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Interview With Patricia Anthony: Passion And Happiness At Work Is Possible!

Can You Be Happy On Monday Morning?

It’s true! Some people are passionate about waking up on Monday! Some people love work so much that they get energized by difficult tasks or long hours. Some people are doing what they love and are enthusiastic about how they are contributing through their work. And one of those people is Patricia Anthony.

You will want to read this interview if you are not passionate about work. Patricia explains how a seemingly perfect job can leave you feeling empty (it did for her). She recognized the feeling of lack, took action on doing something that she loved in her free time, and now works full time in an area that brings her complete joy (even on Monday).

Patricia Anthony

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Planning and executing small business online strategies that deliver a competitive advantage

Questions In This Interview:

Q. What Do You Love Most About Your Current Career?

What do I love about my current career? Everything!

I love helping small business newbie entrepreneurs grow, or enabling seasoned entrepreneurs to make a comeback. I am thrilled for the opportunity to empower entrepreneurs of all ages.

I am energized by the chance to integrate bricks and clicks. I take pleasure in painstakingly developing new products and customer acquisition and activation strategies. I enjoy crafting strategies that drive enormous web traffic and growth online, and crafting strategies for increasing sales and conversion.

It’s a joy to follow the stories and journey of small business online startups as they craft their own unique path to entrepreneurial success and navigate the challenges of doing business online.  It’s wonderful to know that I’m a part of this booming ecosystem.

The advent of social media has created important opportunities for creating vital and intimate connections with others online.  I simply love how it breaks barriers and enables networking with other entrepreneurs and internet enthusiasts from around the world.

The proliferation of internet and mobile technology has lowered the barriers of entry into every industry, sparking opportunities for disruption and new, simpler and smarter ways to do business.

It’s an exciting trend where innovation and thought leadership is welcomed. There is a growing acceptance that when something is wrong with the status quo you change it. In fact even if nothing is wrong, you seek out ways to do things better, fast and simpler, anyway. That’s progressive and I like that.

Q. How Did You Discover What You Truly Wanted To Do?

I discovered the benefits and personal rewards of the internet and online business in trying to start a part time hustle in my own business.

But what really caused me to delve deeper were my own attempts to escape the displeasures of my employment and status within corporate life. Through the eyes of the onlooker, I had the perfect job, but deep inside I was painfully conscious that something else was missing. An employee is the soul of the workplace. If you don’t feel yourself come alive at the thought of work, if you’re aren’t eager to start work in the morning or reluctant to end your task on evenings, then something might just be missing.

Though my advisory position offered many opportunities to learn and grow, my opportunities for fully expressing my creativity were somewhat stifled. I yearned for the opportunity to do more, and to explore the other aspects of my creativity and to challenge myself to break new ground.

Every evening after work, I’d spend many long hours learning ecommerce and online marketing techniques and growing my business. I didn’t mind putting in the long hours or losing sleep. I was doing what I loved in a career that completed me. It was during these hours that I really experienced that spark and light spirit that you only get to discover if you work in a job that matches up perfectly to your own personality.

Q. How Has Your Life Changed Since Doing Something Meaningful To You?

You’ll finally stop working when you discover your passion.

I recently transitioned to work in my own online business consultancy fulltime, providing online entrepreneurs with the tools and advice they need to fast track their startups to success. The joys of working in ecommerce are simply beyond anything I had ever imagined work could ever be, and it has opened up special pathways to blissful online success.

As a lifestyle entrepreneur and ecommerce strategist, I don’t only get to select the projects that I work on, but I also get to choose my preferred business model and company culture as well.

Although I work long and hard, I hardly notice at all, because I’m doing what I love. When you’re doing what you love, work becomes play, and your peers and customers reap more satisfying outcomes.

Not Doing What You Love Yet?

Patricia is obviously passionate about her career choices. She’s dead on about everything, and if you want to feel the passion that she feels, then you have the choice to do that!

As she said, she spent her free time learning about online business and implementing what she learned, and that action led her to where she is today.

Taking action can be hard.

Getting out of your comfort zone can be hard.

Not using your free time for TV can be hard.

But, action is easy to take when you enjoy what you are doing. That enjoyment will outweigh any uncomfortable feelings and you will just do it.

Not doing what you love yet? Seek out different opportunities, test the waters, and find something that you love as much as Patricia does. You will be amazed at how Mondays, (and every day) will become a day full of happiness and excitement.

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  1. An inspirational story! it is very difficult to find what interests you in life, you always have to be open and think to find out your passion. just be open and everything will work fine. i personally love to read inspirational stories they give me an extra push to go a further mile in my work and work hard to fulfill your dreams.

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