Is Personal Development Not Working For You? Here’s A Thought…

There are some people who can’t progress in a certain area of life no matter how much self-improvement classes, books, and courses they take. Nothing works. And, Christie Marie Sheldon, the creator of Unlimited Abundance and Love or Above (I’m currently taking this course), may have a very good explanation for why in the following video. It’s only 1:33 long, so check it out.

Christie says that 0-7 is where the first imprint is that causes some sort of problem later in life, and that if you don’t pull out that imprint, then it’s harder to fix the problems that you are trying to fix. She calls it the ‘core imprinting’, which reminds me of that movie ‘Inside Out‘ where they clearly show core memories being made and how they impact a person’s life. (Watch that show if you haven’t watched it!)

How does she know this? She doesn’t have any scientific proof to back it up, but Christie says that she has learned this by working on so many people who want to let go of things that are holding them back from gaining abundance.

Last night, I was watching Tony Robbins on Netflix, and one of the things I noticed was that he does pull out past issues that people had but didn’t even know they had. Once they were able to pinpoint these past hurts, they had a much easier time understanding why they were in so much pain and what they could do to move forward from that paint.

The problem is that I can’t remember 0-7 very well! I can barely remember 37!

How are we supposed to go back to the first few years of our lives and find out what that first core imprint was? I’m not sure. I know Christie claims she can see problems that you’ve had and help you work for them. But what about those of us who are not around an energy intuitive person like her?

Conflicting Ideas On Memory Recall

Studies have shown that memories can change each time you remember them. (source) I wonder if this applies to core memories that you build as a child? I remember some embarrassing things from being a child that I hope were changed into something more embarrassing then they were over the years.

But, I also found literature that says childhood memories that are traumatic or have some sort of impact on your life are not forgotten. They actually tend to be too well remembered according to Mark Tyrell, co-founder of Hypnosis Downloads.

I think one of the best methods for recalling memories from childhood is to talk to parents, siblings, and other people that were present during your childhood. They may be the best way to get to the heart of memories that could be blocking your ability to progress in your personal development.

For instance, the other day my parents and I were talking and I realized that I almost drowned as a child – twice. I had completely forgotten about those moments until they brought them up, and it suddenly became clear why I was so scared of swimming. I have to say, I only remembered the one moment really well, but they both remembered the second moment with complete clarity. And both of those potential drownings were below the age of 7.

Other than talking to people who were there and know, I would suggest meditating on your childhood, so you can eliminate thoughts of today and tomorrow and try to get a clearer picture of those memories that are there – somewhere. Or, ask for clarity in a dream where your conscious mind can get out of the way and your subconscious mind can find those stored memories that you want to access.

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  1. Sometimes it happens, personal development doesn’t work. But we need to stay alive and accept patients.
    As a consultant, I recognize that after a while It will starting work soon. So don’t worry about it.

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