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7 Sites That Are Certain to Boost Your Happiness

Happiness is a Priority: Here Are Some Sites To Boost Your Happiness

Want to boost your happiness? Get online! We already use the Internet to expand the flow of information we receive, make our lives easier, and improve communication. It is no wonder that it is also an invaluable resource when we are seeking out moments of fun or want to boost our happiness. With everybody’s definition of happiness unique unto themselves, the Internet offers a sufficiently wide breadth of sites for anyone who wants to find something that will boost their happiness.

Sites That Will Help Boost Your Happiness

Following are seven awesome sites that are certain to boost your happiness and help you celebrate the joy that is around you.


This website offers a unique blend of science and inspiration. Its “Get Inspired” section offers a large collection of everyday stories from ordinary people that will leave you filled with joy, hope, and happiness. It offers a window into the everyday lives of others. It allows you to see how happiness is always attainable even through situations of struggle and adversity. It also offers articles containing practical tips that will allow you to find the goodness that is present everyday in all that surrounds us.

The section of the website dedicated to science focuses on happiness-boosting strategies and the latest research in positive psychology. The articles provide you with wonderful insight on charting your own course toward sustained happiness.

Motivational as it is practical, is a good resource to boost your happiness and merits frequent visits.


This blog by Leo Babauta offers a wonderful collection of posts all focused on helping you to embrace simplicity and clearing the clutter in your daily routine with the purpose of finding happiness.

Insightful and inspirational, this blog never comes across as preachy. The posts are well written and easily captivate the reader. In the process, the reader emerges empowered to simplify their lives, to cast away the negativity and to hold on to what is truly good.

This is the sort of blog that makes for good reading when one is experiencing melancholy or needs to actively counter the negative effects of a bad day. The posts not only provide reassurance, but they also elevate your spirits as you read them.

Perhaps not always suitable for a casual read when you are feeling down because the posts require some time to read. But, if you want to boost your happiness, this site is worth anyone’s time and should be part of every happiness toolkit. Make it one of the sites that you check in on daily.


TinyBuddha is a comprehensive wellness and happiness site that incorporates articles, inspirational quotes and forums. It creates a sense of community for its users. Aside from the useful information contained within its posts, the forums allow those seeking happiness with a way to share and derive insight from fellow happiness seekers.

Most of the posts are written by contributors, and you will find that they all share a personal story or lesson that will often resonate with you. I’ve had many aha moments on this site that can boost your happiness, and I think you will too!


This site offers articles meant to inspire and guide you through effective ways of becoming, as their name states, happier. So, it can obviously boost your happiness! Visually pleasing and easy to navigate, it is a great site to find a bit of

Visually pleasing and easy to navigate, it is a great site to find a bit of happiness-boosting information anytime – on your computer or smartphone. The articles are sufficiently light for casual reading while also being rich in actionable information to make them a worthy reference source.

Happier fosters a community of “happiness seekers” that are encouraged to share their happy moments with others in the community through the use of their app. It provides support and encouragement. also offers short courses on its site and app designed to help people with what they identify as “tips, tricks, and habits that are scientifically proven to make you happier.”

This site serves well those seeking a casual portal for joy and wellness as well as those in search of a community and place to learn effective ways to find happiness.


MoodPanda offers an app to help users track their happiness. It was developed as a method to chart visually and monitor happiness levels throughout the day with the purpose of maximizing them. The more aware that you are of what makes you happy and what doesn’t, the more prone you will be to seek out the good and avoid the bad. Designed to allow anonymous sharing with the MoodPanda community, the app creates group support without compromising your privacy.

The blog associated with the app offers a glimpse of how the MoodPanda community uses the app to sustain them through down moments and to stay focused on what makes them happy.

A simple, yet powerful and effective app for those who want to chart their own course toward being happy, it exemplifies how technology can be a tool for finding happiness.

It is said that “laughter is the best medicine” and that “laughter is good for the soul.” These are not just empty platitudes; science confirms that laughter releases endorphins, initiates relaxation and reduces stress — all key to entering a happy state. The following sites are great sources for getting a laugh.


The Onion is a satire site that generates a large volume of hilarious articles and videos. Perfect for those that find humor in parody and satire with a little dark humor mixed in. Other sites in this same genre that deserve honorable mention are and

Warning: If you don’t have a sense of humor, or sometimes get a little annoyed at ‘dumb’ (like I do), then these sites can be more annoying than anything. But, if you are feeling silly, and want to boost your happiness even more, then they will probably hit the spot.


If satire is not your thing, or if you are just looking for a simpler way to get a laugh, is a website with user-generated content consisting of funny memes, gifs, and videos. It is a fast and effective way to get a chuckle anytime of the day and guaranteed to help you forget about those negative things, make you laugh, and boost your happiness quickly.

Don’t Forget Social Media For Happiness!

Of all of the different types of websites that are online, social media sites are the most powerful when it comes to leveraging the power of community. I know, I’ve said that you should get off Facebook, but if used properly, social media can have its benefits.

While it is true that social networks can be home to many negative elements and can perpetuate negative comments, it is equally true that they are home for genuine community support and positive outreach. It is therefore not possible to close this article without at least mentioning how the most popular social networks Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest can be used to boost your happiness.

A simple search for the words happiness, wellness, inspiration, gratitude or joy on any of the social networks will yield plenty of results of Facebook groups, Twitter feeds and Pinterest boards that contain inspirational and humorous material to reaffirm your faith in social media.

Whether you are simply looking for a quick laugh, or if you need to find inspiration to elevate your spirits, the internet, as demonstrated with the happiness sites above, can function as an excellent resource to boost your happiness.

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