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15 Vishen Lakhiani Quotes That Make It Clear How Awesome He Is

If you have ever looked into personal development, then you have probably heard of Vishen Lakhiani. He is the founder and CEO of MindValley and he creates content to help you with health, happiness, and business. One of the things you will notice about him is that he repeats the same concepts quite often. It seems to me that he believes in something good, right, and powerful. He knows the value of what he believes. And he talks the heck out of it so that we can understand why it works!

Vishen Lakhiani Quotes

If you are on social media, I highly recommend you find Vishen Lakhiani on Twitter and Facebook and follow along with his ideas and insights. And you can find him all over the place on YouTube in his own talks and on other people’s channels, such as in the above still shot from a video he did with Tom Bilyeu. But, first, check out some of these quotes from him to get a better idea of how he thinks and how beneficial he can be for you and this world.

1. On Growing Mentally

We’ve progressed as human beings in terms of our physical evolution, but not so much in terms of our mental progression – our mental evolution.

Vishen Lakhiani says that people take care of their physical needs, but millions of people are not trained to take care of anxiety, depression, stress, fear, worry, etc. And, he says that simple things like gratitude can help us be happier, but we learn that popping pills in the answer instead.

Oh, isn’t that true?

We have come a long way with our physical selves, but when it comes to understanding how valuable our mental growth is we are lacking. Instead of learning new ways to become happier, balanced, or wiser, we resort to gimmicks that don’t actually tackle the root of the problem – our awareness, thinking, and beliefs.

I think a lot of it has to do with trying to live up to something. We try to be ‘right’ in the eyes of our parents, friends, coworkers, or unknown people that we have never seen and probably never will. But, as we do that, we stifle our mental growth because we are not allowing ourselves to embrace who we really. We are not allowing ourselves to embrace awareness and move out of the stress, anxiety, fear, worry, etc.

2. On How To Be Happier

When you train yourself to not just think about the future, but to also celebrate where you came from – to think about where you were two years ago and pay attention to that gap – that’s when you’re able to create happiness in the now.

Vishen Lakhiani learned about ‘the gap’ from Don Sullivan. There’s a future gap that separates you from where you are now and where you want to be. But, there’s also a past gap that separates you from where you were to where you are now.

When you look back two years ago as opposed to today, there are many things you can be grateful for. For instance:

  • Lessons learned.
  • Progress made.
  • Shifts in behavior.
  • Letting go of limiting beliefs.
  • Successes – both small and large.

But, too often, we don’t focus on that stuff. Instead, we think about where we want to be and why we are not there yet. And focusing on where we want to be creates stress, worry, and unhappiness because we also focus on where we are not.

The big secret is that when you do reach that future vision, you will create more visions for yourself. Then you will not be as happy as you thought you would be because you will be striving for something new!

In short, you can get stuck waiting for happiness in the future for the rest of your life!

So how can you maintain a vision for the future but still enjoy the moment? Focus on the past gap, or what Dan calls ‘the reverse gap’.

Remember who you were a few years ago and how far you’ve come. And things HAVE changed, even if you are having a hard time seeing that right now. You – at the very least – have learned things about life, yourself, relationships, and career.

So be thankful for the past and where it has led you. Also, remember that today is a part of tomorrow’s past, which is why you should make the most of the day and let it take you to the future you want.

3. On Rules That Keep Us Unhappy

Brules are bullshit rules that we adopt to simplify our understanding of the world.

In his book The Code of the Extraordinary Mind, he teaches you to challenge old rules that are not serving you and create new rules for your life. He also does this is his course, Becoming Limitless.

Brules are relative truths that people accept. They can come from culture, religion, beliefs, family, friends, or other influences in your life. You may accept them as rules, but they are not true for everyone. They are not concrete rules that everyone needs to follow.

According to Vishen Lakhiani, you should only accept a rule if it is empowering. If it makes you fearful, angry, hurt, mean, or doesn’t help you become happier, then it’s a brule that you can get rid of.

One of my big brules was that you had to work at a traditional job to make money. My parents made sure I understood growing up that a job was the ONLY way to make a living. Furthermore, another brule they installed in me, was that college education was the only way to make real money. I believed these two brules so much that I suffered through years of college and almost two decades of a job I hated.

When I finally stopped buying into those brules, I started freelance writing online. I quickly saw that making a good income was not limited to a traditional job. There are many different ways to make money – and make more than you ever could on an hourly wage or salary.

4. On Unrealistic Goals

The idea that you need to set realistic goals is one of the dumbest ideas I’ve ever encountered. And it holds so many people back.

My husband is going on 44 and I’m going on 40. We have always had big WILD dreams, but we spent a lot of time setting realistic goals. We would say, “We know we can achieve this and do well with it, so let’s set this goal!” That’s held us back from our dreams. But no more.

We recently set a ‘foolish’ goal (definitely by our parent’s standards) to be traveling full time in an RV by next year. Sure, there are many obstacles in the way. There are many thoughts that make me want to scratch out the goal and keep doing what we are doing. But, knowing that we both want to make it happen is keeping me on track towards our goal.

Moreover, my husband has set out his own career goals that would be considered completely unrealistic to some people. Right now he is an accountant, but he wants to make playing guitar a full-time way of earning money.

To many people, it would be considered unrealistic, and I think even he has his doubts. But, the goal scares him and, most importantly, excites him, and that’s what Vishen Lakhiani says makes a really good unrealistic goal.

5. On Setting An Example

You cannot give a kid enough love. You cannot give a kid enough self-love and make them appreciate themselves enough. Because the entire world is bashing them and putting them down.

During the lecture where I got this quote, Vishen Lakhiani says that he tried to point out one thing he loved about his son every day directly to him. What a beautiful thing to do for a kid who is surrounded by judgment, criticism, and self-doubt.

He said that everyone should focus on creating kids who love themselves so that we can stop creating more hurt people. Why? Hurt people will hurt people.

All those bullies and jerks are hurt. They don’t love themselves. If they did, they would never act in a way that damages their happiness. They wouldn’t walk around being mean, spewing negative words, and picking on people for no reason. They would be too busy enjoying life, laughing, and creating more happiness.

So, let’s set an example for the children of the world. If we lead with love and teach them to love themselves, then they won’t grow up hurt and hurt other people. Instead, they will contribute positively to the world and make it a better place.

6. On Hating Your Job

Large chunks of humanity right now are trapped in jobs or careers that they absolutely hate. They wake up every morning dreading going to work. I’ve been there. Now if you’re in a job or a career or even if it’s your own company and you do not enjoy what you do, you can never be in a state of flow because the joy, the emotions, the happiness in the present – they aren’t going to come to you. And because of that, you’re wasting your time.

This is something my husband and I have learned in the past few years. He hates his job. Hates it! He hates going to work. He stressed out about doing it. He would rather work anywhere else. But, he goes there because the money is good and feels obligated to work at a job that pays him well.

But he pays a bigger price than what he earns. He can never get into a state of flow because he doesn’t have the happiness that allows him to do that. He’s always blocked with negative emotions about work.

It’s interesting that a few years ago, he tried to start a blog about being in the flow. He so badly wanted to be in a flow state where he could create amazing things, he was trying to write about it and figure out how to do it. That blog died because he was too busy with the job he hates. But, it’s a lesson that we’ve both learned. He needs to get out of his job. He will never have a positive impact on the world and live out his visions if he’s stuck in a job that keeps him out of the flow.

The bottom line is that Vishen Lakhiani says if you hate your job, business, or whatever you are doing, then GET OUT! Find something else to do that makes you happy.

7. On Crafting Your Own Philosophy

I’m a big believer in crafting your own philosophy in the world based on your experiences and based on how you want the world to work. I don’t believe in blindly accepting ideas or philosophies from generations past.

Again, this has to do with brules. You don’t need to accept the rules laid out by past generations. You can change your mind. You can adopt different beliefs. You can write your own philosophy on why we are here, what is important, and what you – as an individual – should be focused on.

How can you start crafting your own philosophy? One of the things that Vishen Lakhiani talks about is the ‘Godicle Theory’. He believes that we are all particles of God. With that belief, you don’t need to improve yourself before you embrace your own philosophy because you already know how smart you are. All you need to do is listen to yourself.

If things feel good to you, then it’s probably a good idea to adopt a positive belief around that thing. For instance, when I started writing online, it felt good. I quickly adopted a belief that anyone could create an online business and succeed with it. And it has helped me stick with it over the years and grow in many different ways.

8. On How Powerful Your Thoughts Are

Most human beings underestimate just how powerful their thoughts are in creating the world around them.

I find that too many people get stuck believing that their thoughts are a part of them. They don’t see their thoughts as something affected by their beliefs, experiences, or environment. Instead, they see their thoughts as running the show – the very core of who they are. But, that’s not true.

You can change your thoughts. You can think better (or worse) things. And you can do it in an instant. And when you do, your world changes.

For instance, one person may see a salesperson and think that they are out to get their money. That thought will make the salesperson look ugly and unappealing in their eyes. Another person, though, may see the same salesperson as someone who is trying to help them find the perfect item. That thought will make the salesperson look attractive and helpful.

Same situation, same place, two different thoughts, and two different versions of the world around them.

9. On Our Connection

We are all connected and therefore should seek understanding with each other.

I honestly believe that if everyone understood this fact and believed it in their core, there would be no hate, anger, violence, or war. We all would hold a respect for each other that wouldn’t allow us to mistreat each other.

We really are connected. Whether you believe in his ‘Godicle Theory’ or whether you believe in the fact that your thoughts and actions impact other people’s lives, you have to admit this is true.

Besides self-love, this is one of those things we should be teaching kids!

10. On Challenging Rules

Outside the rules of physics, outside the rules of law, all other rules are meant to be challenged.

I’m using another quote from Vishen Lakhiani on rules because I think the concept of banishing rules that don’t serve you is important. Too many people in my life have been unwilling to challenge the rules that were capable of being challenged, and they ended up living unhappy lives. And it was totally unnecessary.

I think we can all be happy in life if we are willing to look past the rules that keep us stuck and see the potential in ourselves and the direction of our life. But, to do this, we must be able to see the patterns that we are operating in so that we can step out of these patterns.

We have to be willing to learn from our mistakes, recognize what is making us so miserable, and open our eyes to the potential other people are living up to. And then we have to challenge the rules put in front of us.

11. On Saving The World

You don’t have to save the world. Just don’t make it a worse place for the next generation.

It’s not all or nothing in this life. While changing the world into a better place is a motivator that can help us do important things, the important thing to remember is not to do things that make this world worse.

  • Don’t spread hate.
  • Don’t treat the environment poorly.
  • Don’t lead with a negative example.

Speaking of this, Vishen Lakhiani and Tom Chi just posted a really awesome video on Facebook about restoring the planet. It’s worth a watch!

12. On Making A Lot Of Money

Money is neither good nor bad. Money simply multiplies who you are. If you’re a good person, money multiplies that. If you’re a bad person, money multiplies that.

I think more and more people are becoming aware of this, but many people of the older generation still are holding onto the brule that money is evil.

“If you are rich, you must be greedy, bad, and selfish!”


There are so many people proving that theory wrong. They are helping the environment and people with their money. They are funding exciting initiatives that couldn’t be started without their money. They are donating to charities. They are taking their money and using it to make the world a better place. They were good to start with, and now (thanks to money!) they are able to do a lot of good in this world!

13. On Goals For Friendships

Friendships and social connections are what lead to the greatest elevation of happiness. Start setting goals for friendships.

Last night I had a dream about a friend who I had to let go of a few years back. She was miserable and she was holding me back from growing in happiness with that constant stream of misery. In the dream, she was just as I remembered her.

She’s not the only friend I’ve let go of. I see a lot of talk about how unfair it is that a friend can just end the friendship and move on with their life, but that doesn’t make sense to me. If a friend is dragging you down in life, why should you be forced to stay in the friendship?

This quote is a great reminder when you are struggling with a negative friendship. If you want to be happy, your social connections are a big part of what will get you there. If you are surrounded by misery, then your social connections are keeping you stuck.

Make some goals to find friends who are happy and in the same state of mind you are. And then hang around those people! Your happiness will grow as you discuss common ideas and support each other to bigger and better things.

14. On How Contagious Emotions Are

Stress, anxiety, boredom, confidence, excitement, engagement are all contagious.

It can be easier to break up with friends than it can be, say, your parent. And we all don’t have happy-go-lucky parents. They can be miserable, angry, anxious, and stressed out, and being around them can be hard. You can walk into their home feeling great and leave their home feeling doomed. If you have a family member like this, then you already understand how contagious emotions really are!

This quote was taken from a talk about the workplace. Vishen Lakhiani makes sure that his employees are feeling happy, positive, and upbeat so that they spread their emotions around like wildfire. This should be the goal of every company out there knowing that emotions are contagious.

This may be a suggestion you can bring up to your boss, or if you are the boss, you can implement new ways of making people feel good to come into work and feel positive about what they are doing.

15. On Complaining

If there’s something I don’t like about anything, I do not bitch about it, I change it.

The last quote by Vishen Lakhiani is a good one. He says that he doesn’t bitch about things, but, instead, does something about them. If we could all live by this rule, then we would be much more productive in our days and much happier.

Think of how much time you waste complaining? What could you better do with that time?

The next time you start to complain about something, stop. Ask yourself how you can change the situation or your outlook on the situation and then take action to do so! Life will feel much better.

Do you like Vishen Lakhiani’s quotes? You might be interested in his course, Becoming Limitless. I took his course and you can read my review here. His views on life, health, happiness, and business all have the potential to shift your life in a positive way. 

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  1. Fabulous article!! I have followed Vishen for many years. Sounds cheesy but that guy speaks right to my heart.
    We all have the ability to step back from any situation at the onset of emotional flow, Vishen can teach you how to process said emotions and handle any situation to the benefit of those involved.

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