Tools For More Awareness

5 Free Tools To Bring More Awareness In Your Day

Develop your awareness with some free tools.

I think we all want more awareness in our day. We want to be aware of what is happening instead of focused on the past, negative thoughts, or future worries. Living in the moment promotes happiness because you are focused on doing and experiencing rather than thinking, which is where a lot of unhappiness stems from!

So, what tools can you use to bring more awareness into your day? Following are some that have worked for me and others. If you have any of your own tools for awareness, please share in the comments below!

1. Morning Pages

I first heard about this from Julia Cameron. Following is the exact video I saw on morning pages. Even if you do not consider yourself an artist, I think that this could benefit you by eliminating some of the negativity and the worry from your head in the morning and clearing it up for more presence in your day.

Basic Tool: Morning Pages from Julia Cameron on Vimeo.

2. Connecting To The Light

I learned about this from Christie Marie Sheldon in her Unlimited Abundance course. Read my review of Unlimited Abundance here.  I find that connecting to something bigger than yourself helps you stay grounded and in the moment because you feel more alive. You feel as if you are a part of the ‘here and now’ and your awareness can’t help but open up. I’m assuming that’s why she uses it before each one of her lessons. It’s a way to open yourself up and be more receptive to the messages, ideas, and creativity that is trying to reach you in the moment.

Following is a meditation by Christie Marie Sheldon. In the beginning of it, around the 50-second mark, she walks you through connecting to the light. I highly recommend doing it anytime you feel yourself straying from the present moment and getting too caught up in your head. It’s a quick thing that you can do, and you will feel the difference immediately.

3. Prayer

This is such a simple tool for letting go of thoughts and bringing your awareness back to the moment. When you pray, you are connecting to something or someone that is greater than yourself and asking that something or someone to take on your thoughts. It’s a way to release your worries and problems and just get back to the moment knowing that something greater than you is working on those worries and problems and you no longer have to carry the load of them yourself.

For a while, I found myself praying all the time. I went through a hard time in life where it was really hard to stay in awareness during my day because there were so many different worries eating away at my brain. I prayed so much that I would even wake up in the middle of the night and go right into prayer – asking for relief from my thoughts and worries. As soon as I was done, I would fall back asleep.

Besides relieving your worries and allowing your mind to focus on things in the present, prayer helps you connect to your spiritual side. And the more you connect to your spiritual side, the more you live in that space. You find a balance between the real world and the spiritual world, and you become aware that life is about much more than the failures you’ve had or the upcoming event you don’t want to attend. Life takes on a whole new level of meaning, and that helps you keep your awareness in the moment too.

Following is a short clip of Caroline Myss and Oprah talking about prayer.

4. Talking To God

This is an interesting one that takes prayer up a level; in fact, Teal Swan says that it is like ‘prayer on steroids’. Teal is known for her interesting viewpoints and lessons on spirituality and the human experience.

Following is a video on a practice that she calls ‘Letters To God’. It is an interesting way to connect more to your spiritual side in every facet of life. With this tool, you WILL find out more about yourself and your life. Part of the process is keeping yourself more open to the signs around you, which will definitely help you live more in awareness.

5. Music

Most of us have access to music 24 hours a day. If you have a cell phone, you have access to music. If you have TV, there are music channels available for you on it. Music is everywhere, and it is a great tool for creating more awareness in your life because it brings you back into the moment as you dance, sing, laugh, or celebrate.

When my parents come over, the first thing I do is turn music on the TV. We have a bunch of channels dedicated to music, and one of them is oldies. As we go about our visit, that music is always there in the background to pull our attention towards it and remind us that we are visiting each other and having fun doing it! My dad has always put on music during the holidays like this, and even though I’m sure he doesn’t really understand why he does it – besides the fact that he likes to listen to Elvis when he is feel good – it is one thing that helps everyone stay in the moment and enjoy the holiday as much as possible.

YouTube is a great place to find all kinds of free music. Following is a 2-hour mix of music that makes you feel like you are standing on top of a mountain and looking down at your kingdom. It makes you feel alive and powerful and ready to take action, which is part of what awareness is really all about.

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