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8 Reasons You Should Do A Challenge For Charity

Challenge for charity: Group of people getting together for a cause.

Challenges and charities are two great things. Put them together and you have an awesome way to grow and impact others. If you are thinking of taking on a challenge for yourself, I strongly urge you to incorporate a charity in some way.

8 Reasons To Take On A Charity Challenge

On the fence? Here are some reasons that may inspire you to take action on it.

1. You Will Improve Yourself

Sometimes you can set out a challenge for yourself, but quit after a few days or weeks of trying to stick with it. When it comes to charity, the desire to quit may be there at some point, but the motivation to keep going will be strong, because you will not just be letting down yourself, you will be letting down an organization that benefits many people.

Therefore, whether you run a marathon, do an adrenaline challenge, or go out there and collect money, you are going to improve in some way.

Your health may improve, your confidence may improve, or your social skills may improve. Challenges are not easy and require action, and any action big or small can result in something beneficial for you and your life.

In short, your life will end better than it started in some way.

2. YOU Can Go Viral

The charity you are doing the challenge for can go viral, but so can you! Challenges have a way of getting people on video, in pictures, and in the news.

For instance, the Ice Bucket Challenge made a lot of people stand out. Thanks to the challenge, I found some interesting people who I may not have found otherwise.

That’s good news if you are a business, blogger, or a vlogger, however, if you are someone who just wants to gain some respect with your neighbors, friends, or family, there is still a chance to go viral and impress them big time!

3. You Can Impress Someone You Like

If you want to get into your crush’s line of view – let them know that you are doing a challenge for charity and see if they want to contribute or participate. Either way, it can strike up a good conversation and help you stand out in their mind!

People who do things for others are good people. They are liked, they are respected, and they stand out in a good way. Therefore, this may be the way to finally get noticed by him or her.

4. You Make A Lot Of People Happy At One Time

You can do some good deeds today and make a few people happy. You may even start a chain reaction and affect many people simply by doing something good for one person.

But, when you do a challenge for a charity, you are directly and indirectly affecting more people than you can count.

While the challenge is being done, people are excited and grateful. And when the challenge is finished, people are just as excited and grateful. That good vibe rockets to everyone that comes into contact with those people.

Therefore, you have the power to raise the energy of the planet just by participating in a challenge for charity.

5. You Can Help Other People Contribute To A Challenge

Not everyone can participate in the challenge, but some people really want to contribute in some way to it. Fortunately, part of a charity challenge is about raising money.

By reaching out to people and raising money, you can help someone feel good about their contribution to a challenge that is going to benefit someone they know, love, or have loved.

6. You Can Raise Awareness Around The Charity

Every person who gets involved in a challenge for a charity has to raise some awareness. While most people know about cancer, people around you may not know about multiple sclerosis or lupus, and they will be curious about what you are doing the challenge for. The more awareness around the charity, the better it is for the charity.

7. You Can Impact The Fight Positively

In this article on the impact of the ice bucket challenge, it closes by pointing to the fact that the ALS community has a new sense of fight from the impact the challenge had on them.

If you were one of the people who helped them gain that sense of hope and desire to keep fighting, you should feel really good about yourself. And if you didn’t, then you still have the ability to take on a challenge for charity and rock some people’s lives.

8. Your Hard Work Pays Off Big Time!

Yes, it can be hard work in some cases. That’s why it’s called a challenge. But it pays off in the end.

eddc9dd2747ecb9711e2ed00e931bf19?s=100&d=mm&r=gDon’t take it from me! Take it from Scott D Lewis, a business coach for overwhelmed business owners. He knows that even though it can be really hard sometimes, a challenge can feel great at the end.

Q. What Challenge Did You Take On?

I rode the MS 150 bike ride which benefits Multiple Sclerosis research. This is a 150 mile bike ride over 2 days from Duluth to St Paul, MN.

Q. How Long Did It Last?

I started to train in April as soon as the snow was melted and it was warm enough with 3 bike rides a week until the event in June.

Q. Was It Hard To Stick With The Challenge?

In the beginning it’s really hard to get into shape again after the long winter. I start with 1 1/2 hour training rides and increase 1/2 hour each week. Eventually though as my body gets used to the regimen the longer rides are more fun than strenuous. Towards the end of the training I’m doing one long ride a week that is 5-6 hours.

Q. What Were Your Results?

Depends on the year. Or more specifically on the temps and the wind. With the training I do most years I get through in pretty good shape. One year though there were 20 mph winds with temps in the 90s. I got through it, but it took an extra 4 hours to finish and I was wiped.

It feels so exhilarating to cross the finish line after 2 months of training and 2 days biking through beautiful small towns in Minnesota.

Look For A Challenge Near You

Ready to take on a new challenge? Search online for a challenge for a charity in your area. If you don’t have one in mind – trust me, there will be that inspires you to go out there and improve yourself and the world around you.

6 thoughts on “8 Reasons You Should Do A Challenge For Charity”

  1. I think the first reason is the most compelling. It has been shown that doing things for others will also improve your own happiness…..another bonus to go with all the ones you’ve mentioned! I’ve done plenty of challenges but I’ve never thought about seeing if I could benefit a charity at the same time. Thanks for getting me thinking.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing my experience with the MS 150 bike ride. It’s great to be able to contribute to such a worthwhile cause while getting in shape and being out in nature.

  3. I recently took a challenge for myself to stop the wastage of water, starting from my home. I think i saved a lot. If all of us can take the similar opportunity, our future generations will thank us..

    1. That’s a good challenge, Karl. I think that’s something that is very important to focus on, and you’re right…our future generations will thank us!

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