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How Powerful Is YOUR Mind?

How Powerful Is Your Mind?

I have been actively taking the Silva Method systems for  a while, and my latest is the mind-body system. I truly believe that our minds are powerful and can affect our physical and mental health, as well as the direction of our lives. The problem is that I have been stuck in old habits for so long, that the belief in the mind-body connection isn’t doing any good because I am – at the core – not expecting my beliefs to come true.

You Are The Placebo

Two days ago I started reading a book by Joe Dispenza, D.C. called You Are The Placebo.

To say I am excited is an understatement. I feel like this book may be the book that pushes me through my doubts and helps me start to build the habits of not only desire and belief, but expectation as well.

I have only read the first few chapters, but I am already full of new ideas and excitement.

The Placebo Effect And Strong Beliefs Are Nothing New In My World

How Powerful Is The Placebo Effect?

I have experienced the placebo effect many times in my life. I talked about my dad who cured his lupus and then had it reappear all because of his beliefs, but I have personally experienced the effects of strong belief for myself.

For example, I truly believe that when I go out and eat, I will lose weight the next day. It doesn’t matter what I eat, how much I eat, or anything else – if I eat out breakfast, lunch, and supper, and don’t eat anything from home, I lose weight the next day. I have proven this belief every single time I eat out.

When I think about it, I know that calories are calories, and eating more calories out of the house shouldn’t equal weight loss – but it does! I have always believed that because it is such a strong belief, it just happens.

Think Yourself Thin?

Why Do I Have So Many Examples Of Belief Affecting Life, But Still Believe Negative Things?

This is why I am excited to read all of ‘You Are The Placebo’. Even though I have strong beliefs in some areas, that consistently give me the results I want, I have a lot of unhealthy beliefs that consistently give me the results I DON’T want.

For example, I have unhealthy beliefs around my work and making more money than I make. No matter what I do or take action on, I constantly struggle with increasing my income. I know that my income has limitless potential, but I don’t believe I have the capability to reach that potential.

I know that it sounds ridiculous to have such a strong belief that we shape our present life through our thoughts and beliefs, but not believe that I have the power over certain aspects of my life, but…what can I say? Some of my beliefs are so deeply rooted that they seem to override my knowledge that my mind could easily change my experiences around them.

That’s why I am so excited about this book. I feel that, if it resonates with me, I may finally be able to have an influence on all areas of my life in a positive way. (I will create a new article when I am done reading the book.)

Rewire & Evolve Your Brain: Listen To Joe Dispenza 

I highly recommend listening to the following video if you are interested in what your brain can do to change your life.

That’s A Load Of Crap!

I know everyone has different ‘beliefs’ (see what I did there) about what works and what doesn’t work. There are many people who will say, “Oh that is a bunch of bullshit! If it were true, then everyone would just have to think positive and start creating the life they want.”

My theory is that people who say ‘that is bullshit’ are people who have crappy beliefs that are holding them back from getting what they want and being who they want.

I have never seen someone who constantly says, “I’m not healthy,” be physically and mentally healthy! NEVER! Does that not show that their mind-set absolutely has something to do with how they feel?

For instance, I worked in a senior’s home and heard a lot of people talk about how old they were, and then blame their aches and pains, medical issues, or mental issues on their age. It just made sense to me that if they believed that being old had something to do with being sick, then of course they would be sick.

In any case, I don’t claim to have all the answers about how powerful your mind is, but I do know what I have experienced and seen others experience. I truly believe that we have much more control over our health than we think, and I feel destined to get on that path of self-healing and be a part of the movement that proves it works.

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