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Positive Affirmations And Weight Loss: Can You Lose Weight With Positive Thoughts?

positive affirmation healthy choices

What Are Positive Affirmations?

Do positive affirmations sound like a bunch of nonsense to you? That is probably because they often get referred to in topics that most people are not comfortable with, such as the law of attraction or holistic health or visualization for weight loss. The truth is that positive affirmations are very real things that can help you have a better life, and even lose weight.

Every day you are using affirmations about yourself and your weight loss; however, they are most likely negative affirmations. For instance you may say, “I will NEVER lose weight!” or “I CAN’T stick to this diet!” or “I’m so FAT!”

How can you succeed in weight loss when you are telling yourself things like that?

An affirmation is simply a statement that you make about yourself. When it is a negative affirmation, you feel bad about yourself. When it is a positive affirmation, you feel good about yourself.

In order to lose weight, you have to feel good about yourself. It is all too easy to sabotage your weight loss journey if you are constantly telling yourself negative affirmations.

Positive affirmations are essential to your success.

Examples Of Negative Affirmations
Examples Of Positive Affirmations
I am fat!
I love my body
I dread exercise
I enjoy exercise
I hate eating healthy food
I enjoy eating healthy food
I can’t stop eating!
I stop eating when I am full
I probably won’t lose the weight
I know that I will lose the weight

What Can Positive Affirmations REALLY Do For Your Weight Loss?

Positive Affirmations Can Help With Weight Loss
Before you say something negative, let’s try stepping off the scale!

They do not burn calories – technically, but they do help you get on the right track to burn calories! Following are some things that positive affirmations can do for you.

1. They Help You Believe That You Will Succeed!

I’m willing to bet that you believe the things you tell yourself every day; otherwise, why would you say it to yourself?

Personally, I used to look in the mirror and say “I’m so fat!” when I looked at the places that I was not happy with. My husband banged his head against the wall telling me that I was not fat, but because I had repeated the negative affirmation to myself so many times, I truly believed that I was fat with my mind and my eyes.

During weight loss, when you don’t believe in yourself it is easy to fail. You say things like, “I’ll never succeed, so what does it matter if I overeat today.” This causes you to overeat and then feel bad, which adds another negative affirmation about yourself and your ability to succeed, and the snowball of negative affirmations ultimately ends in weight loss failure.

However, once you start using positive affirmations, they can have a snowball effect too. The more you say them – the more you act on them, and then you start to believe them more.

For instance, you may say, “I am capable of eating until I am full and then stopping.” This affirmation will help you believe you can stop eating once you feel full, and every time you prove yourself right by stopping when you are full, you add to your positive belief about yourself.

Positive affirmations help you replace negative beliefs.

Therefore, start telling yourself positive things, and then take action on those positive things. Every time you do, you will start believing you are the person who you are affirming yourself to be.

2. They Make You Feel Good

An affirmation is simply a thought that you say to yourself, and your thoughts have an influence over your emotions. Therefore, whatever you affirm to yourself will impact the way you feel about yourself.

The affect you have on yourself when you talk negatively or positively is no different than when other people affirm something to you and make you feel either bad or good.

For instance, when someone tells you that you are a complete failure do you feel good or bad? My guess is bad, and that’s because, if you let them, their words become thoughts in your mind and that produces bad feelings. If you were to have a protective shield that bounced their words away from you and never entered your thoughts, then you would continue on feeling good about yourself (assuming you felt good to start with.)

You can judge your thoughts by how you feel.

  • If you feel bad, then it is pretty obvious you are thinking bad thoughts.
  • If you feel good, then it is pretty obvious you are thinking good thoughts.

With positive affirmations, you are choosing to think good thoughts, and that will help you feel good as well. When it comes to weight loss that is huge!

Eating When You Feel Bad?

I don’t know about you, but I am an emotional eater. If I am feeling bad, I am much more prone to eat ‘comfort food’ to help me feel better, and comfort food is not usually very healthy!

Feeling good will help you make the right choices in life, and your weight loss results will benefit because of it.

3. Positive Affirmations Help You Ignore The People Who Contribute To Your Failure

As I said before, if you had a shield that could prevent other people’s words, thoughts, and beliefs from entering your mind, then you would feel much better about yourself because you wouldn’t constantly have your thoughts affected by these people. Positive affirmations can be a shield.

If you look at anyone who has had success in life, you will see that they were able to find that success despite what other people thought or said. However, they had the belief in themselves, and that belief came, in part, through positive affirmations.

They said things like, “I believe that I will succeed!” and “I know that I am right!” These positive affirmations helped them find the success that they were looking for despite the naysayers.

It is important to remember that everyone only knows their own beliefs, and expresses what they know based around those beliefs. Therefore, if your mom tells you that you can’t succeed in your weight loss, then it is likely because she has not been successful in her weight loss. Her beliefs come from her experiences, and that doesn’t make them true for you – it just makes them true for her at this moment.

If you have negative people telling you that you can’t or won’t, don’t listen to them because they are just expressing their beliefs, not actual truths that you have to live by. Follow up their words or thoughts with positive affirmations and tell yourself that you CAN succeed.

It Is Not Enough To Just Say Something Positive

Dreaming About What You Want To Come True

There have been many people who would have you believe that all you have to do is say something positive and wait for it to come true. That’s baloney.

It is not enough to just say words and expect the best, especially because you have core beliefs that conflict with those words. You have to really ‘feel’ the affirmations that you are saying and add some weight behind those words so that you can take actions that align with those positive affirmations.

For instance, instead of just saying, “I can stop eating when I am full,” you should really feel the desire to stop eating when you are full. Try and imagine how you will feel when you are eating a more healthy diet. This will help you take action on the positive affirmation and start to turn it into a belief.

If you just look in the mirror and tell yourself that you can stop eating when you are full, there is a very good chance you will not believe the person looking back at you, and you will allow yourself to overeat at the next meal.

You Have To Be Realistic

Be Realistic With Your Affirmations - Your Common Sense Will Not Believe Far-Fetched Things

Telling yourself that you have already lost the weight is going to conflict with your core beliefs, your personal truth.

For instance, if you tell yourself that you have lost 100 pounds as a positive affirmation, it is going to be pretty obvious to your eyes that this affirmation is not true. When you admit it is not true, you are not giving power to your positive affirmations but rather power to your negative beliefs. Eventually you will say, I have NOT lost the weight, and a snowball effect of negative thoughts will follow.

When I first read The Secret, I remember Rhonda talking about how she believed she could eat whatever she wanted and stay thin, and so it was true for her. I thought ‘great – I will affirm the same thing to myself’…but it didn’t end up working out very well for me. That’s because I didn’t actually believe that I could eat whatever I wanted because I could see that I was obviously gaining weight eating whatever I wanted!

Maybe she really does believe that and so it is, but I think for most people it would be hard to adopt that belief.

My point is that you have to be realistic with your positive affirmations because it is easier to incorporate them into your belief system. For instance, saying that you will avoid overeating is much more realistic than saying you are already at your goal weight.

Positive Affirmations Can Help You Lose Weight

Affirmations are not a bunch of hooey. They are thoughts that you say to yourself every second of every day, and you have the choice to say negative or positive affirmations.

When it comes to weight loss, positive affirmations are going to help you help you believe in yourself, feel good about yourself, and protect you against the naysayers and critics. In short, they are going to help you succeed! Without them, you are likely to fail.

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