5 Tips On How To Crush Your Own Dreams

The other day I wrote about people who try to crush your dreams and how to deal with them. But the truth is that other people are ultimately not responsible for crushing our dreams. We make decisions or develop attitudes that help us crush our own dreams!

I found a short TED talk by Bel Pesce that gives some insight into how to avoid making our goals and dreams a distant memory! If you don’t have time to watch, I summarized what I took away from the video below.

Points I Took Away From The Talk

Don’t buy into the idea that you can make it big overnight. That is the best way to quit before your dreams actually have a chance to come true.

I was watching Colleen’s Corner the other day (the live show to be exact), and she was talking about how many people complain that they are not a success on YouTube yet, even though they create a video daily and have been doing it for about 3 months. She pointed out that it took her 4 years to start making money, and even then she was only earning about $50/month. I know that sounds crazy to many people, but she is living her passion, so doing Miranda Sings is something she stuck with until it worked for her.

Ultimately, you choose what is best for you. You can get help from other people, and you can get some great ideas for what you should do or want to do, but ultimately you need to pick what resonates with you. Listening to your inner guidance system will help you take the path that leads you to your dreams, not other people’s dreams.

There is always a new level that you can (and should) be reaching for. Once you reach success, you shouldn’t just sit back and do nothing. There is always something more you can do for more success, more happiness, more influence. Never stop, settle, or watch life pass you by. Stay active in it, and you will always achieve new and awesome things.

Don’t blame other people for your dreams not coming true. Obstacles may get in your way, but ultimately you have the power to overcome those obstacles and go after your dreams. If you blame others, you let other people and circumstances stop you in your tracks. Don’t give anyone the power to kill your dreams.

Life is about the journey, not the goal. Yes, it’s important to have goals and reach them, but if you spend all of your time focused on the future, then you miss out on your real life that is happening right now, right here. Enjoy every step. Laugh at yourself. Allow yourself to feel the happiness, joy, excitement, and even pain as you go along the journey. Experience it, because that is what life is all about.

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