10 Quotes On Change

10 Quotes About Change That Will Help Create Change In Your Life

If you want to be happier in life, then you have to change. You have to change your perceptions, habits, relationships, behaviors, and attitude. Change is what helps you move from where you are to somewhere else. Without change, your tomorrow will be the same as today. Following are some quotes about change that highlight what change is, why you need to do it, and how it can benefit you. In short, these quotes about change will help inspire you to make the changes you need to make in your life!

1. Change Starts With You

Mark A. Cooper quotes on change

This quote by Mark A. Cooper is one that I have posted up beside my computer. It reminds me of a few things each day.

  • It reminds me that I have to do the work to change.
  • It reminds me that things are not just going to drop into my lap (no matter how much I want them to).
  • It reminds me to get busy each day and take action on my life because there is no remote that is going to help me get from where I am to where I want to be.

Every time I start whining about what I want in life, I look at this quote about change. Whining does nothing – action does everything.

2. Change Starts When?

Be The Change Now Quote

I’m not sure who said this quote, although, I imagine you can credit it to pretty much every successful person out there. Why? Because the people who put stuff off for later often never get around to it. I’ve seen this time and time again in my life – as I’m sure you have.

The people who choose to take action on change right now are the people who start to see changes in their life. The more action they take NOW, the more changes they see. And since we all choose to change things about ourselves that we don’t like or make changes that will help us move towards more success, change right NOW means success in the future.

I’m sure a lot of people are waiting for money to help them make the changes they need. When they get money, they will get the job they want, start the business, buy the help they need, etc. Waiting for money is an excuse not to get started now. Just like waiting for the right day, the right temperature, the right people, the right…anything!

T. Harv Eker has taught me a lot about success in life, and one of those lessons is that you don’t need money to start making change, you need creativity. All you need to do is decide what needs to be done and start taking action, no matter how small it is, that you can take right NOW. Maybe you can make a phone call. Maybe you can work out a deal where you don’t have to pay money. Maybe you can find a solution from a friend, forum, or even a dream.

The point is that there is always something you can do right NOW for change. Don’t make excuses that helps you put stuff off until tomorrow. Do something in this moment. It will feel great, I promise!

3. You Got To Be Willing To Change These First

quotes about change: Change your thoughts and you will change your world

Before you can make any changes, you have to be willing to change your thoughts. Your thoughts dictate your beliefs and your feelings and what you will or will not do.

If your thoughts tell you that you will never see the change you really want to see in your life, then you will believe that you can’t make that change and you will feel defeated before you even start. And the chances of you doing anything to make a change are small, despite the fact that you want something different.

I’ve found that simply recognizing my thoughts have such a big impact on my life has allowed me to change them. I am aware when my thoughts are holding me back, and I work hard to change them so that I can get busy doing what I need to do.

Sometimes taking action is the only thing that can change your thoughts. If you think you can’t do something, do something towards it! When you do it, you may get positive results, and that will help you change your thoughts about what you are capable of.

For example, when a client approached me to write a 2000+ word article for him daily, I didn’t think I would be capable of doing that and still getting everything I needed to get done for my personal business. I almost rejected him because my thoughts were set on the fact that I couldn’t do it, despite the desire to do it because of the extra income. Eventually, I just did it. I tried it out. And I quickly learned that I was capable of much more than I thought I was!

4. You Got To Be Willing To Change This As Well

Inspirational Typographic Quote - If you want to Change who you

This is another one of those quotes on change where I couldn’t find the original author. But, whoever said it knew exactly what change really takes.

I just gave you an example of how I just did something, despite my fear and doubts, and that is what brought about massive change in my life. In fact, my income grew by 200% because I was willing to change what I do in my day. In addition, my comfort zone and confidence grew, and I was more willing to take risks in my own business, which helped me grow my success even more.

The bottom line is that you can change your thoughts all you want, but if you don’t change what you do, then you are never going to experience change.

That means you need to change up your habits in all areas of your life. Your daily routine needs to be shaken up. The way you approach your relationships, health, work, and life needs to change. You need to do different stuff in order to get different results.

Try waking up with the mentality – TODAY I WILL DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE. Then, when you see an opportunity to do something that could change your life, do it. Don’t let yourself get stuck in your comfort zone or in a habitual groove that holds you back from doing something when the opportunity arises.

5. Speak Kindly For Change


One kind word can change someone's entire day

I can’t find the origin of this quote about change either. I think a lot of quotes on change and everything else are so popular that the original author gets lost in the shuffle. But, again, whoever said it first is right.

Not only can one kind word change someone else’s entire day, it can change yours. Just like one unkind word can change someone else’s and your day in a negative way.

When you are kind, you feel good about yourself despite how the other person reacts.

  • It makes you feel mature. (To me, this feels really good!)
  • It keeps you in a state of high energy of love and gratitude.
  • It helps you stay focused on what matters in the moment.
  • It helps you feel good about yourself as you move through your day.

There are plenty of reasons to be kind, and helping yourself change is definitely one of them. The happier you are the more willing you will be to do what needs to be done for more happiness.

6. You Can Change The World By Changing Yourself



Be The Change You Want To See

Do you find yourself wishing you could change the world? Good news! You can! You can be the change you want to see in the world. Mahatma Gandhi has this completely right!

Sometimes I want to unplug from the Internet. Mainly it is because I see negative people leaving negative comments and ranting about stuff and basically spreading more negativity in the world. The ironic thing is that they are normally trying to speak up against jerks, bullies, and ignorant people. But, their negative words don’t do anything to change the people they are targeting. All they do is add fuel to these people’s anger, hate, and negativity in general.

I am striving to be the change that I want to see in the world. I want to see a world where everyone is happy and loved and fulfilled. Therefore, that’s what I’m trying to put out into the world through my blogs, writing, and interactions in my life.

I’m not always successful. Sometimes words come out of my mouth that do the exact opposite of what I want. But, I won’t stop working on it.

7. Change Is Challenging

If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you. quote

When it comes to quotes about change, Fred DeVito gave us one that isn’t as fun as the other ones. Being challenged can feel stressful before you even start being challenged! Just the thought of struggling can keep us in our seats avoiding doing what we need to do. But, he’s right, a challenge is what helps us learn and grow, which leads us to more action that promotes more change in our life. Results come after a challenging action of some sort.

I’ve found that the best thing to do is to not focus on the challenge, but on the moment.

  • Do what you need to do.
  • Don’t focus on how hard it will be. Instead, focus on taking one step at a time.
  • Focus on the change that could be past the challenge.
  • Focus on WHY you want to challenge yourself in the first place.

8. Pay Attention For Change

Ideas inspire change

I think the whole quote goes like this “Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change.” – Barbara Januszkiewicz. She is a woman after my own heart with this quote.

I believe that everyone can be creative. Everyone has the ability to look at situations and issues in a unique way because everyone is unique! T. Harv Eker made me acutely aware of this fact when he said that everyone is ‘an original’. There has never been anyone like you and there will never be anyone like you. The way you see the world and interact with the world is unique, and that can help you see things from a perspective that nobody else can.

Here’s a great article on how to have ideas. It is focused towards writers, but it will help you get started on inspiration and ideas that could change your health, career, happiness, relationships, and everything else in a big way. Focus on your problem, and then follow the instructions. Step 6, sharing your idea, is super important for help you see things in a way that you couldn’t see just by yourself. Because everyone is unique, other people can help you spark new ideas that you just couldn’t come up with on your own.

When you get an idea that inspires you, take action on it. There is a good change it will create positive change in your life.

9. Your Life And You Can Change!

Inspirational Typographic Quote - Your journey in life is not set in stone you can change direction

This is another one of the quotes about change that I couldn’t find an original author too, but I needed to include it in this article. Why? Every day I hear people talk about how they can’t change. They truly believe that they are incapable of change, and they fulfill that prophecy because their thoughts keep them from taking action that would actually promote change!

You are not too old to change. You are not too young to change. You are not too broke, smart, dumb, pretty, ugly, thin, fat, or anything else for change.

Your journey is not set in stone. You can make choices to do things differently. You can choose to see things differently. You can choose to stop interacting with negative people and doing negative things.

You always have choices!

10. Your World Can Become Prettier

Change Perception Of World

I know an older man who has a very negative view of the world. Everyone is stupid. Everyone is out to do harm. Everyone is evil! Of course, he watches the news as much as possible, which influences how he feels about the world. And, he is unwilling to try and change the way he sees the world.

  • He doesn’t actually go out and talk to loving or kind people.
  • He would never read quotes about change because he doesn’t believe change is even possible.
  • He doesn’t watch shows where loving and kind people are doing good things.
  • He doesn’t even try to see the good in people. He only looks for the bad.

In short, his perception of the world causes him to experience things negatively. Even if the kindest person in the world is standing in front of him, he will find something negative about them and their actions in this world.

He’s been a HUGE inspiration for me! He’s taught me that when you are unwilling to change your perception of life, you will never experience life any differently. Changes will never happen because you won’t be able to see any reason to change.

If your world is looking pretty ugly right now, I suggest you first be the change you want to see in the world, and then stay open to shifting your perception of everything around you so that you can change the way you experience the world.

For example, instead of perceiving everyone as selfish, try to see people as doing the best that they can. When you do that, you will stop seeing them as evil and start seeing them as working with the knowledge and beliefs that they have. You will see them as someone who can change and become kind. And that will help you see the kindness that is somewhere inside of them.

What To Do Now?

These quotes about change should inspire you to take some action. There are 10 things you can do starting right now.

  1. Take action on something that will move you towards change.
  2. Do something NOW.
  3. Decide to work on getting rid of thoughts that are holding you back from the change you want to do.
  4. Change one or two things that you do that keep you stuck in the life you want. For instance, instead of sitting and watching TV, get up and march in place as you watch TV.
  5. Watch the words that come out of your mouth. Try to speak kindly to others and yourself as often as possible.
  6. Focus on making changes in your life that you want to see in the world.
  7. Accept that change will be challenging and focus on the moment and taking action rather than the challenge.
  8. Open up your creative side and work on getting ideas that will benefit your life.
  9. Repeat the mantra “I can change! My life is not set in stone!”
  10. Be willing to see things in a different light. Look for the good, the positive, and the enlightening instead of focusing on the negative.

And if you want, print off your favorite quotes about change, the ones that you need at this moment, and keep them somewhere you can see to remind you of what change requires and what amazing things it will do in your life!

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