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Social Site For Optimal Living: Get Off Facebook and Get On The Oasis!

I’ll admit it! I didn’t come up with the term ‘social site for optimal living’. I took that straight from the video that promotes the new social site for people like you and me. But, it is exactly what the social site is about – so why not use it?

Want To Be On A Positive Social Network? Throw Out Facebook and Get On The Oasis!
Connecting to friendly and uplifting people on The Oasis social site

Finally! A Positive And Populated Social Site!

I long ago dropped Facebook because it was such a negative place for me to be. It contained a bunch of people who were not moving towards happiness, but rather stuck in their egoistical side, which made me miserable. Well, not miserable, but not enthusiastic about hanging around these people – even if it was on a social site.

I’ve joined other communities that focused on interesting things such as the law of attraction and positive psychology, but they are not very populated. It seems as though the same ten people are in every section of these sites.

I’ve been a part of en*theos for a while. I’ve downloaded the awesome Philosophers Notes and learned a ton from them, and I regularly go to the site and check in on what’s happening and what products/courses I would love to take.

Now, they have created a social site for people, who actually go to places like en*theos or Mindvalley, to connect. It’s called The Oasis, and I gotta say it’s pretty awesome! I actually look forward to going on there for a few reasons.

Note: You can check it out and sign up here:

The Coolness Of This Social Site

It is just in the beginning phase, but it has already attracted thousands of people, and it is running pretty smoothly for something that just got up and running not long ago.

Here’s what I find cool about it:

1. Love Instead Of Like

You know how Facebook has the ‘like’ button? Well, The Oasis has the LOVE button. When you love another person’s post, message, comment, answer, or whatever – you can click on the love button and show them some love.

I think the term love is very important. It signifies a bond, and that is what connecting with like-minded people is all about. Plus, in a site where optimal living is the focus, love seems like the appropriate word!

2. The Question Of The Day

Every day there is a question asked on the site that you can answer. The question makes you think, and it helps you to get to know the other people inside of The Oasis.

For instance, today the question is: What do you want to say to a close friend or family member but haven’t been able to?  Of course, there were some things that came to mind for myself. But, I also found that a few people in the comments are saying exactly what I have felt in the past, which is very cool to run into like-minded people like that.

3. Like-Minded People

I think I’ve said this a few times :), but it’s important!

I find that many sites I go to on a daily basis have people who I can’t relate to. For instance, there are a couple vlogs that I watch on YouTube regularly, but the people who participate and comment with those vlogs are so far away from my viewpoints that I’m surprised we are even attracted to the same vlog!

In The Oasis, you will find loving, kind, smart, and passionate people.

Nobody is swearing or being negative or trying to make you feel bad.

Nobody is sending out hate about a comment or person.

Everyone is supportive and – I would assume – mature enough to keep their negative viewpoints to themselves!

Mental and physical health are hot topics. Thoughts on meditation, yoga, gratitude, positive quotes, and well-being are just some of the things posted and discussed on here.

4. No Spammers

People who spam wouldn’t even stand a chance on this site. It is not about promoting yourself (although some people are doing that when relevant), but instead it is about connection, growth, and understanding.

5. It Is Informational Both Personally And Professionally

The Oasis has given me a lot to think about in my personal life. And it has allowed me to share some things I already know with others.

Moreover, if you are a personal development blogger, it is a great place to get ideas for posts! There are many people asking questions that are relevant to the personal development niche, and all you have to do is tap into this awesome center of curiosity!

6. The Creators Are Everywhere To Be Found

Brian Johnson, the CEO of en*theos, is on the site. He actively participates in the questions and engaging with other people. He has as many friends as he has followers! What’s up with that?

He’s a loving and neat guy, and it is awesome to see that he is practicing what he preaches in a big way.

His wife, Alexandra Johnson, is also a huge part of the site. She is the co-founder of en*theos and she is a pretty inspiring woman to connect with!

Together, they stand behind their new social site and make it more real somehow. You know that the energy behind the site is not greed or power, but instead it is love and a desire to make this world a better place.

Want to sign up? Go to and don’t forget to add me as a friend ====>>>

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