Vloggers I watch to be happy

The Top 5 Vloggers I Watch For Inspiration And Happiness

In the past year, I’ve found that YouTube has become a big part of my day for more happiness. It’s taken the place of certain TV shows, and it is a way to take a break from work. If I’m not careful, I can spend way too much time on YouTube, but sometimes that’s not a bad thing.  I don’t watch stuff that makes me upset. I don’t watch hateful or hurtful videos. I do watch some vloggers that make me feel better about myself and feel happy in general.

Vloggers That Make Me Happy

Watching Vloggers For More Happiness?

The internet is a great thing! It provides you with quick information and instant inspiration or laughter if you need it.

Unlike TV, you can find someone who is vlogging about something that you are actually interested in or something that makes you happy, and you can do it on demand!

You can find a vlogger or a video that you need to see at the exact moment you need it. I’d say that’s a pretty decent way to inspire more happiness in your day!

Following are the top 5 vloggers that I watch when I need some inspiration or just want to feel happier.

1. Shaytards For When I Need To Feel Good Or Inspired

There are a ton of families on YouTube, and I occasionally watch some of them, but Shay and his family (called the Shaytards) are addictive to me. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t watch one of their videos – or at least skim through it.

Yes, I’m invested in their family. I want to see how their kids are doing and what they are doing. But, it’s more than that.

Collette -the wife and mother of the family – is sweet, funny, down to earth, and kind. She’s one of those people I would want to be friends with because she seems to be an optimistic woman who enjoys having fun. In short, her energy is positive, and it affects me positively through her videos.

Shay is the husband and father, and he is relatable. He’s funny, kind, and real, and he has a lot of insights that he shares for more happiness in your life.

Together they have five kids, and it’s interesting to watch how the kids develop being raised in such a fun, loving, and happy family.

They are successful vloggers, and that is also inspiring. They are going after their success the right way, in my opinion, and I love watching them go after what they want and achieve awesome things.

2. Ozzy Man Reviews For When I Need A Laugh

This guy reviews stuff in an intelligent and funny way. He swears a lot in his videos, so he is not for small children or people who are against swearing in general, but for the rest of us, he is a great place to get a good laugh.

He reviews Game of Thrones, which any GoT fan will appreciate. But he also reviews funny clips with his own twist on them. For instance, he has one video of rebellious dogs and he narrates the clips in a way that will have you laughing your ass off. Or, there is one with kids falling on ice that made me laugh all the way through.

He also does ‘month in review’ videos, where he talks about the biggest events of the past month. He has a way of mixing traumatic events with funny events and leaving you feeling good.

You may not like all of his videos, but I guarantee that you will find some (like the animal videos) that you will love.

3. Miranda Sings For When I Need A Laugh And One Other Thing

Miranda Sings is a character that Colleen Evans does. I’ve heard that the character was started as a way to make fun of people who think they are great when they are really not, which makes sense because that is exactly what the character thinks!

She is relatable to kids because she acts like a spoiled and immature kid. Therefore, I wasn’t too surprised when I found out that my 6-year-old niece watches her.

But, for me, she is relatable for a different reason.

Sometimes I run into people out there who are pretty darn close to Miranda. (God, that’s sad to say!) They think they are all that. They are focused solely on themselves. They are awkward, rude, disgusting, and have no social skills. And, in real life, a confrontation with them can bring your energy down to a state of anger or annoyance. Miranda reminds me of just how foolish and ignorant they really are, and how I shouldn’t let them bring me down or affect my life in a negative way. I find her character helps me exaggerate these people in my life in a funny way.

For instance, the other day I was crossing the street in a crosswalk on a walk sign, and a woman in a car almost hit me. She laid on the horn as if it was my fault and threw her hands up in the air. The more I thought about how angry and inconsiderate this woman was, the angrier I felt. Miranda reminds me of her. Thinking about herself only. Doing things without a lot of thought. Emotionally unintelligent. And picturing her as a version of Miranda made me feel much better about the situation.

I think we all know someone like Miranda and would rather see them as who they are (a person doing the best that they can) than be upset with them. Perhaps that’s why this character is really popular. So popular, in fact, that Colleen has created her own Netflix show based around Miranda which is supposed to air in October of 2016 – I think that’s the date. It’s going to feature Angela Kinsey as her mother.

4. Less Junk, More Journey For Inspiration To Live The Life I Want

If I could do anything with my life, it would be to travel and blog about it. That would be my dream.

My husband and I have often talked about selling the house and living in an RV so we can travel around the world. Which is why I find Less Junk, More Journey so interesting. It is a channel with a couple and their kid vlogging about living life on their terms as full-time RVers.

Their RV is beautiful and exactly what I would want. So it’s easy to see me in their place.

The father physically reminds me of Joel Osteen. I’ve never seen anyone who looks like Joel Osteen, so that fascinates me in itself. But, he is also kind and patient, and he’s interesting to watch as a vlogger. The mother is funny and I can relate to her.

These vloggers always have a sparkle in their eyes that you don’t see in most people. I’m assuming it’s because they are living their dream. How could that not make you feel amazing?

Basically, they are doing what I hope to do and helping me see the possibilities for my future. They are also teaching me some ins and outs of what to do and not do while traveling around full-time in an RV, so that’s important!

5. Schnauzer Mom For My Fill Of Schnauzers

I have a miniature Schnauzer named Angelo. He is a character. We’ve never had a dog quite like him. He’s smart, sweet, and funny, and he makes you want to get a whole pile of miniature Schnauzers. But, we can’t, so I watch the Schnauzer mom who does have a pile of them – four to be exact.

Our Schnauzer is loud! Three of her Schnauzers are pretty quiet, but one of them is just like our Angelo, and I love seeing that. He barks/talks all the time.

In our neighborhood, there are a few Schnauzers around. And they are so quiet. We thought maybe it was something we did wrong that made Angelo so loud, but it turns out that there are some Schnauzers in the world just like him. He’s loud when he’s happy, and we love him for that. It would be nice if he was quiet, but then he wouldn’t be our Angelo!

So this vlogger makes me happy because she shares a lot of her Schnauzer tips and tricks and experiences, and I get to watch her dogs being silly and cute all the time.

Who Are Your Favorite Vloggers?

I realize that vloggers that make me happy may not make you happy, but the point is that there are probably some vloggers out there that can brighten up your life or inspire you in some way.

Replace an activity in your day that doesn’t make you happy with a few minutes of a vlogger who does and your life will be better for it!

If you have some vloggers that already make YOU happy, please share in the comments below so that other people can find them!

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