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3 Reasons Trying Too Hard At Work Results In Less Success

Are you trying to hard at work? Are other people finding more success than you? I've realized there are a few reasons why this happens.
Got To Be Awesome…Right?

I try too hard. I admit it. I guess I am a perfectionist. I’m not saying that my work is perfect, but I do tend to get a little obsessive around making sure that it is as close as I can get it to perfect.

For instance:

  • I go overboard with my writing for others (I know some people who can write five articles to my one)
  • I’ll reread an article I wrote a million times to see if it makes sense (And I usually find it doesn’t make sense after the millionth time!)
  • I’ll pick apart a project to death (This often leads to more details to worry about, things to add, and even sometimes a complete revamp of the project)

I’ve now realized that trying too hard is allowing other people to bypass me and find more success.

The Aha Moment

Today I wrote a review on the Magic of Making Up. I know that a lot of people buy the book and love it, so I wanted to see how great the book really was.

First, I noticed that the eBook was only 62 pages and cost $39 USD. This blew me away.

The eBook I give away for signing up to this list is about 65 pages, and another eBook of mine that I give away on another site is 140 pages, and a book that I sell for $5 is 72 pages. In short, I think I’m selling myself a little short here.

The Magic of Making Up is a good eBook that gets straight to the point, and it has a proven method to get your ex back, but it is no better than my books (actually, it is no better than a lot of my articles).

In fact, I found a few spelling errors, which drives me insane because he has been making some amazing money from this eBook, and obviously he hasn’t bothered to reread the book and correct the errors, which is what I would do.

And that’s when it hit me! He’s too busy making money to correct a few spelling errors!

He’s doing things that really matter, like connecting with his readers and affiliates, and likely doing marketing or working on other things that are not a waste of his time.

It’s not just him that is doing this. I’ve seen countless people making mistakes in their copy or books. I’ve seen people who don’t need to get every detail perfect in their product or service. And, I’ve seen them all have a ton of success.

So, what have I learned about creating an article, product, or service that is successful?

1. Trying too hard wastes a lot of time!

You can do your best, but you can’t get every detail right. I’ve spent weeks on certain projects that probably could have gone out in days.

There may be a few spelling or grammar mistakes.

There may be aspects of the product, service, article, or book that needs to be updated or changed in the future. (That’s why there are updates!)

The important thing is to get your work out there for other people to find. The sooner you do that, the sooner you can start finding success.

2. Trying too hard makes you settle for less than your worth

I find that I am very hard on myself and my worth, just as I am with my products.

For instance, when I write an article for someone else, I don’t always feel like it is worth a price that would be satisfying to me, so I allow them to pay a little less than I really am worth.

I’m often reminded of this when someone pays me three times what someone else will pay me, and gives me praise for what they received.

Thinking about my book for $5, and The Magic of Making Up for $39, I think I’m underselling myself. I think that trying too hard to make the book perfect has caused me to view my book in a duller light than it’s worth – because it will never look perfect in my eyes.

3. People are more interested in what can help them than your perfection

Another thing I’ve realized is that people want to solve their problems, and your perfection is not necessarily something that they are paying attention to.

I know that many will trust an article, product, or service that looks professional, but the truth is that the content or the service is the most important thing when it comes to what people are looking for.

The Magic of Making Up book offers something valuable – a way to get your ex back. A spelling mistake doesn’t negate the fact that the book has a lot of value for someone who has gone through a breakup and is feeling pain. They don’t stop reading because of that spelling mistake. They keep reading, find value, and finish the book with a positive attitude.

I’m Thinking I’ve Wasted A Lot Of Time Trying Too Hard

I’m not saying that I’m going to stop trying to do the best I can (I don’t think I could do that if I tried), but I am saying that I’m going to stop trying to make things perfect. I want quality, not perfection.

It wastes a lot of time to be really anal about work, and I think that time could be better spent on something else that contributes to my overall success. In addition, I think I will value my work more when I stop aiming for perfection.

What do you think about trying too hard at work? Please share in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “3 Reasons Trying Too Hard At Work Results In Less Success”

  1. I sound very similar to you in this respect. I try to remember the Pareto principle and focus my efforts on the things that will make more impact. I also try to focus on getting my work ‘good enough’ instead of my inclination to go for perfect.

  2. The rule 80-20 is just new to me but you have not really brought is clearly to me and left me hanging not knowing whether to accept it or not but all the same i will find more about it. You can make another article or reply for me and get it. People are more interested in what can help them than your perfection this rule number 3 i have agree to it and you have make me to have a flashback of my long life and am able to point out it well. It has really equipped me with enough knowledge and will wait to harvest more from you and get better understanding of this amazing things you put across.

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