Some Videos To Make You Feel Better Right Now

Having a nap to feel better is not always an option. Watching your favorite movie or TV show is not always an option. Meditating is not always an option. But, if you have a smart phone or work around a computer, watching videos is a quick way to pull yourself out of your head-space and put your focus on something else for a few minutes. It can help you to feel better instantly – even if it is just a tiny bit better.

My point is this: Don’t dwell in negative thoughts and emotions. If you can’t get out of them, try refocusing your attention on to something else.

One of the first places I turn to when I need to pull myself out of a funk is YouTube. There are some people on there who are brilliant at what they do, and they can make you feel better just by checking in on them.

Following are a few of my favorite feel better right now videos.

Good Vibrations: A Unique Take On The Song

Miranda sings is one of my favorite YouTube stars. She thinks she can sing, but she really can’t. She thinks she is all that, but she really isn’t. She is socially awkward, but she doesn’t care about what other people think about her, and it shows. She may or may not be having an inappropriate relationship with her uncle.

Flula is new to me. Many of his videos are done in a car; for instance, he gets in car, does these amazing loops on his machine, hands out some microphones, and then sings in the car. He also uses his lack of understanding English words as a comedic outlet. For instance, his ‘I do not sleep like a baby‘ video is pretty funny.

Together, they are a singing duo that will make you dance, cringe, and laugh.

Best Of Vine Compilations

Here’s a trick that you can easily use to feel better right now. Watch a vine compilation.

Vines are those short videos that loop over and over again, and you can find best of vines that are up to an hour long – or longer I think.

Not that you would want to sit there that long and watch them.

And not that they are all that funny.

In fact, most are not that funny.

But they demand your focus because they are so short, and they help your mind to get off the issues, problems, or stresses it is feeling.

You will be surprised at how much better you feel after you allow your mind to take a break from the stress that it is feeling.

The following will have you staring at your screen and forgetting your issues quickly! Note: There are some swears.

Rhett & Link Getting Their Chest Waxed

There is one show that I watch every morning: Good Mythical Morning. It has two guys, Rhett & Link, and – for the most part, they are pretty funny. They are always entertaining.

The following video is them getting waxed. This is always amusing. Whether you are watching 40-year-old virgin, or these guys, men being waxed will get your mind focused on something other than your own pain. And they do have pain!

Watch Link laugh at Rhett and then claim how tough he is…only to find out he’s not.

Whether you are laughing or saying that was stupid, I’m willing to bet you are feeling better than you were before. It’s called getting out of your head space, and it works!

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