How To Make Your Life Slowly Worse Or Slowly Better

Life Slowly Getting Worse? Here's How To Slowly Make It Better
Stop the domino effect in its tracks.

There comes a point in life where you have to stop making the same mistakes over and over again. Why? Because they end up making life harder on you than it needs to be. And, while they may not seem like much in the moment, they add up and slowly make life worse.

For instance, in business it can be easier to spend more time wishing things will work out than actually take action on things you know you need to do. Unfortunately, as much as I believe in the law of attraction, wishing without action is a mistake. At some point you have to start taking serious action on your business if you want to start seeing serious results, or else you will slowly put yourself into a failing business.

Or, in your relationship, there comes a point where you have to stop doing that one thing that causes you and your partner to fight all the time. It may be something as simple as picking up your dirty laundry on the floor, or it may be something bigger, such as putting an end to the nit-picking you have become accustomed to doing. If you don’t, your relationship will slowly get worse and possibly end up in a separation.

The point is that when certain aspects of your life start to suck, you have to acknowledge that and start making changes in order to make life better.

How Are Your Rituals In Life?

Lately, my Simpleology training has focused on rituals. So, I’ve been thinking a lot about them, and I’ve been trying to improve my rituals in all areas of my life. For instance, to save time, I’ve been multitasking whenever I can at home, online, and out in the world. Multitasking is starting to become a part of my daily rituals.

Then, today, I received the following video in my inbox from MindValley, and the information inside complemented the ritual experience in a big way.

In short, it became apparent that the universe is really trying to get me to change some things around.

By the way: I frickin’ hate the analogy he uses…it’s not something I want to picture, and I can’t believe that anyone tried it to find out, but it gets the point across.

Here’s a summary of the video:

  • If you don’t have a detection method to determine when things are getting worse, then it can be easy to slowly slip into a bad state in all areas of your life. For example, many of us have reached a certain weight and wondered how the heck we let ourselves get to it! Without a serious detection method in place, the weight can easily creep up and up without too many alarms going off.
  • Set-points are thresholds of awesomeness that you establish for yourself. For example, if you feel the most comfortable and healthy at 165 pounds, then 165 pounds would be an awesome set-point for your weight.
  • Set-points should be achievable. You can’t set a set-point of 120 pounds if you can’t get there in a healthy manner (or if it is really not a healthy weight for you to be at).
  • Use your set-points to help you detect when things are going wrong, and then implement a strategy to get back on track. For example, if your weight goes above a certain number (your set-point), then you should immediately implement a healthy eating strategy or healthy exercise strategy (or ritual) that you know will bring you back on point.
  • When you have set-points that you stick to, occasional bad behaviors don’t affect your life as negatively. For instance, going out and eating more than usual on vacation will not mean that an extra 10 pounds is doomed to stay on you for life.
  • Occasionally, raise your set-points to help your life be awesome! Instead of slowly getting worse or more difficult, it will slowly get better.

In the end, this is really a tool to slowly make life better. Setting a realistic set-point can help you easily reach it and maintain it. And, when it becomes too easy to maintain, a higher set-point will help you step outside of your current awesome life and make it even better.

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  1. If someone is not learning from mistakes, believe me he/she is doing something really bad for himself. Only people who learn from mistake and make a way for themselves become successful in their life.

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