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7 Quotes About Being Spiritual That Explain How I Feel About It

Spiritual but not religious. You’ve heard it before, and if you met me, you probably heard it from me if you cared to ask. I find that it’s hard to describe what being spiritual is. I usually say, “Well, I don’t believe in a specific religion, but I do believe many things from different religions, and I concentrate on being a good, loving, and giving person who understands that there is much more going on than I could ever know.” But, a lot of people want more. So, I found some quotes on being spiritual that I can relate to.

Quotes On Being Spiritual That Explain How I Feel About It

1. What Do People Mean When They Say They Are Spiritual?

Could be things like flow states, states of unity consciousness, feelings of being one with everything in the universe, or feelings of being an all-embracing love and compassion. Or even bliss and ecstatic feelings, so-called peak experiences, not just belief systems. – Ken Wilber on what being spiritual means

His point that it is not just about belief systems is dead on. It’s more about the experience and growth than it is about forming belief systems that you need to follow; although, I find most spiritual people believe that kindness, love, and respect are all important aspects of being a spiritual being.

I also find that spiritual people are more open to learning new ideas and new ways of being. I’ve had my share of extremely religious people in my life, and many of them are unwilling to see things from another perspective. Sometimes these are on bigger things, such as the sexuality of someone, but sometimes they are about issues that you wouldn’t really think they would be so stern about.

For instance, I was once talking about reading summaries of self-help books quickly with the help of philosopher’s notes, and a woman – who has always made it clear that she is very religious, quickly let me know that she didn’t need self-help books because God was the only person she seeks help from.

I’ve also talked about manifesting, but many religious people think that it’s a load of crap, even though they believe that prayer can help them get things they need or want in their life.

Finally, I’ve found that most spiritual people, whether they believe in a specific religion or not, don’t judge, hate, and hurt. They understand that we are all connected, and they move through life not focused on other people and their paths (and what they are doing right or wrong), but focused on their own paths and what they are doing right or wrong.

2. Being Spiritual Makes Life’s Twists And Turns Easier

Here’s what I know that I didn’t know 20 years ago: If I can’t apply a spiritual perspective to absolutely EVERYTHING, I cannot endure life. – Elizabeth Gilbert

Seeing things from a physical word point of view can be depressing. Having the attitude that things ‘just happen’ or feeling that your life is decided for you is a great way to make life seem like a really big lose-lose situation.

Just like being religious, being spiritual – and knowing that there is much more to life than the physical world – gives you a different perspective on life. It allows you to see why things might be happening, find the beauty in a situation, and move forward with peace rather than fear or worry.

I also find it makes taking action easier. Because I believe that we are spiritual beings – first and foremost – I believe that we have a power that we don’t even realize. It’s hard to be scared of what I’m capable of when I believe that I’m so much more than this body.

3. Nature And Feeling Spiritual Go Hand In Hand

Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction. – E.O. Wilson

Being in nature reminds me that I’m a spiritual being. It helps me disconnect from my computer and all devices, which I’m on a lot, and just chill out and reconnect with my spiritual side!

I love to be by the ocean. And I love to be on the East Coast of Canada, where I can see icebergs and whales from the view of my favorite cabin.

I also love to be in the mountains. You quickly remember how big this world is compared to your little physical life when you are in the mountains. It also reminds me how big I am spiritually.

I especially like getting out at night. I am that person who will go out every time there is a meteor shower and lay there for hours watching the lights fly by. It reminds me of how big this world is – how big the universe is – and helps me get unstuck from the viewpoint that my little problems matter so much.

And I’ve been by the ocean with icebergs floating by as I watch the stars at night. There is NOTHING that connects me more to my spiritual side than that.

I could go on and on about this. In short, being in nature helps me to reconnect to my inner spirit and everything around me.

4. Living Every Day In A Spiritual State Is The Goal

Today I pray that I focus on the spiritual things and not imprison myself by the worries or frustrations of this world. My heart is free! – Brian G. James

This is a great prayer!  I don’t want a day to pass by where I forget that there is much more to life than what we see. I feel like it would be a waste of a day to get caught up worrying about things that don’t matter and pretending like the physical world is more important than my spiritual world.

I know plenty of people who are like that, though. They get stuck in their head with worries about life that are out of their control. They focus on the bad and live in the past. They complain, hate, and judge. And, they are miserable and imprisoned by their viewpoint and lack of awareness! That’s not the state I want to live in.

5. It’s A Daily Thing

We train for athletics, we train for job skills, but we usually neglect training/strengthening our faith for life’s spiritual battles. – Bruce Van Horn

I may not go to church every Sunday, but each day I work on connecting to my spiritual side and strengthening it.

For instance, I know there is more to life than this world. I think we go somewhere when we die. I think we are all connected now and forever. And, the more I affirm that to myself, the easier time I have dealing with losses in my life.

I try to practice what I think is right daily. Things like love, kindness, compassion, and experiencing life with the excitement that I get to be here and there are so many great things to come.

6. Love Is The Key

Our spiritual journey is an experience of remembering that we are love. – Gabby Bernstein

When I think of someone who is spiritual, I think of someone who is loving and understanding.

I try to love everyone and everything. I try to project love and feel love. I try to feel love even when it’s hard. I do this by seeing everyone as a spiritual being who is on a journey just like me. It makes it much easier!

I also believe that those people who get under your skin are here for a reason. They are meant to teach something like patience or, perhaps, the real meaning of love. Either way, I’m constantly working on how I interact with people and view people – and love is the central point. It makes me feel closer to them and closer to my spiritual side.

7. It’s All About Balance

Even on the spiritual path, things are not always going to be rosy. There will be difficult situations, bad days, & hard times along the way. – Iyanla Vanzant

Being spiritual does not mean that I don’t focus on the realities of life. Life is happening, and you can’t have your head in the spiritual sand or you will end up not taking advantage of all the things that life has to offer you in the physical world.

There will always be struggles, bumps, twists and turns to deal with. But, having a sense of knowing that there is much more going on than meets the eye helps me to see things from a softer perspective and deal with this crazy thing called life.

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