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Top 13 Reasons To Close Your Personal Facebook Account

I closed my Facebook account at the beginning of the year, and I couldn’t be happier. If you are thinking that you might want to close your Facebook account, then the following list might give you a little push to do so.

Keep in mind, I’m not saying there are not some good things about Facebook. But, as a person who has been without Facebook for a while, I think Facebook does more harm than good.

Why Should You Close Your Facebook Account?

1. You Get More Time In Your Day

Guy posting to Facebook While In The Park: One Reason To Close Your Account

I was spending AT LEAST 2-3 hours a day checking in on people, posting stuff, and scrolling through feeds. I was on Facebook at home, at my family’s home, my friend’s home, while I walked, while I rode my bike, while I exercised…I think you get the hint. I have gained at least 14 hours of my life back per week.

How much time could you get back if you left Facebook?

2. You Are More Productive When Facebook Is Not Accessible

When you get more time in your day, you get more done. Bottom line. For work, this is really great news! For your relationships (I’m talking about face-to-face relationships, not Facebook relationships) this is excellent news.

Spend time offline, where real life is happening, and you will find that you go to bed feeling more satisfied at the end of the day.

3. You Don’t Really Know Your Facebook Friends

Do you post your worst pictures or do you only post what you want your Facebook friends to see? I’m willing to bet it is the latter. Why? Because you can!

When you are given the option to show others your good parts of life or your bad parts of life, you are going to try to look good, right? And so is everyone else.

The truth is that your ‘friends’ are not really friends. Friends are open and honest and share the good times and the bad. Your Facebook friends (most of them anywase) are giving you one side of themselves that they want you to see, and you have no idea what really goes on in their life.

Why be friends with people you don’t really know? Why not form a few good real friendships and put your time into those?

4. You Can Get Envious Over Stupid Things

Dislike What You See On Facebook?

Your friend posts about all the great vacations that they are having, and you start to wish you could go on those vacations. Or, your friend posts about all the weight they lost (doing nothing) and you envy their ability to lose that kind of weight (even though they probably had to work their butt off).

Because your ‘friends’ are posting about the highlights of their life, you can start to view their life as better than yours. This can affect your ability to stay on track and positive about your own life, which could cost you because you are so focused on what you don’t have.

In short, you are adding negative vibes to your life by consistently comparing yourself and your life to others.

5. You Are Wasting Time Stalking People From Your Past

Admit it, you check in on people that you have dated, been friends with in real life, worked with, or had a crush on. You look at their pictures, read their posts, and make them a part of your life by doing so. But guess what? They are not a part of your life!

You are wasting time on people that have no influence over your life. You would be better to focus on your current friends, partners, coworkers, etc. The past is the past. Leave it there.

6. You Are Being Scammed – By Friends

Adding Friends On Facebook: Do You Really Know Them?

Apparently, Facebook could have over 100 million fake accounts. [Source] This makes sense, considering it is easy to stalk your ex when your name is Fred Bangston instead of you real name. Plus hiding behind a fake Facebook account allows you to bully people, say what you want to say, and be an all-around idiot without anyone knowing who you are.

In other words, if you are someone who adds friends you don’t know, then you probably have some ‘friends’ that are holding fake accounts just to keep tabs on you and other people without having to admit their true identity.

7. Facebook Makes Breaking Up Hard

Want to break up with a friend, boyfriend, or girlfriend? Good luck! Facebook will drag out the process of recovering from a break up because you will see their life and they will see yours. This means you will have a harder time letting go of negative or positive emotions and, thus, letting go of them. Talk about dragging a break up on forever!

8. You May Get Hacked

There is always a threat of getting hacked, which means your privacy settings mean nothing. But I’m not talking about strangers hacking into your account.

If you have broken up with someone, stopped talking to someone, or are friends with someone you are unsure about, you better make sure your password is secure. It is very easy for someone who knows you to guess your password. And, it is also easy to forget that someone you knew or know already knows your password.

So, who is scrolling around in your Facebook account learning things you don’t want them to know?

9. You Forget About Your Own Life

Focusing On Other People's Lives Instead Of Your Own

There are so many people and so much information on Facebook that you can literally forget about your own life. It is kind of like TV that way.

You sign on, zone out, and then a few hours later look around at your surroundings. You have just taken in a ton of information – and how much of that information actually benefits your life in some way?

Does Bob’s new car really matter in the grand scheme of things?

Does looking at Jane’s new shirt make your life any better?

Does looking at the guy’s pictures from the other side of the world (the guy you don’t even know) really add value to your life?

Wouldn’t you rather focus on learning things that benefit you and your goals and dreams?

10. Facebook Drains Your Energy

On Facebook, there is always the friend who complains all the time or is negative about almost everything.

“Men are such jerks!”

“I wish I could go back to bed!”

“My life sucks!”

“I guess life was meant to be this way!”

These are the people that you have to either console or ignore – either way, they are a drain on your energy.

You don’t surround yourself with negative people in real life (or at least I hope you don’t), and you shouldn’t do it on social media either.

11. You Are Faced With Negative Images You Shouldn’t Have To See

Images have a huge impact on the way we feel. The problem is that Facebook is host to people who will post pictures of the most disgusting, inhumane, and all around horrible pictures. I used to see at least one thing a day that would affect me in a negative way.

For instance, for Easter, some jerk in my friends list posted a dead rabbit with an Easter basket beside him. He labeled it something like, “The Easter bunny isn’t coming this year.” I couldn’t believe that he (and everyone who laughed) was that desensitized to such a horrible image, but hey – that’s what you get on Facebook.

Of course, some people just want to show pictures for the shock value. They want to shock others into being passionate about a subject, but there are times that I saw stuff in my home feed that affected me in a very negative way for days, weeks, and even months after I saw it.

12. Hurt Feelings Are Abundant

Losing Friends On Facebook

  • Sometimes your friend request gets denied.
  • Sometimes you see something about yourself that makes you hurt or angry.
  • Sometimes you get bullied by people who are hiding behind their computers.
  • Sometimes you get ignored.
  • Sometimes you get tagged in a picture you didn’t want anyone to see.
  • Sometimes everyone else gets invited to the party except for you.

Facebook is supposed to be social, but the truth is that it can be a place that damages your social life.

You can start to resent certain friends and they can start to resent you.

Friendships can be broken over the silliest of things and long-term feuds can become even more long-term.

Why subject yourself to all that?

13. Your Ego Can Take Over

Facebook is a place to show people that you are doing your best. It is so easy to post everything about yourself that you can literally let your ego take over your Facebook posts. And the problem is that nobody cares and they start to view you in a negative light.

For example, posting your workouts and your calorie intake for everyone to see is sending them a message that you are very focused on what others think about you! Other people may start to view you as shallow and self-absorbed.

Moreover, they will see where your insecurities are. If you feel the need to tell people that you overate today, they will know that you are very insecure about your weight and body image. Unless you want people to know about your insecurities, it is best to keep that stuff to yourself.

Note: Feel free to add your own thoughts, opinion, or fears about closing your Facebook account in the comments below. 

5 thoughts on “Top 13 Reasons To Close Your Personal Facebook Account”

  1. If you are spending more hours on Facebook than doing actual work, then it’s time to deactivate your Facebook account. Or install once of those browser apps that blocks Facebook from your computer for a few hours so you can focus on work.

  2. It gets easier as you keep going. I know, I was the same and signed back into my Facebook account only for it to reactivate. Once you start experiencing the true benefits of closing your account, it becomes much easier to stay off it!

  3. I’ve been thinking along these line myself as I focus my attention on screens vs enjoy the wonderful things life has to offer. I’ve taken brakes from FB in the past; mostly due to SM burnout.

    1. I also took breaks for a while, but always ended up coming back. It wasn’t until I committed to getting off facebook that I really closed my account long enough to not have any access to it. My husband is in the beginning stages, deleting ‘friends’ who share stuff that is less than appealing.

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