help motivate me out of bed.

It’s interesting that Shauna’s goal was to get up 60 minutes earlier after the 30 days, but she actually ended up waking up 90 minutes earlier. That’s the beauty of good habits – they feel good, you stick with them, and you tweak them to make them even more beneficial to your life.

So, in one month from now, I hope to be up at 7am every morning. And if all goes well, I hope to be up at 6am in a few months!

If you struggle with getting up in the morning, or know that you should wake up earlier, please share in the comments below. And, if you found your own way of waking up earlier, share that too!

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