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Slimming Meals That Heal Review: Healthy Food Revealed

Slimming Meals That HealSlimming Meals That Heal sounds like a book that anyone would want to read? Right? Well, I can’t say it didn’t inform me on things such as inflammation in the body and foods that you can eat to fight inflammation. Let me say right off, I recommend it simply for the insights that it can add into your life- even if you don’t get on the recommended diet.

What Do You Get In Slimming Meals That Heal?

The book is divided up into three parts.

Part 1: The Science Of Weight Loss

Ever wonder why you eat all the right things, according to experts, and can’t lose weight long term? This section is for you.

It talks about how calorie restriction doesn’t work for weight loss in the long run, with over 66 percent of dieters gaining back more weight than they lost.

It talks about how inflammation is the missing piece to your diet and weight loss, including how food allergies can contribute to inflammation in the body. You will also learn how to tell if you have a food allergy.

It talks about hormones and how they impact your weight loss or gain. Moreover, it talks about the nutrients that affect your hormones.

You will learn superfoods that fight inflammation in the body, about the glycemic index, and how to combine your foods to avoid high blood sugar.

And, you will learn how to fight emotional eating through different techniques. (One of which is tapping.)

Part 2: The Slimming Meals That Heal Program

This section will give you insight into your kitchen and what you need to toss for better health as well as what you need to include in it. This can send a spike of fear up anybody’s spine, especially when she says to toss dairy (at least for me), but she covers how to fight cravings, which can help.

Basically you will learn what foods to avoid that could potentially cause inflammation, and then how to bring them back into your diet to determine whether or not your body is reacting negatively to them. This doesn’t mean that you can never eat some of your favorite foods again, but it does mean that you may find that some of your favorite foods and your body just don’t agree.

This program pretty much takes you by the hand. There is a 1-week menu set in place for anyone who is not sure what to eat. This can be beneficial to someone who just wants to try it out without a lot of planning. The recipes in the plan for the week are all in the next part of the book.

There are some new habits that go along with this way of eating. For instance, you have to eat your first meal within the first 2 hours of waking up. And, you have to eat 6 times per day.

But, there is no counting calories!

Part 3: The Slimming Meals That Heal Recipes

Page 141 to 310 is recipes. Liquids, breakfasts, salads, dips, dressings, sauces, main meals, and treats are included.

There does seem to be a lot of recipes with meat. I’m a vegetarian, so a lot of the recipes (as is) were not applicable to me.

What I found Weird  About This Book

I liked the book, it was very informative on what to eat for better health and what to not eat for better health. However, I was a little dissapointed at the end.

I found that there is a Meals That Heal Online Course from HayHouse and you have to pay about $44 for it. I would have assumed something like that would be included in the purchase of the book considering it is the same topic and complementary to the book.

It looks like an interesting course, but I just feel like people who buy the book should be able to get the course for free. Maybe others would disagree.

The Bottom Line

I liked the book and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about food and how it impacts their health.

There were a lot of insights in it and I found myself talking to my husband excitedly about trying the 1-week menu plan.

The recipes were interesting and sounded yummy, and any meat dishes could easily be transformed into vegetarian dishes.

If you want to stop counting calories and start living, this book can help you do that!

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Note: I got this book from the book nook program in exchange for a review. This review is based on my own thoughts and experiences. 

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