Top 5 things you are not going to do to me today

Top 5 Things You Are Not Going To Do To Me Today

Some days, people get the best of me. It’s not their fault. They are who they are and I simply let their words, actions, and thoughts affect me. But, today, that’s not going to happen. Today I’m taking a stand for my happiness and my life. So here’s a little message to the people who are NOT going to ruin my day in any way, shape, or form.

1. You Are Not Going To Make Me Give Up

Things You're Not Going To Make Me Do Today

I woke up with a week’s worth of goals only to find out my blog was still being affected by the hacker who decided they wanted some of my most popular posts to point to their crap so they could make some money.

I have been fighting this nonsense for weeks – spending hours on this blog’s files trying to get everything back up and running – and yesterday I wanted to shut down the blog altogether. In fact, it was getting so frustrating, I thought about shutting down all of my blogs and doing something else.

But, guess what, hacker? You are not going to make me give up. I will continue to work while you continue to steal. I will continue to work even while you are profiting from MY work because I know that I have the skills to fix this crap and move forward on my own, and you don’t.

2. You Are Not Going To Make Me Feel Unimportant By Ignoring Me

Feeling Invisible And Turning It off

For two weeks I’ve been trying to get an answer from a company I’m affiliated with. They deducted over $1000 off a payment I was supposed to receive just a few days before they actually sent it. There was no reason for them to do that – at least not that I know of because they are not answering my questions about it.

They sent me an email a week ago saying they ‘would look into it’ and I haven’t heard anything since. A few days ago, I asked them if there was an update yet through Facebook and they haven’t answered me there either.

Yesterday I started to feel like maybe I’m not important enough to answer. It’s obvious they have gotten my messages, but ignoring me while they are answering other people sends me the message that I’m not that important. I’m invisible even.

I mean, nothing takes two weeks to find out.

But, today, I’m going to remind myself that I am important. I’ve put a lot of good work into making the money I do, and I deserve to know why I was deducted over a thousand dollars on a payment. They can ignore me all they want, but that doesn’t make me and my concerns any less important.

3. You Are Not Going To Make Me Feel Mean

Woman Slapping Her Forehead

I am very considerate of other people’s feelings. I won’t say something that will hurt someone if it isn’t necessary. I actually take pride in my emotional intelligence. But, sometimes I can’t help myself.

My mother-in-law plays the victim in every situation. She will push and push and push my husband and me until I can’t take it anymore and say something to her. She gets off on people being upset with her. I can tell because it’s the only time she truly smiles and feels good. But, when I get upset, I always feel bad afterwards.

For instance, for her birthday we bought her some beautiful pillows for her new couch and she wouldn’t even open the present. She complained that it was probably too much money and we didn’t need to buy her anything. She changed the subject, ignored the gift, and drove me crazy in the process. Eventually, I just grabbed the present and said we would return it and then took it out to the car. Afterwards, I felt horrible. I felt like the Grinch! But the fact is she had spent two hours resisting the gift that we had put so much thought into!

We are seeing her today. No matter what she does, she is not going to make me feel bad for having appropriate reactions to ridiculous behaviour.

4. You Are Not Going To Make Me Feel Fat

Looking In The Mirror Feeling Good

My body has grown a bit since I was younger. When I was young, I was a picky eater, I smoked, and I worked at an extremely physical job. Now, I enjoy eating a wide variety of food,  I don’t smoke, and I work at my computer. Add hypothyroidism into the picture and constant issues with my hormones and you have a recipe for extra weight that I can’t get off but can easily put on.

Being on the internet all day doesn’t always help me feel great about myself. I watch body positive videos and read body positive articles and then read all the comments on those videos and articles that talk about what a fat slob someone is because they have extra weight on them. While it would be nice if this didn’t affect the way I view myself, it often does.

Today, I’m going to listen to my husband that tells me that I’m beautiful and loves my body. I’m going to celebrate the fact that I have a body that gets me from point A to point B. In the face of negative comments and ridicule for having a body that has fat on it, I’m going to feel like I do when I’m dancing sexy in front of the mirror and know that I look good.

5. You Are Not Going To Make Me Miss Out On My Life

The Little Girl In Me Being Mindful

Too often I get lost in fear and worry.

I will watch a show that makes me contemplate something ridiculous for hours.

I will talk to a person and get lost in their concerns for the day.

I will overthink a negative encounter I had during the day.

I will think about my future interactions with people and try to guess how the interaction will go and how I will feel.

All of this takes away from my ability to be mindful and pay attention to what is happening in my own life and right in front of me.

Today I will be mindful and live every minute of my life. Other people’s craziness, fears, and anger will not cause me to get lost in a bunch of thoughts that destroy my ability to be present and pay attention to my own life.

I want to make sure that I make the most of every minute I’m here, and that’s much more important than fear, worry, or anger.

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