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Reading: Paperback Or EBook?

Paperback or eBook
Paperback or eBook?

At the beginning of the year I set a habit to read one book per week, at least. This was a huge feat for me since I was only reading one book per month. I didn’t reach my goal, but I have made reading everyday a habit.

How about you?

Do you enjoy a good romance or mystery?

How about something more paranormal?

Reading is the one thing that can take us out of reality and allow our imagination to work overtime. It is better than TV because we can easily make up our own unique world in our mind, without anyone telling us exactly what the main character looks like or that the vision we have in our head is absolutely wrong.

Reading also helps you to grow your vocabulary, expand your knowledge, and understand concepts that were previously foreign to you – both in fiction and non-fiction.

Paperback Or EBook?

I am online a lot. I have written eBooks, and I have read eBooks. Of course, not long ago, reading was limited to paperback only.

So what’s the difference?

I was thinking about this the other day. The only difference between paperback books and eBooks is the actual paper. Yes, you need an e-reader to help you read those eBooks if you are on the move, but eBooks are offering you, and the world around you, a more eco-friendly option (something you should absolutely be concerned with in this day and age).

Why Are EBooks Better? (In My Opinion)

Convenient: You do not have to look through stores in order to find the book you want. You simply look it up on Kobo or Kindle and find what you are looking for – bam. Most books are available in eBooks now, so the chance of you not finding what you are looking for is slim.  Moreover, you can download an eBook within seconds, which makes it a very attractive option in today’s convenient world. If you can read fast, this means that you could easily blast a book a week (or every few days) away without having to go to a library or book store.

Helpful: Links to helpful resources can be put into eBooks. This can help you understand the information you are reading better and find out more about the author of the eBook. This beats writing down the information and looking it up. Again, this is convenience, but it is also very helpful to make the most out of your eBook.

Cheaper: Because there is no paper, no shipping, no printing – an eBook is much cheaper than a regular book. Not all, mind you, but most are. This means that you get to read more for less.

Less Clutter: Behind me are two bookshelves stuffed with books. Sometimes I think about donating the books to clean up my office. Unless you have encyclopedias that all look the same on a shelf, the books just look like clutter. And a cluttered office can clutter a mind. My eBooks are neatly organized on a ‘shelf’ in a virtual world. No clutter.

More Environmentally Friendly: Kindle did a study that estimated one book produced about 7.46 kg of carbon dioxide in its lifetime, whereas a kindle produced 168 kg. So if you are avid reader (reading more than 22.5 books in your life), you are helping out the environment. Include the fact that you are not contributing to the cutting down trees needed for a healthy environment, and you got yourself a winner. Granted, it’s not the best thing for our environment; however, eBooks are better than paperbacks in the long run.

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  1. Reading online is easier compared to reading a book.when reading online,you can access an e-book anytime and anywhere compared to reading a book which you need to carry around every time.Reading on te internet does not involve much hustle as it is the case with books.

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