Lucid Dreaming

The Best Lucid Dream I’ve Ever Had

I have been into dreaming since I was young. I’ve always been fascinated by what dreams mean and what you can learn from them, and I’m thankful for that. I’ve had some amazing insights into my life because I pay attention to my dreams so much. But, my favorite type of dream is a lucid dream.

Girl having a lucid dream where she can fly

A lucid dream is a dream where you know you are dreaming. When I have them, I normally just kind of ‘wake up’ in my dream and think ‘This is a dream!’ Usually, when I realize that I will try to fly. Sometimes I will try to bring a certain situation or person into my dream. But, normally it’s flying.

The Best Lucid Dream I’ve Ever Had

About 7 years ago, one of my dogs, Isabelle, died. She was a beautiful Border Collie mix. She was smart, funny, and so easy to take care of. We could leave her off leash and never worry about her because she was always on our heels wanting to know what we were doing.

Her death was hard.

We had gone on a vacation, and she was healthy when we left. When we were in Hawaii, I dreamt that she was on a surfboard and hurt her back. I assumed that the dream was simply a reflection of my trip and missing my dogs.

I was wrong.

Shortly after we got home, she started to walk funny. We took her to the vet only to be told that she was fine. “It’s a part of old age. Arthritis probably,” he said. He gave her a hug and a pat instead of thoroughly checking her out and sent us home.

She started to have trouble getting up and down stairs, but we just thought it was her arthritis bugging her. We changed her diet to help with the inflammation. Nothing helped. It’s painful to think we didn’t get a second opinion.

Then within a month, we woke up one day and she couldn’t walk at all. She just laid there and looked at us with sad eyes.

Long story short, we had to put her down the next day. We spent that day hugging her and kissing her and letting our other dogs cuddle her.

The next day, we took her to her favorite places, which was more for us than her because she couldn’t get up to enjoy them.

Then we took her in.

After she died I was a wreck. All I wanted to do was have her back. I cried so much I’m surprised I had any water left in my body.

One night I ‘woke up’ in a dream and realized I was dreaming. I had not had a lucid dream for over a year, so it was instantly exciting. And the first thought that came to mind was my recently passed Isabelle.

I screamed ‘ISABELLE COME!’ and she came running from around a corner in the dream. I hugged her and kissed her. She was healthy, happy, and full of life. It made me feel amazing. And unlike some lucid dreams where I would quickly lose my lucidity, I kept it. We spent some time just hanging out together and having fun. It was the best lucid dream I’ve ever had.

It healed me. It was as if I got to see her one more time healthy and happy and how I remembered her for the majority of the time. It allowed me to feel her warmth. It didn’t erase the last day I had with her and how hard it was, but it did reconnect me with her in spirit, which did wonders for my pain.

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