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Stupid People Are Everywhere! Here’s How To Tolerate Them

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In this hectic, fast-paced world we all live in, filled with individuals of different personalities, it can sometimes be quite challenging to have to deal with people who simply annoy us, frustrate us, and  – bottom line –  tick us off. The world is full of many so-called “stupid people” who do just that. The ability to tolerate stupid people is easier than you think. Dealing with that annoying individual who so easily boils your blood and sends your emotions reeling may be necessary at times and surely takes a great deal of patience, tolerance and indeed a bit of sacrifice on your part.

Let’s Define Stupid People

Stupid – lacking intelligence or common sense

It goes without saying that every human being has a varying degree of intelligence. Some people are true mathematicians; others are gifted musicians, scientific geniuses, or all-star athletes. Quite honestly, everybody is a genius in some regard and in their own way, and everybody has both strengths and weaknesses in life.

When a person who is drastically more intelligent in something than another person may be, there is a tendency to find it difficult to deal with the other person simply because of the grave differences that are present.

It is important to recognize, however, that though many people may not be as bright as you are, you still have to be willing and able to deal with those uncomfortably ‘stupid’ people from time to time. No one really likes having to deal with stupid people, but the truth is that every one of us has to interact and deal with people we believe to be stupid from time to time and for some people the interactions can be frequent.

The plain truth is that in order for people to be able to get along in life and to be civilized, it is absolutely necessary to be able to cooperate with other people and be accepting of who and what they are.

There are, however, those chances and incidents in life when you stumble upon people who are not only stupid and stubborn, but every bit irrational, idiotic, and just plain annoying and mean. Recognizing that you have no choice but to deal with these difficult people, it is important to know how to effectively and efficiently tolerate their stupidity and be able to get along with them or to avoid them altogether.

4 Huge Tips On How To Tolerate Stupid People

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1. Lower Your Expectations

First and foremost, one of the most obvious reasons that you may find yourself battling with the stupidity that exists in the world is simply because you have expectations that everyone should be as smart as you are. Truly, it takes all kinds of people to make up the world, which means that it is near to impossible for every person to think, feel, reason, and act the same as the next person. Such is the case with intelligence levels as well.

Everybody has their own degree of intelligence and possess their own character and personality traits. With that said, expecting for your family members, closest friends, or even coworkers and colleagues that you highly regard and respect to share  the same intellectual level as you is – to say the very least, ‘stupid’ in and of itself.

You definitely need to lower your standards in your efforts to better tolerate the so-called stupid person. Not all people have the same advantages as others, and certainly learning capabilities and overall character traits differ greatly from person to person. For these reasons, it is imperative that you learn how to deal with people you deem to be of a less intellectual caliber than yourself so as to present yourself as friendly and understanding, rather than hostile and controversial.

2. See Things From Their Point Of View

The next important step in trying to tolerate stupid people is to try to see the world through their eyes and with their view, not yours. Showing empathy is by far one of the best all round ways to minimize and even alleviate the intolerance you may have toward others.

Being able to see the world as they do can definitely contribute to a better acceptance of another person as well as friendly and amicable interactions with those of lesser intelligence. When you are willing and able to step into the perspective of another person, you are able to better understand why an individual might think, act, or feel the way they do.

By viewing the world through their eyes, you also gain a better understanding of their mental state as well, which will allow you to better accept their differences and not be so judgmental and critical of the other individual.

3. Acknowledge Their Strengths

It is also imperative that you acknowledge the strengths and positive traits that the other person possesses. It is so important and very useful to find the good in every person. It is true that every person has the capacity and capability to become exceptional at something in their life, especially when they are passionate about a specific activity, sport, or subject matter.

With this approach, we can all step back when labeling ‘stupid people’ and present ourselves with a personal challenge of finding something extraordinary and good in that particular person.

4. Be The Bigger Person You Think You Are

A fourth useful tip in dealing with stupid people is to just want to be the bigger and better person. You may have tried your best to understand a certain individual, but regardless of how hard you try to empathize with them you just can’t even remotely comprehend who this person is and why they think and act the way they do. In addition, you failed in your attempts to find their personal strengths and talents and ultimately find yourself even more annoyed and irritated with them than you were at first.

In that case, being respectful and tolerant of the individual’s obvious shortcomings is the best approach to use when wanting to minimize, or avoid altogether, trouble of any kind, but rather to remain civilized and keep the peace.

If you find yourself losing control and wanting to create conflict because someone is just not as smart as you are, remember that conflicts of any kind very rarely end well and merely create more emotions and more problems for everyone involved. Sometimes it is just best to give a simple smile or maybe even just a nod of your head or a wave of your hand to the other person in order to rid yourself of the ill feelings you are experiencing.

Yes, there are a lot of stupid people in this world, and yes, many of us find ourselves without any patience or tolerance for these very people. However, more times than not, it is just easier and overall better to be respectful of another individual’s shortcomings and tolerant of their ways simply because it is healthier, less stressful, and more civilized to be this way.

Stupid People Will Always Exist!

If you find you are not able to embrace a constructive approach to dealing with that irritating someone, then it is best you just walk away from a potential situation involving that truly “stupid person” who you have found to be unbearable and who has triggered your emotions and presented you with an uncomfortable scenario.

Crossing paths with an entirely unbearable person who you just can’t seem to mesh with is going to happen at some point in your life. We are all human, and we all have our own way of thinking, rationalizing, doing things, and viewing life.

With that said, it is understandable that at one time or another in our lives, we will run into someone who is just irritating beyond words, and is just so downright annoying, arrogant, heartless, always right, and flat out mean. If this occurs, it is important to remember that in life we can’t get along with everybody and that it is perfectly OK if you find yourself unable to tolerate stupid people or find it impossible to get along with a certain someone. When you find yourself confronted with this situation and these feelings, it is always best to just turn and walk away.

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