7 Quotes On Anger From Twitter To Help You Calm Down

7 Quotes On Anger From Twitter To Help You Calm Down

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What inspired this article with quotes on anger? My neighbors are fighting. One neighbor, let’s call him neighbor one, has decided to park his car in front of the other neighbors house instead of his own. Why? I have no idea. It’s not like his space is being used. The other neighbor, who we will call neighbor two, doesn’t use the spot neighbor one is parked in, but he is still not happy about it, and he has parked his truck in front of neighbor one’s house.

It’s quite ridiculous to see as an outsider, but the anger that is coming off them when they look at each other, go to their cars, and even just come out of their house is apparent, which got me thinking about some quotes on anger that have helped me calm down in the past.

I’m sure there is much more going on than just cars. I don’t know them, but I do know a few things about their differences. For instance:

  • Neighbor one is a cat person and neighbor two is a dog person who has three dogs that bark quite often.
  • They have one of those wire fences between their houses in the backyard, so they likely get a more intimate glimpse into each other’s life than I do from the front view.
  • Neighbor one has no kids and neighbor two has three.

Chances are they are annoying the heck out of each other, and they have moved into a territory where they can no longer control their anger.

The problem is that all they are doing is getting themselves worked up and feeling miserable in their own home, which as I know from experience is no fun. But I also know that it is possible to let go of the anger and get back to feeling good.

If you are feeling angry, like my neighbors, then following are some quotes on anger from Twitter to help you get back to center and let go.

1. Life Isn’t Guaranteed!

When it comes to quotes on anger, this is one of the most powerful. The truth is that one of those neighbors could die today or tomorrow. Or, one of their family members could die. If that were to happen, would they really want to spend these last moments being angry about a car parked in front of their house or an annoying neighbor? Hell no! That would be a total waste of time.

Life isn’t guaranteed. Don’t pick things to focus on that make you mad and fill you up with rage. Pick things to focus on that you would regret not focusing on if it all came to an end tomorrow.

2. Is Your Anger Actually Getting Anything Done?

Neighbor two thinks that his angry decision to park in front of neighbor one’s house is showing him who’s boss. But the truth is all it is doing is making neighbor one even angrier. That’s because as humans we don’t listen to anger. We either ignore it or let it fuel our own rage!

In other words, if you think your anger is going to change anything, it’s not. If you have a problem with someone or something, constructive criticism, where you express your concerns and balance it out with positive feedback, is the best way to resolve an issue and move past it.

The sooner you stop trying to get things done with anger, the quicker you can get on doing what you need to do.

3. Why You Shouldn’t Let Anger Control Your Actions

This is one of the truest quotes on anger I found. Eventually, my neighbors will stop being so mad at each other. It may not be until one of them moves or it may be tomorrow, but, either way, anger normally dies out.

However, when you feel angry, you do stupid things, like write on people’s Facebook walls or Tweet something inappropriate or write an angry email that burns bridges with other people. All of those things stick around, and you can’t undo them.

Anger causes you to do stupid things if you react without thinking. You should never let anger control your actions.

For instance, my neighbors are so mad that I can potentially see one of them denting the other person’s car in a fit of rage. That would take things up a whole new level, and it can’t be undone. It will be a permanent scar from the anger (even after the car is fixed) that will always be seen by each neighbor.

It’s best not to react when you are angry. Don’t do things on impulse. Don’t do things that you think are going to make you feel better, because they won’t in the long run. Instead, wait to take action on doing something until you can think with a less emotional mind and make better decisions.

4. Strangers Don’t Know You!

This is one of the quotes on anger that I found really insightful. So often we get angry with people we don’t know. We don’t know who they are, what they believe, what has happened to them, or why they are the way they are. And we will probably never have to see them again. Yet we choose to get angry with them. So much so that they can affect our day, week, month, or life deeply.

I strongly believe that we are all connected in some way. I think it’s important to show love to strangers or, at the very least, compassion. However, letting them get under your skin because of the way they behave is ridiculous. Their opinion of us is based on their beliefs, not reality, so why should it bother us in any way? It’s really something to think about the next time you run into someone you don’t even know who tries to make you angry.

5. A Great Tip On What To Do When You Are Angry

So, what can you do when you are feeling anger to avoid doing things that you will regret? Practice patience. If patience is not your strong suit, try talking to yourself as if it is. You can use positive affirmations to encourage yourself to believe that you are a patient person. That can help you become more patient in the moment and let go of the anger building up.

For instance, say:

  • I am capable of facing problems without getting upset.
  • I am tolerant of other people.
  • I accept that other people are having bad days and can be unthoughtful.
  • I always keep my composure because I feel best about myself when I do.

6. What Does Anger Indicate?

We tend to think that anger comes from huge issues or annoyances, but anger can come from the silliest of places. This is one of the quotes on anger that really drives that point home!

When you see that anger is an emotion felt for both big and small things, you can see the truth behind anger. It’s not something that indicates something horrible is happening to you. It’s something that indicates you perceive something horrible has happened to you. And that perception is what makes you want to destroy entire cities!

The fact is that:

  • Some people can stub their toe and not get upset.
  • Some people can have someone else park their car in front of their house and not get upset.
  • Some people can be mistreated by a stranger and not get upset.
  • Some people can be mistreated by a loved one and not get upset.

It’s all about perception of the situation and how big of an issue you choose to make it. I find that if you stand grounded, and look at things from a reality point of view, things are less likely to make you angry.

For example, if your loved one yells at you, instead of reacting with anger over why you think they are yelling and what they are implying, trying reminding yourself that you don’t know what they are thinking, going through, or dealing with, and their anger may just be a reflection of their pain and have nothing to do with you. In fact, it usually is a reflection of pain or hurt or fear, so keep that in mind!

As a side note, searching for quotes on anger can help you look at your anger in a brand new way when you simply cannot change your perception yourself.

7. What Does Anger Do To You?

Anger affects your mental health which affects the way you look. One of the angriest women I know looks angry permanently! She always has a deep frown on her face, which has brought about frown lines that show how she has felt most of her life. The difference between frown lines and smile lines is huge when it comes to attractiveness! We like to see smile lines. It shows the person has lived and had fun and is enjoying life. Frown lines express the opposite.

Anger also causes you to become bitterer through time. You develop an attitude that holds you back from having the life you want in terms of career, fun, relationships, and health.

Moreover, anger affects your physical health. The longer you keep your body in a state of stress, the more your body will suffer. You can read more about that in this article. But, I’m assuming you have seen this firsthand. The unhappiest people are usually the sickest people. They get more colds and, from my experience at a senior’s home, end up with more pain and ailments than their happier friends.

Next Time You Are Angry, Use These Quotes On Anger And Calm Down

In the end, I hope my neighbors see these quotes on anger (or quotes like them) and start to come down from their parking war rage. The way they choose to act today will affect their tomorrow, and if they react from a place of anger, there is a good chance their feud could turn very ugly, very fast.

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  1. Hi. Beautiful quotes on anger. I find these article very helpful. People easily get mad at simple things/ situations that occurs around us. A moment of patience in a moment of anger saves a thousand moments of regret. ..so true. Thanks for sharing.

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