Success Is A State Of Mind: 5 Lessons That Taught Me This Is VERY True

Success Is A State Of Mind: 5 Lessons That Taught Me This Is VERY True

15 Reasons I Know That Success is a State Of Mind

Before I tell you why I now know that success is a state of mind, I should say that I’ve been gone from Be Happy Tips for a while. In fact, I’ve been gone from all of my blogs for a while, but I had a good reason! I was learning how to be successful. In fact, the amount of success I’ve experienced in the past few months has surpassed the amount of success I’ve experienced in the past year!

I’ve written about success before, and I still believe in some things I’ve written.

For instance, I believe that you must put in the effort and try to find success – or roll the dice and take chances as I’ve put it. After all, doing something is better than doing nothing! And, doing something is what eventually led me to realize how important my state of mind is.

Also, I totally believe in educating yourself in your craft in order to have more success. I’ve spent years learning about personal growth, relationships, and writing, and they have all played a part in the success I’m finding now.

And, I still think challenges are a great way to have more success in anything. They keep you committed to what you are doing.

Lastly, I still think that goal setting is important. When you don’t set goals, you just aimlessly flop around from one thing to the next.

But, all that doesn’t matter unless you have the right state of mind. If you believe that taking action is pointless, educating yourself is ridiculous, taking challenges is too hard, or can’t decide on some concrete goals, then you won’t do what you need to do for success!

If you don’t know my online story, here it is summed up:

For the past 6 years, I’ve been trying to find success online. I’ve owned blogs, sold blogs, written eBooks, and been a freelance writer on what I called a shitty site. In fact, I built a whole Facebook page around the site to give writers a place to complain and talk about concerns – because I had a lot! But, since October of 2015, I’ve been busy. I found a client on that ‘shitty site’ that has been requesting from me nonstop. In fact, I went from making what I need to make through various avenues – about $800 a month, to making almost $6000 per month for the past few months. Within these few months, I’ve realized what it really takes to have success online, and it all boils down to my state of mind.

So I’m back to share what I have learned, and I’m definitely back to make this blog much more successful than it has ever been because I know I can – my state of mind tells me so.

In fact, because of my new state of mind, I’ve been having more success with not just my work, but my health, relationships, and purpose in life too.

5 Reasons I Now Know How Important Your State Of Mind Is For Success

So, I’ve learned a lot, I’ve changed a lot, and I’m experiencing a lot of success. Following is how my state of mind has changed and how it has affected my success.

1. I Hated That Site

When it came to active income, I was making most of my money from my freelance writing. But, in my old state of mind, I thought all the requesters were cheap and that you couldn’t make a decent living off the site. Even when my husband got sick, and he was off for a few months, I couldn’t make the money I needed to in order to support us, and that was disappointing – to say the least! So, every day I woke up cursing that site, and what do you think happened? I found more things to curse!

But, one day I had someone request an article from me and tip me very well. My state of mind shifted a bit. I thought, ‘Hey, maybe all of the requesters on here are not that bad!’ Then he requested another one and another one and another one… and 4 months later he is still requesting daily from me. In fact, I just talked to him and he said he’s got at least another year’s worth of requests coming.

He’s changed my whole opinion of the site and what I am capable of on it, and since he’s been requesting from me, I got the balls to tell my old requesters that they needed to pay me more money. Moreover, I’ve had new requests coming in from nowhere paying much more than I’ve ever been offered before.

2. I Didn’t Think I Was Capable Of How Much I’m Doing

The more you write, the more you make. That’s kind of the rule with freelance writing. This client of mine is requesting two to four 2000-word articles daily. Before him, I was struggling to write out 2000 words a day, and literally thought it was impossible. My state of mind was set on the ‘truth’ that I could only bang out one decent 2000-word article a day, and even then I was pushing it.

Now, I know that I can do a lot in a day. That kind of happens when you are forced to write a lot in a day and ignore your negative state of mind! So, I now believe that I am capable of getting out whatever I want, which has helped me accomplish so much more with my days and, therefore, have much more success.

3. I Wasn’t Committed To Success

Before this client, I wasn’t committed to success. I had some goals, I had a purpose in life, but I wasn’t committed to achieving them or it. Of course, that affected the rest of my life – my health and relationships mostly, because if I wasn’t committed to my career and financial success, then why the hell would I commit to anything else in my life? At least, that was my state of mind.

Now, I’m committed to making each day as awesome as possible. I’m committed to feeling happy during my work day and after I finish work. And guess what? I am having more success in every area of my life because of that commitment. I’m banging out goals like they are nothing. My goal setting software has never seen so much action!

4. I Thought The Path To Success Was In A Particular Way

Even though I saw a lot of people having success with their online businesses, I truly believed that success took a ton of work that I wasn’t sure if I was willing to do. For instance, I thought that it was imperative to create a product to have success. In fact, I thought that so much, that I constantly had ‘create a new product’ as one of my failed goals. Month after month I didn’t create a new product, and I assumed that because I wasn’t creating one, I wouldn’t have the type of success I wanted. I stressed out about not doing what I ‘needed’ to do and that stress kept me from doing what I actually needed to do!

Now I see that success takes hard work, but it doesn’t have to be on the same path as everyone else. My state of mind is different about how success can come, and I realize that one person’s path to success doesn’t have to be like another person’s path to success. In fact, the path that most people would say you couldn’t be successful on is totally a path to find success on. I realize that now because I’ve been doing it for the past few months.

5. I Didn’t Think I Had To Focus

When I got this client, I was forced to focus on my work. I had to drop everything else because I was learning how to produce the kind of work this person wanted in the time frame they wanted, and that required all my focus. Focusing wasn’t something I was used to doing! I would jump from one vision to another and then wonder why I wasn’t having any success. But, when my state of mind changed from flimsy thinking to focusing on my daily goals, success followed.

I started getting the kind of results that I once thought was possible for me, but had lost hope for after years of not getting them. You know, when you first start any job and envision yourself doing great things, and then after a few years of not achieving what you want, you start to wonder if it is even possible. My state of mind was stuck in the ‘it’s not possible’ stage, so it is no wonder I didn’t put in the focus needed to make it happen.

State Of Mind Matters

In the end, it all boils down to your state of mind. If your state of mind is telling you that what you are doing is crap, that you are not capable of doing what you think you should, that you can hop around from goal to goal, that you have to do certain things for success, or that you can get away with not focusing on doing what you need to do, then you won’t find success no matter how brilliant you are.

2 thoughts on “Success Is A State Of Mind: 5 Lessons That Taught Me This Is VERY True”

  1. Really very useful information. I agree that success is a state of mind, whatever we do, or in whatever endeavor we are in, if we continuously think that we can surpass it all, then we can. But, no matter how we want to achieve success but our state of mind tell us otherwise, don’t expect any good result. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for commenting Sherill. I’ve found the trick is to keep a positive state of mind and not revert back into old thinking. It’s easy to do when you are forced to do it so quickly!

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