6 Ways Intuition Has Come Into My Life

I can’t explain how intuition works. Nobody has been able to explain it, yet. But, once upon a time, we didn’t have an explanation for the sun and we still used it to our advantage. There have been plenty of studies taking a closer look at intuition and whether or not it holds merit, and many of the studies have found that it does. In my life, intuition has helped me make all kinds of decisions that benefited me. In fact, if my intuition tells me to do something, I do it. I don’t wait. I don’t ponder it. I trust my intuition that much. Following are just a few of my stories about how intuition has tied into my life.

Your Intuition Has Got Your Back!

1. Acting On Intuition For Much Needed Money

The other day, my husband found out he was losing his job, and while I’ve been making pretty decent money through my freelance writing, we’ve had a lot of emergency situations in this past few months. Cars needed fixing, our dog got pancreatitis, our dryer needed fixing, we had to pay a full year’s worth of house insurance with a new insurance company, unexpected investment charges came in, and other things that I’m not remembering right now. But the point is that we had exhausted our emergency savings, and losing an income was feeling like a pretty big loss!

But, my husband is a contractor, and over the years we’ve gotten used to him losing and gaining jobs. So, we both went forward pretty confident in the fact that everything was going to work out alright. Still, I had a lingering desire to replenish some of our emergency fund. I at least wanted over a month’s worth of bills, and that’s what I concentrated on.

I was keeping the thought in my head and suddenly my intuition told me to look up how to sell websites because I would be able to sell one of my websites that I was no longer interested in keeping up. I’ve never thought that anyone would pay for my site! Within 4 hours, I had my website up for sale and had already had 4 offers on it. By the next morning, I took an offer and within a few days I had an extra $4700 in my bank.

Interestingly, I had received offers for $1000 more than what I took, and I know that I probably could have gotten even more money for that website because people were sending me offers and interest like crazy. But, I followed my intuition and sold my website to a guy who just felt right to me.

I have to believe that my intuition knew best, and if I had taken higher offers, the deal may have gone bad or the buyer may have taken the website and avoided paying, which is known to happen on – where I sold my site.

In any case, $4700 guarantees us at least a month of guaranteed living without bringing any money in – just in case. And, since then, I’ve been in the flow and attracting more sales and money to me which has only increased our emergency money and made us even more confident about what’s coming up.

2. Intuition To Write For A Client

Another example of using intuition for money is the time I wrote for a client that I would never have written for. He was paying way below what I normally charged for an article.

Something told me to write for him, though, so I did. And when he requested another article from me, I wrote that too. In fact, I wrote about 10 articles for him at a lower price point than I normally write for.

Then, one day, he offered me five times as much as I normally charge to write an article! I wrote that article. And from there he became a full-time client paying me at least five times more than any other client has paid me.

Not only has he paid me more, he’s stuck around the longest. Clients come and go as their websites and needs change, but this guy has never stopped requesting articles from me. I’m so grateful that I listened to my intuition to write for him in the beginning.

3. Intuition About A Car Accident

When I was younger, I stole my parent’s car.  I got away with it, and so I did it a few more times. I was young and stupid, but at the time I thought it was fun.

One day I was asking my friend if she wanted me to pick her up and we could drive around. She told me that it was a bad idea to take the car out that day. She had a bad feeling about it, and she begged me not to go. Being a kid, I hung up the phone and called another friend to see if she wanted to drive around… which she did.

I picked her up, we drove downtown, and I got into an accident. A major accident. I ran a red light and we got hit on the driver’s side hard. I don’t know how I survived, but I’m glad I did. Everyone else was okay too with just minor injuries.

My friend knew something was going to happen to me, and I wish I had listened to her intuition!

4. Intuition To Call Someone During A Time Of Need

That same friend from the story above lives on the opposite side of the country now. We see each other about once a year, but we don’t talk on the phone too much. I hate talking on the phone and she’s busy and it’s never really bothered us or affected our friendship.

However, sometimes my intuition tells me to call her, and every time it does, she’s in need of an ear to talk to. I know that when she pops into my mind and I know I should call her, I must call her.

5. Intuition To Move NOW

I was sleeping at another friend’s house in my mid-twenties. She had a lot of weird things happen in that house… as in paranormal weird. I hated sleeping there as I often saw and heard things that terrified me. Luckily we were in our twenties and partying gave me the advantage of drinking and not caring as much as I would if I was sober.

One night, we were falling asleep in the basement, and I heard in my head someone yell ‘Move NOW’. I didn’t hesitate and I rolled over, and right after I did the vent from the ceiling fell right where my head would have been. I know that was my intuition yelling at me to move – loudly. And I’m grateful that it did!

6. Intuition To Be Quiet

Perhaps my best use of intuition is knowing when to be quiet. If a voice in my head says ‘don’t say anything’ even if I’m expected to or think that I should, I don’t. The intuition to be quiet has saved me more times than I can count from saying something stupid.

  • It’s helped me avoid saying something that would have been hurtful, even though I didn’t know it yet.
  • It’s helped me avoid saying something that wasn’t true, even if I thought it was.
  • It’s helped me avoid saying something that burns my bridges with someone, even if I’m not aware that it would.
  • It’s helped me avoid saying something that would do more damage than good, even with the best intentions.

Every time my intuition tells me to be quiet, I find out later why it did that. I find out why it would have been hurtful, been untrue, burned my bridges, or done damage, and I thank my ability to listen to my intuition.

Do you have any intuition stories? I would love to hear them. Please share in the comments below. 

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  1. I’ve had plenty of experiences with intuition. I guess the biggest was when I was driving down the highway and my intuition told me to pull over. I had been driving with pretty much the same cars behind and in front of me. I sat on the side of the road for about 10 minutes and then decided to get going again. A few minutes of driving and the traffic was backlogged. When I finally got the accident that was backing up the traffic, I noticed that the car in front of me AND the car behind me had been involved in the accident!

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