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Why Hypnosis Live Can Boost Your Visualization Success

How To Make Visualization Easier Using Hypnosis Live MP3

Are you having problems with your visualizations? It seems like the older we get, and the more we experience negative things, the harder it becomes to visualize.

When I was a kid, visualization was really easy. I didn’t have a lot of worries or negative expectations. I pictured getting the bike or the cookie or whatever, and my visualizations made me feel good and were something I looked forward to with delight.

As an adult, I find that my visualizations are a little more on the negative side. Sure, I want to visualize myself reaching my goals, but I often start off strong and end off picturing things that could go wrong instead of my intended desire.

When it comes to visualization and manifestation, that’s not a good thing!

Why Visualization Matters For Your Dreams And Goals

The other day I wrote a review about Visualization For Weight Loss and, if you read the review, or the book, you will understand that visualization can really help you zone in on your goals and change your behaviors, attitudes, and habits.

For instance, if you want to stop eating unhealthy food, like chocolate, you can visualize it being something gross – like diarrhea, and your attitude towards it will change from ‘yum’ to ‘I think I’ll pass!’.

The more you visualize chocolate as disgusting, the more ingrained it will be in your subconscious that you don’t like chocolate. Imagine that!

Also, visualizing something enough can make us feel like we are actually living what we are visualizing. This is because when we visualize, we activate the same regions in the brain that we would if we were doing what we are visualizing.

Joe Dispenza is a great example of this. When he was given a choice to have surgery or face paralysis, he chose to skip the surgery and visualize himself getting better and stronger where he needed to. He was successful at recovery. His success led him to years of study over the placebo effect and eventually he wrote You Are The Placebo.

Following is a video by Joe Dispenza talking about how his daughter visualized herself into a shopping spree. This story is actually in his placebo book.

What I find interesting is that his daughter said that she needs to live it without doubting out.

She convinces herself that it is already done. She doesn’t analyze or try to figure out where it will come from. And that brings up a question that a lot of people have about visualization.

How can I believe my visualizations instead of questioning them or thinking negatively about them?

Hypnosis Live And Successful Visualization

I feel that visualization is important to changing not only behaviors, attitudes, and habits, but also the things we draw into our lives. So, I needed a better way to visualize.

I want to be like Joe Dispenza’s daughter and really feel that I am going to get what I expect instead of worrying about the ‘how’, ‘when’, ‘where’, and all the negative things that could happen along the way.

One of the best tools I’ve found is the Successful Visualization MP3 from Hypnosis Live.

I’ve used a few Hypnosis Live MP3s before, including the stress relief MP3, so it was naturally a tool I would try to use for improving my visualization skills.

One promise made about this hypnosis session was that you will overcome mental barriers that block your vision (which is what I was talking about with the negative thoughts).

What I Experienced With The Visualization Success MP3 From Hypnosis Live

The beginning of the hypnosis session talks about visualization at how it really works. It gives you a new way to view visualization, and it goes against what most people say to do, which is have a very specific visualization in mind.

The hypnotist who recorded the session for Hypnosis Live uses an example of a lion looking for its meal. It doesn’t picture the finer details of what its meal will look like. Instead, it pictures the satisfaction it will feel.

The essence of the hypnosis session is that you can trust your visualizations. And it teaches you how to do that.

You always hear to ‘plant the seed’ and then wait for the outcome to happen, but it can be hard to positively expect the outcome will happen without negative thoughts and expectations popping up.

We are human and doubts arise because we’ve experienced setbacks and failures before.

The Successful Visualization MP3 from Hypnosis Live essentially helps you believe that the ‘seed’ will be enough. You come out of it looking towards your desires with expectation instead of imagining why it will not work out.

In short, the hypnosis was designed to help you let go and allow!

Planting A Seed And Expecting Results With Hypnosis Live Visualization Session
Do What You Need To Do To Move Towards Your Visualization

One of the big points I took from the session is that visualizations are essentially seeds that are planted for future desires, and our subconscious mind already understands that.

You wouldn’t expect to plant a seed and think the worst about what will happen. Instead, you plant the seed and expect that it will grow into what it is supposed to. In addition, you will do what you need to do to – like watering, providing nutrients, or re-planting – to make sure it reaches the final stage of growth.

With this hypnosis, you are helping your subconscious mind convince your conscious mind that everything is going to work out alright as long as you plant the seed and do what you need to do when the need arises.

In fact, she drives the point home over and over again during the hypnosis to really make you see that you can trust your visualizations and stop worrying about the details until you see them.

After just a few sessions, I’m already experiencing the benefits. I seem to have an increased conscious faith in my visualizations, which means my subconscious must be buying into the Hypnosis Live session!

An Extra Note About Using Hypnosis Live MP3s

Hypnosis live has a standard relaxation process that I’ve heard in all of their MP3s. This process causes me to fall asleep if I’m laying down and tired, so if you do try out this hypnosis MP3, or any of their other hypnosis MP3s, sit up unless you are sure you can stay awake.

The total session is 37 minutes, so it can take a lot of time out of your day if you do it more than once because you fell asleep and have no idea what happened the first time.

Hypnosis Live Can Boost Your Visualization Success

In the end, the Visualization Success MP3 can be a great tool to help you overcome worries and negative expectations around your visualization.

Why? Because in order for your conscious mind to buy into the fact that visualization can work, you have to change your subconscious beliefs about visualization and how it works, and this hypnosis session is a tool that can help change those subconscious beliefs.

Note: If you want to test Hypnosis Live and their MP3s out for yourself, click here and choose one for free

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