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Should You Give Up On Your Dreams?

No bread ever became wheat again. When you grow, you cannot go back to the levels you were previously at. – Camille Adams Helminski

Should you give up on your dreams?Raise your hand if you have heard someone say that their dream was to do this or that, but they never had a chance to realize them.

I’m pretty sure if you are raising your hand, you are not alone! There are many people out there who think that lost their chance to go after their dream and blame it on circumstances that were out of their control. The truth is, there were often other things at play.

Some People Lost Hope

Many times it is not the circumstances that are holding someone back from experiencing their dreams, but the actual feeling that it is something that could happen. Usually setbacks and failures occur, and this causes the person to throw their hands in the air and give up. Rest assured that as soon as you lose hope, you lose the desire and drive behind a dream.

Some People Had A Naysayer In Their Ear

Mothers, aunts, uncles, teachers, depressed people who live on your block…these are all people who will shatter your dreams with one solid, “Are you kidding? You can’t do that!” They usually chatter in your ear repeatedly until you finally just give up and move on to something more ‘realistic’.

Some People Got Busy Doing Other Things

I have met people who had to take care of a sick family member or make a move that took them away from achieving their goals. Life can get busy and the best decisions do not always seem to lead us to our dreams and goals.

Note: In this day of Internet, Skype, and planes, we can quickly get to destinations that help us achieve our goals no matter what life throws in the way.

Is Your Dream Dead?

If you had a dream, is it dead? Have you moved on to something else? Have you decided that this is as good as it gets?

Many people say that a dream never dies, but instead goes dormant and gets pushed aside. I can relate to that. I wanted to be a writer when I was very young, but because I was being pushed towards a different way of life, I went to college three times to pursue other dreams I thought I had. Now all I do is write because I realized my dream never died – it just took some figuring out of what I didn’t want!

Should You Give Up On Your Dreams?

There is one common theme that I have found while studying the Philosophers Notes: If you want something, then you have to work through the obstacles, failures, and circumstances in order to get it. The people who do, realize their dreams and find many more to go after. And I have never heard of one person realize their dreams and have regrets.

So, should you give up on your dreams? I don’t think so. I think that according to law of attraction, your dreams have already been manifested. You just have to accept that you can reach them and start making your way towards them.

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