Spinal Inflammation In Dog: Our Experience With Penta Genesis And Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang

Goliath Not Feeling Well

I didn’t even want a dog. My ex-boyfriend wanted a dog and since I had the credit to get him, I was the one who bought him. I didn’t want the responsibility because I was in my mid 20’s and could hardly take care of myself. But after about 1 day of having Goliath, I knew I would be with him till the day he died.

My boyfriend and I broke up when Goliath was about 4 months old. I was friends with Saverio at that time (who is now my current husband), so Saverio has known Goliath pretty much as long as I have.

My Miniature Pinscher has survived some pretty traumatizing things. I was so clueless when it came to owning a puppy. I did the best I could, but looking back I cringe.

First, he was a puppy mill dog and the runt of the litter. I was ignorant to puppy mills and pet stores when I bought him, so at the time it seemed like the best place to get a dog. He was less than a pound and he was under two months, but I didn’t understand that was a bad thing. All I knew was that even though he was the runt, he made himself stand out by kissing the pet store guy in front of me. So we got him.

In his first few months with us, he electrocuted himself by chewing on a cord. I woke up in the middle of the night to find him convulsing on the floor and peeing himself. It was the scariest thing I have ever seen. Thankfully the circuit broke and he was released.

Other things that happened?

  • He fell off the couch when he was little, hit his head, and his head spun around in dizziness.
  • He got stung by a bee on his nose. (He is terrified of bees now!)
  • He ate a lighter and the fluid inside.
  • He got attacked by an aggressive dog.
  • He got attacked and scratched by a cat.
  • My friend’s kid picked him up by the leg and hung him upside down!

Despite my best efforts, bad things kept happening to him! I am so grateful that he made it through all that intact!

Because he had been through so much, my husband and I were starting to think he was indestructible.

Until last October.

In his late tenth year, he scared the crap out of me.

First, he couldn’t jump up on couches anymore. That worried us because he was the best jumper in the world throughout his life, often jumping too high in some cases. But, we thought maybe he was just getting older and didn’t have the power to jump anymore. So we got him stools for every bed and couch in the house, and he was able to easily get up anywhere he wanted with them.

Then he started sitting funny. The following pic was taken from my office chair one of the many times I saw him sitting with his leg outwards like this. I thought maybe his leg was sore, but he didn’t react to anything we did to test out his leg, so we were not too concerned about it.

Goliath Sitting With His Leg Funny: Back Spinal Issues

Next, he started walking funny. It was like his front feet moved too fast. He would put his head down and his front feet would walk close together and quickly. At first we thought it was him being shy or awkward because it happened a lot when we were at my parents and they were babying him. But, it started happening every time we came home from a long walk, and we knew something more was happening.

Goliath has climbed mountains and has always been able to go for hours at a time without any issues, so this was an obvious problem.

Then he started tipping. His back end would tip to the right or left, and he would almost fall down. Again, this seemed to happen after long walks, but it also occurred in extreme cold or heat. He would be better after some rest, so we chalked it up to leg and back problems from over-exertion, and we tried exercising his legs and stretching his back to help him get stronger and looser. It seemed to help a little, so we thought maybe it was going to go away.

Then one day I was walking him and a guy we ran into on our walk mentioned that he must have really bad hips. That walk, he had been tipping over quite a bit while walking and there were points where he stopped walking completely and couldn’t move.

I felt sick to my stomach.

See, our other dogs that have passed away all had hip and back problems at the end of their life. In fact, one of our dogs woke up one day unable to move at all. Those were the most devastating times in my life, and the thought of Goliath going through anything like that nearly brought me to my knees.

We booked an appointment with our vet. We go to a holistic vet who also does conventional medicine.

Without blood work or xrays, she said that she thought it was inflammation between the spinal vertebrae. She couldn’t be sure, obviously, but she wanted to give him some herbs for a few weeks to see if it would help. She said that this was something that could be treated and reversed (even though my devastated mind thought it was the end for him), and before we tried something harsher like steroids, she wanted to test out these herbs first.

So we tried them. And thank god we did!

Two Herbs That Helped Fight My Dog's Spinal Inlammation

You can read more about Penta Genesis here and Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang here.

Improvements After Taking The Herbs

We are not sure if it is one or the other or both that is helping him, but after 1 week, we noticed a major improvement. He started walking better, had less tip-overs and weird front paw walking, and he was able to jump better!

After a few weeks, he could go on longer walks again without walking weird during or after. He seemed to tolerate the heat better too.

In fact, he’s become such a good walker that he pulls me on his walks now and runs like a puppy through fields again!

He’s been able to jump up on couches by himself – even though we encourage him to use the stools just in case.

And, just last week, after being on these herbs for about two months, he was able to jump up in the back of the car! That’s something he’s done since he was a puppy, but couldn’t do anymore as of last fall.

I was driving to pick up my husband from work and saw him sitting up in the back of the car. I was shocked and happy!

Goliath able to jump up in back of car by himself.

So, do I recommend Penta Genesis and Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang? Hell yeah! Not only has his back issues and walking cleared up, but he also acts like a puppy again. It’s obvious he is feeling really good about himself and nothing is bothering him, which makes us over-the-moon happy. Looks like he has survived another issue in his life. 🙂

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