3 Quotes On Forgiveness That Will Motivate You To Forgive

3 Quotes On Forgiveness That Will Motivate You To Forgive

Every single day I find myself having to forgive someone. Whether it’s a stranger who cut me off or myself who made a mistake, forgiveness is a part of my daily morning routine. It’s just as important as gratitude to me because it helps me clear out the negatives and focus on my day instead. The following quotes on forgiveness are great quotes to describe why I view forgiveness with such importance.

1. What Forgiveness Really Does

quote on forgiveness

This is one of the many quotes on forgiveness that have stuck in my head from Vishen Lakhiani, founder of MindValley and creator of Becoming Limitless. He has a way of making things like forgiveness very easy to understand.

My favorite part of the quote is this “It has to do with me removing the charges, the anger, the dread within me when I see him.” –  Isn’t that how we all feel when we can’t forgive? We see the person or even hear about them, and our blood starts to boil. We can feel a variety of emotions, including anger, sadness, and dread, and we just want to make them feel bad for what they have done.

The thing is, that anger, sadness, and dread is not hurting them at all. It’s hurting us. It’s keeping us prisoners as we think about how horrible they are.

When we can forgive, we get free. Like I said, I can focus on my day and what I need to get done when I take the time to practice forgiveness every morning. I’m not stuck in my thoughts. I’m not finding ways (wasting time) to get back at them or let them know how mad I am. Instead, I’m focusing on making my life better, which is such a great way to spend your day!

2. Forgiveness Can Be Hard

Mahatma Gandhi and Prince Ea both have a point. Forgiveness can be hard, which is why only the strong work on forgiving other people.

But I think the hard part is moving into the right awareness. It’s hard to see past the hurt that your ego feels and realize that you don’t need to be holding on to that hurt. It’s hard to allow yourself to see that truth. But, once you do, forgiveness becomes much easier!

That’s the good news. The more you practice forgiveness and feel its benefits, the easier it will be to let things go, even big things, and focus on what really matters.

But, there will still be big things that will require strength to let go. For instance, if someone were to ever hurt my dogs, that would require a lot of strength to forgive them. But, knowing how important forgiveness is and how holding onto anger would not do anything for my dogs would help me build the strength to forgive and move on.

3. Live Your Life To The Fullest!

I like this guy’s philosophy, and it’s one of those quotes on forgiveness that helps you think about self-forgiveness, which is just as important as forgiving others.

You woke up. You are alive! It’s a brand new day for you to get things right. That’s where your focus should be. Pray for forgiveness, let it go, and then get on with living life to the fullest.

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