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3 Ways To Stop Complaining So Much

Stop Complaining So Much With These Tips
Stop Complaining So Much With These Tips

Complaining drains our energy and makes us miserable. It really does nothing good for us.

It doesn’t make us more productive in our day.

It doesn’t actually change what we are complaining about.

It doesn’t fix the issues and concerns we are upset with.

It just causes more complaints and more negativity.

It is essentially a waste of our time.

So it goes without saying that we need to stop complaining in our lives in order to have a happier and healthier life! Here are some ideas on how to stop complaining so much and instead start living.

1. Realize your thoughts make things worse than they are

If you have ever tried losing weight, then you know this well. You may have lost 10 pounds, but if you have an ‘I’m feeling fat day’ you will start to think that you are extremely fat, and that you are never going to lose the weight. Then, you will start to spiral into a sea of complaining about how fat you really are, and how hard it is to lose the weight, and how you will never ever be able to do it.

The truth is that you have lost 10 pounds! You’ve lost weight, and you are skinnier than you were before, but your thoughts are making that positive fact into a negative thing that really isn’t true.

Acknowledge your negative thoughts that come throughout the day, but don’t give them much weight. They are just trying to make you feel bad and add doubt to your life when it doesn’t need to be there. For the most part they are not real, but instead they are fantasies that your fears and beliefs are playing out.

In short, focus on what’s actually happening and not your thoughts.

2. Recognize that people are different and not exactly like you

A lot of what we complain about during the day has to do with other people. They may not be living up to our expectations or they may be doing everything wrong.

We complain about them in our heads, to our friends, and worse – to them. We make them feel bad and we make ourselves miserable. And we do all of that because they are not us and they do not do things the way we do things, or the way we want them to do things.

Everyone is unique and everyone has their own way of doing things. Just because they don’t do things to your liking does not mean they are wrong. If you recognize that everyone is unique and adds their own special touch to this world, then you may be more accepting of them and their ways, and less likely to complain about everything they do.

3. Enjoy the ride of life

Another common complaint we have is that circumstances didn’t go our way – again.

Maybe it rained on the one day you could have a picnic, or maybe your friends cancelled for your special party, or maybe the traffic is heavier than you thought it would be. Instead of complaining about it, try enjoying the fact that life isn’t a laid out script that always goes to plan.

Stop complaining about the things that didn’t go your way. It doesn’t make the past disappear and give you the chance to do it over.

One thing I’ve learned is that a lot of times life will bring us something better than what we were expecting. And sometimes we will learn valuable lessons out of the turn of events. We just have to keep our minds open, stop complaining, and enjoy what life we have been given.

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  1. I agree that complaining will not solve the problem, it could even worsen the existing situation. Stay calm will be very helpful in finding the right solution.

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