5 Reasons Spreading Love Should Be A Goal Of Yours

How much compassion do you show? Are you kind to people as often as possible? Are you spreading love whenever you can? There are a few reasons that spreading love is a good thing, and if you are not currently doing it, you may want to start making a conscious effort to put your ‘love energy’ out there for everyone to experience.

1. Your Stress Level Is Reduced And Health Is Improved

Why Spreading Love Is A Good Thing

When you do good things for other people, you reduce your own stress and increase your health. As we now know, stress releases cortisol (bad for belly fat!), and our cardiovascular and immune systems are affected in a negative way. Reducing stress as much as possible is recommended for good health.

Here’s the thing: The moment you do something good for someone and spread some love, you feel better – unless you expect something in return and don’t get it.

For instance, if you are pissed off at the world, but still take the time to help an old lady carry her groceries, then you could go either way depending on what you expect.

  • If you don’t expect anything, you will feel good about the situation and leave it feeling better than when you entered it.
  • If you expect a thank-you, and instead she tells you very rudely that she could have done it on her own, then you will probably get more pissed off at the world and more stressed!

Therefore, do good deeds and spread love without expectations. It will be much better for your stress levels and health.

2. You Influence Other People’s Health

Influence Other People By Spreading Love

I’ve always saw the story of the woman kissing the frog as a symbol of changing others into their best selves. And, this is exactly what love can do to other people.

For instance, showing a child true love early in life could help them increase the size of their hippocampus by up to 10%! This organ is located in the brain and is associated with memory. Love can also help a child develop better relationships later on in life.

And love can also help people turn from the toad into a prince simply by making them feel better about themselves. When you truly show love to someone, they feel valued and important – and they can’t help but get a confidence boost from that.

Someone cares!

Someone has their best interest at heart!

And that feels pretty damn good!

So, if you see someone who doesn’t get much love, be the person to offer them some. A kind word, some money, or some encouragement. Make sure everyone benefits from the feeling of receiving your love.

3. The Environment Benefits

Spreading Love Builds Compassion For The Environment

When you spread love, you want the best for others and you become more compassionate.

When you are compassionate, you think about things outside of yourself such as other people’s health and happiness, and even the world around you.

Your awareness expands, and the impact you have on the world suddenly becomes clearer.

It’s hard to spread love and open your awareness, and still be cruel to the environment at the same time. Perhaps this is because you become more connected with nature when you look outside yourself, or perhaps it is just because you develop an understanding of how your environment affects your life and the life of others.

No matter what the reason, the environment benefits from an increased compassion towards it.

4. Positive People Are Drawn To You

Create A Bond With Other Positive People By Spreading Love

Want to build better relationships at work or in other activities? Want to attract more positive people into your life? Be more loving in your outlook of life! Feel passionate about what you are doing, become more self-compassionate, and take time to care about your thoughts and whether or not they are harming your happiness or protecting it.

Positive people are naturally drawn to positive people, just as negative people are drawn to negative people.

When you are loving and positive, you will find that negative people find you annoying or draining. The ironic thing is that a positive attitude, with developed awareness, can see past a negative attitude and have compassion for it. In other words, positive people don’t usually find negative people annoying; instead, they have compassion for them.

I used to experience this at work all the time. I developed a positive attitude around my work (it was hard at first!). I tried to see the bright side of everything. And, when people complained to me, I challenged their complaints with a positive statement, which usually resulted in them leaving and finding someone else to complain with – not to.

The benefit of that was that only positive people were willing to sit and chat without complaining, and it was nice to develop relationships with those type of people.

5. You Help To Change The World

Making The World A Better Place By Spreading Love

When you engage in spreading love to others, you can inspire others to start spreading love as well. Each person that becomes inspired by you contributes to the world in their own positive way, and the more contributions we have of love, the more loving and peaceful our world can become.

Social scientists James Fowler of the University of California, San Diego, and Nicholas Christakis of Harvard demonstrated that helping is contagious: acts of generosity and kindness beget more generosity in a chain reaction of goodness. – Stanford University

Sounds good to me! Even if I influence just one person, that is a worthy action if they can influence one person and the chain reaction goes on from there.

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