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Persuading Others: Some Important Tips You Need To Know

How To Persuade Others

Are you persuaded by logic or by emotions? You may want to say that you use reason and logic to make decisions, but the truth is that most of us are swayed by our emotions more than our logic.

For example, I used to smoke while I worked in hospitals, and while I watched patients suffering from their smoking in many different ways. Logically I knew smoking was bad for me. Logically I knew that smoking was hurting me. But, when I met my co-workers for a cigarette, I felt good and accepted. It wasn’t until I stopped feeling good about smoking that I actually quit.

That’s just one example. I can think of many more, as I’m sure you can.

To persuade someone, start by listening. You’ll discover more about how others feel, and how you could shift that, if you take the time to listen rather than assume you know. You’ll also find that other people are more responsive to your point of view once they feel they’ve been heard. – Tat

Using Emotions To Persuade Others

So, if YOU are persuaded by your emotions, then it stands to reason that most other people are too. You can use that to your advantage when you need to try and persuade someone to do something you want or see something from your point of view. It is a much better tactic than trying to convince them through logic alone.

Your reasons for trying to persuade someone need to be made clear. e.g. I love you and don’t want you to die a horrible death from smoking. – Phil

Two of the best ways to persuade others using their emotions is through audio or visual elements that promote strong emotions. While you can try to communicate something that influences their emotions, it is much easier to give them something concrete to see or listen to.

For example, telling a child that she will get to go to the new park if she cleans her room may not leave her with a huge desire to start cleaning. But, if you can find some video of the new park, and show it to her, then she will be much more excited about going, and much more willing to clean her room.

The theory of words

I remember coming across a fascinating article of some words being more powerful than others… For example, removing “is/am/are” from your sentences make you sound more persuasive.

e.g. “He is an idiot” vs. “He acted like an idiot in my eyes”

Another good tip is that you should avoid adverbs because they make what you say harder to understand and thus less persuasive. Using fewer words builds trust

I think they actually perfected it in politics 🙂 So it’s useful to read the article not only to be able to persuade more effectively but also easier to spot when you are being persuaded.

There are also so called “ultimate words” that always work to make people feel safe, healthy, belonging, etc. – Anna

Persuasion Can Take Some Time

Sometimes it’s not a quick process to persuade someone. Sometimes they have deep beliefs that are very hard to change, no matter how much you tug at their emotions.

For instance, it’s not easy to persuade someone to quit smoking by showing them one or two pictures of unhealthy lungs or introducing them to someone with a hole in their throat. I know – I saw those things and still didn’t quit. However, the more exposure I had to it, the more my beliefs about needing to smoke started to change. It took a while, but eventually the accumulation of it all persuaded me to quit smoking.

One thing you’ll need to embrace: Sometimes you will fail. This is one of the hardest things for me to accept: I am always absolutely sure I am right and when I can’t convince someone, I lose my temper.

In those cases, step aside and decide to sleep on that and think about that tomorrow. If you give yourself some time, you’ll either let it go or understand that your opponent has a point too! It’s useful to see the world as the others see it. Maybe they don’t need to be persuaded??? – Ann

In the end, persuading someone using their emotions will have a far greater impact than using their intellect. When you can make them feel strong emotions towards your case, then you have a better chance of convincing them to do something you want or see things from your point of view.

3 thoughts on “Persuading Others: Some Important Tips You Need To Know”

  1. I love helping to edit and contribute to different kinds of articles because it gets my brain off its tram tracks and helps with my creativity in all kinds of ways.
    This article really made me think, though I could not offer much to add to it. The best writing makes you think.

    1. I think you added a lot to it! When it comes to intimate relationships, I usually find it better to be open and honest about your true intentions instead of hiding them away. One day it will be too late to say how you really feel, and that kind of regret can be very painful.

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