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Here’s How To Stay Calm (Even Happy) During Stressful Events

When something stressful happens, it can be hard to stay calm. Most of us end up seeing red or panicking and then we dwell on everything negative and make our day, week, or month miserable because of it. It looks something like the following picture.

Want To Stay Calm? Here's A Great Trick

I guarantee that you’ve heard tips on how to stay calm, such as take deep breaths and focus on being mindful, but Eric Edmeades has a tip that might work a little bit better for you.

Eric is an entrepreneur and the creator of WildFit,. It’s obvious he is a charismatic speaker and, according to his site, hosts transformational retreats, workshops, and seminars around the world. I love his philosophy that life is important and that we are meant to be happy while we are here. I believe the same thing.

A Talk Teaching You How To Stay Calm And Even Happy

The following talk is 17 minutes long. If you are going to watch something today, I recommend watching this! I’ve watched it twice, and I can tell you that it is going to change my past, present, and future in a big way. (You will understand what I mean after you watch it!)

It’s based around a concept called the ‘hindsight window’. This is time frame from when something stressful happens to when you realize that it was something useful or beneficial – or not as bad as it seemed.

  • The longer that window, the unhappier you are.
  • The shorter that window, the happier you are.

In the end, Eric talks about a way to make that window as short as possible.

If you don’t have time to watch it, then I’ll include some of the highlights of his talk in bullet points below the video. But, if you really want to learn how to stay calm during stressful events – and maybe even move into a happy state – then I highly recommend watching it because his stories make his concepts really clear.

Notes On The Video

  • He wants to talk about something he’s been developing called the hindsight window, which is a period of time between an event that you perceive to be bad and some time in the future that you see it as something you are grateful for.
  • The longer the hindsight window, the less happy you are.
  • The shorter the hindsight window, the happier you are.
  • Present day happiness is hard when stuff keeps coming up for you from the past.
  • The more you resent and regret your past, the more fear you will have in the future.
  • The more gratitude you have for your past, the more faith you will have in the future.
  • You need to clean up your past in order to look forward to a better future. And you can do that by seeing your past in a new light. See it in a way that serves you instead of makes you regretful or resentful.
  • The hardest thing to clean up is your present.
  • You can clean up your past by seeing things differently/giving it a new meaning.
  • You can clean up your future by finding ways/building plans to deal with known issues, such as road rage.
  • Recommends reading Viktor Frankl ‘Man’s Search For Meaning‘ to help clean up the present. Viktor Frankl believed that if you could assess the correct meaning for an event, you could clean it up.
  • Asked ‘Why might I be grateful for this event one day?’ when he had a lot of stuff stolen from him. Found some answers that made him feel grateful and good instantly. Helped his wife feel grateful and good instantly.  Helped him stay calm and rational during the situation.
  • Event happens. Figure out emotion. Ask if it’s serving you. Ask what emotion would serve you better. Then ask yourself what would have to happen to feel grateful right now. The more gratitude you can find, the more faith you will have in your future and the happier you will be!

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