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Review Of The Top Ten Things Dead People Want to Tell YOU

Mike Dooley Dead People Book CoverI am very interested in the paranormal, so that is what led me to read this book. After all, it does say ‘Things dead people want to tell you’ in the title. But, I found myself a little disappointed at the beginning, middle, and end. It’s not the worst book in the world, and some people may find comfort from it, but I had some mixed feelings about it.

Who Is Mike Dooley?

I had not really heard of this guy before I started reading the book, and I didn’t read his bio until the end of the book. I assumed he was a medium, because the book was supposed to be about talking to the dead and explaining about what they want us to know – or so I thought.

Mike Dooley is a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur, and is a major voice in the new thought movement. He was in The Secret. If you watched it, you will remember the following clip of him.

I like the guy. He seems to understand manifestation and the law of attraction, but I don’t see how it talks to the dead. I haven’t seen anywhere that he is a medium, so I don’t know where he got the information for this book, especially the letters from the dead as there is no explanation. I assume from learning from or talking to mediums, but there is no explanation that I could see.

What The Top Ten Things Dead People Want to Tell YOU Is About

It is a book that contains ten things that dead people would likely say to you if they could. Things like – we are sorry for any pain we caused, heaven is going to blow your mind, and life is more than fair. There is not an explanation as to how this is known, but there is a lot of explanation that it ‘just is this way’.

In the beginning of the book, Mike talks about how the truth is often the simplest answer – which makes sense, so I guess that is where he is stemming from with his knowledge of what the dead want you to know?

Each chapter ends with a note from someone who has departed. I have no idea where he got these notes. There is no explanation that I found.

It’s funny though because he talks about the dead as if he has insight knowledge. For instance, the first words in the introduction are, “No one knows how it all began, not even the dead…”

There was a point in the book that I really like, “Losses are only devastating when you think they’re permanent.” I think that can be applied to everyday life as well as lost loved ones and pets.

What I Liked About About The Book

I read this as an eBook, and I had made some notes along the way. Unfortunately, my eBook got erased off my Kobo and my notes did too, so I don’t remember what they were. It took me a long time to read this book, so I can’t remember specific things I liked in the book.

But I do remember that there were some great points for manifesting, the law of attraction, experiencing happiness, and enjoying and appreciating this life. That is kind of the theme of the book.

  1. Life is great.
  2. The afterlife is great.
  3. Enjoy the ride.

What I Disliked About The Book

I just didn’t understand where Mike Dooley got this information. I didn’t know where the letters from the deceased came from. Were they made up? Were they real? Were they dictated by a medium or are they just thoughts put into a letter that Mike wants you to know. I don’t know because it was never stated in the book. It wasn’t until I finished reading the book that I looked around to find out.

First, here is a clip that can help a little. I wish I would have found this BEFORE reading the book.

So, as far as I know this information came from his head – from his experiences and intuition. In fact, on this page he says that you will not find literal voices from dead people but rather information that is he is ‘quite sure’ dead people would want you to know. Therefore, it is not a book from the dead – it is a book from what Mike Dooley thinks the dead would want to tell you.

So, did the letters from the deceased come from there as well? Then, why call it “The Top Ten Things Dead People Want to Tell YOU”? Why not call it something like, “What I know for sure about the dead”?

The Bottom Line

There were some parts, tips, and insights that I liked in the book. But for the most part I just kept wondering where this information directly from the dead came from. I thought that was the purpose of the book, but I was left wondering where Mike got his information from and that kind of distracted me from the points in the book.

I think if you go into the book knowing that is from Mike Dooley, not the dead as the title implies, you may have an easier time reading it.

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Note: I Received this book from Hay House to review as a part of the Book Nook blogger program. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience. 

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