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Some Of My Best And Worst Fiverr Orders

Fiverr orders I loved and didn't love so much

Whether you run an online business or just want to get a psychic reading, Fiverr is a one-stop shop for everything. It’s always amazed me at how eclectic Fiverr really is. If you have heard that you can find everything there, it is totally true! Ordering a few gigs can totally make your life easier, happier, and more productive.

They have gigs for:

  • Graphics and design
  • Online marketing
  • Writing and translation
  • Video and animation
  • Music and audio
  • Programming and tech
  • Advertising
  • Private language lessons
  • So much more

Using Fiverr is pretty easy. All gigs start at $5 and if you want extras added on from the basic gig, such as faster delivery or more detailed work, you will have to pay some extra money. However, I have gotten a lot of great gigs for just $5 (as well as some not-so-great ones). Following are a few of them.

EBook Cover Designs

Back when I first got on Fiverr, it was because I wanted some book covers for some eBooks I had written. I found one woman who has consistently put out some awesome eBook covers. Here’s what my order looked like.

eBook cover request

She did quite a few different eBook covers for me including these two:

New Relationship

Be happy tips cover


I also had one lady proofread my fiction piece. She edits up to 3,000 words for $5, which is about 10 pages, and she does a damn good job at it! The critique I got back was spot on and helped me improved my writing and flow of the book.

proofread fiverr

Psychic Readings

I have always believed in psychics, but obviously I don’t believe that everyone who claims they are a psychic is really intuitive. I’ve had some good experiences on Fiverr and some bad with this. For the most part, I only pay $5, so it’s not a big deal, but honestly, it does suck to get back an obviously crappy answer.

For instance, you can see what I asked one lady in the follow snip.

psychic reading from Fiverr

Here is the answer I got:

Dear One,

You are in a swirl of energy that is like a spinning top. Round and round and round it goes! It is no wonder you are tired! It is time to slow down and begin to truly live on purpose. We will guide you to that purpose and as you begin to practice your “homework” all will unfold in the most delightful way.

First, let’s go back to the beginning, who are you?

You are a Spiritual Being having a human experience. You are a beautiful and infinite Soul. The Soul knows only love and joy. It does not know how to “think” or judge or create drama or be depressed or any of the other delays to enlightenment that the mind conjures up. Love and joy is all it can experience and it is always guiding you to those experiences of love and joy that will allow you to have an amazing life.

The Souls guidance to you comes in the form of your emotions. When you feel joy and happiness and a sense that all is well with your world, you are being guided by the Soul to do more of that. Stay in joy, the Soul is saying; choose more joyful things to do!

When you feel emotions of confusion, fear, dissatisfaction with yourself, someone or something, that is also the Soul speaking to you also, only now it is saying, “Yikes! Where are you going? Get back to joy! Choose something that makes you happy.”

This guidance system is fail-safe and is all that is required for an incredibly fulfilling earthly experience!

Here’s where most people trip up. They cannot let go of fear. They cannot see where doing what they love will bring them everything they need, including all the right people, love, financial abundance, health and opportunities to further experience success and joy. They want to stay in fear because they think that is how they will control the outcome of things. In truth, fear creates a small and cramped world with no joy and no love.

You wish to know where to direct your focus for success? Choose that one joyful thing that is your passion; that one beautiful thing that puts a smile on your face and causes you to leap out of bed every day because you cannot wait to do it. (They all did!) Give up going in circles over all the other things that you think you need to accomplish. In fact, stop thinking and begin to allow your heart to guide you instead of that little monkey mind. You will be amazed at how easy and happy your life will become.

Blessings of love and light Dear One!
Your devoted Angels

To me, this was a VERY generic answer that didn’t actually answer anything. I’m not saying she is a fake, because many people have had a good experience with her, but for me, I could have gave myself this answer. I almost wonder if she copied and pasted this one?

Also, I recently found out that I have hypothyroidism and that’s why I am STILL to this day so tired. I honestly haven’t been to a doctor in over 5 years, so if she had mentioned anything along the lines of checking out something at the doctor, I may have got this corrected a few years ago!

So a few days after that I asked another psychic on Fiverr pretty much the same question.

psychic on fiverr

Here’s the answer I got from her…

Hey Kari,

Not sure why I feel the whole rockstar vibe, bigger than life. You are a very centered at this moment. Your thoughts have been all over the place, but you have finally found a sense of calm.

Well you will have 2 paths. One part of you is very spiritual, creative, and giving. This will be a moon hippie free spirit that will do great things to help animals and people. We call it charity. 🙂

The other person will organize things and get into the corporate world on your own terms with the hope of making a difference. Whatever you do it will be less about money and more about the heart. Do you like to write?

Spend this time within to find your center. I just see all these cool and crazy colors of art. I feel you will find yourself in music and creativity.

Look art health, healing, art, creativity, charity, and business organization.
Thanks for letting me read for you.


This one hit a lot closer to home for me. I do write from the heart. I strongly feel my purpose is to write and inspire as I do so – not sure if I’ve done that yet, but I resonated more with this reading from Fiverr and it made me feel good, so that’s all that mattered!

Getting A New Wheelchair Accessible House

One of my favorite gigs on Fiverr was for some kids who were raising money for a wheelchair accessible house.

joke from fiverr

I got an MP4 for download, but here’s the reply I got on YouTube:

I’ve had other things done on Fiverr. I’ve had a few videos made for my websites that were completely out there and crazy (too big for me to upload here). A few logos made. And a few likes on various articles and videos.

Try Out Fiverr For Yourself

I could spend my days on Fiverr. You can check out Fiverr for yourself hereThere are so many different gigs to choose from that you will definitely find some quality and unique people on Fiverr ready to help you stand out in your business, give you some sort of insight or help you improve on something, or just surprise your friends with something funny.

5 thoughts on “Some Of My Best And Worst Fiverr Orders”

  1. I have used fiverr and these gigs do work if you find someone who does some homework to get the answers to what you want . Some people deliver ! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Kari! I’m writing an article for our blog on everything that you can get done on Fiverr for a small business. Wondering if you might like to contribute and would love to link back to your site as well.

    I’m looking only for your first hand experiences (what you have actually done), a story of how it worked, a link to the Fiverr gig that you used and liked, and how it generally worked out for you. Also it would be great to link to your site and have a photo of you if possible.

    Let me know if you would like to be part of the article.

    Thank you so much!

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