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Power Words: Igniting Your Life with Lightning Force Reviewed

Power Words: A new way to look at and use your words to benefit your emotional, physical, and spiritual life. I’ve been ‘all about’ positive affirmations lately, and I figured that Power Words was put into my life for a reason, which is why I chose to read it with such urgency.

I love the idea behind the book – words have power. As a writer, I love that words have energy and can easily shift your mood from something negative to something more positive. One word can completely change the way you feel (or how other people feel), which is part of what Sharon Anne Klingler talks about in Power Words.

In the preface, she talks about how the book is about ‘using the energy of precise words to lift your own energy and to stimulate immediate mental, emotional, and physical responses’, which instantly had me excited.

I have always been careful with the words I choose to use with others; however, I’ve only been starting to understand that the words I use with myself are very important as well. If I wasn’t aware of it before this book, I definitely would be now!

In Power Words, I discovered that certain words can actually replace positive affirmations. And it can’t be a coincidence that since I read this book, and replaced the positive affirmation, “I make healthy choices when it comes to eating,” with the power word ‘Healthy!” I have been eating a much better diet with less stress (feeling hungry or deprived). I find that I feel healthy when I say and soak in my power word, whereas I feel like I am trying to convince myself when I say my affirmation. The difference between those feelings make a huge difference in what choices I make.

The book is full of power words that can help you look at life and yourself differently. You will also look at words completely differently as you follow along with the book and gain some new insight into words and what they really invoke in you when you hear them, say them, or think them.

The bad part is that this book is hard to read. At least it was for me. There were some words I had never heard before (which I had to go look up), and it really broke up my reading flow and was a little frustrating. Also, the stories were a little dry, and at times I had to force myself to keep reading.

However, after reading the book, I do look at words differently. I recognize the power behind them and how I can use them to change my mood and the mood of people around me. For example, I have used some of the power words to help me alter the way I respond to a wide variety of situations, and I’ve found that it can help a potentially ugly situation go better.

In the end, after you read Power Words, you will be much more aware of your words, how you use them, how they affect you, how they affect others, and the power they have to change your life and this world.

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Note: I Received this book from Hay House to review as a  part of the Book Nook blogger program. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience. 

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