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Our Distance Energy Healing Experience

The first time my husband had a very bad episode with his Multiple Sclerosis, my mom told me that she had hired an energy healer to work with him from a distance. I believe in energy healing, and he was so sick that we were grateful that she took the initiative to sign him up. It was actually kind of awesome that she knew a woman who did it.

His main symptom was severe dizziness. It had been almost 3 days of pure hell for him.

He couldn’t walk without falling over.

He couldn’t stand up without falling over.

He couldn’t even lay down without feeling like he was spinning.

Needless to say he was puking and sweating and just as sick as any of us would be on a spinning ride that never ends!

During his distance energy healing session, he was supposed to lay as still as possible and concentrate on the area that was being affected. Thankfully (and kind of amazingly) he was able to do that to some extent. He told me he felt and heard crackling in his head during the 1/2 hour that he laid there. He also said he felt a warm feeling in his head at various times during the session.

We didn’t know he had MS at that time. We thought he had some sort of weird flu or some case of vertigo that wouldn’t go away.

After the first session, he was able to lay around without puking. Not long after that (it was later that night) he was able to get up and walk around.

He had another distance energy healing session the next day and felt even better after that session.

He didn’t get fully better because he still had some manageable dizziness (if there is such a thing) that just would not go away.

We ended up going to the hospital and medical clinic a few times pushing the issue that we needed to find out what was going on, and that eventually led to his diagnoses; however, I feel that the distance energy healing session cleared him up enough that he could be and feel halfway normal again.

Now, I do reflexology on him daily, and the sore areas on his feet always correlate to the symptoms he is having.

To say I believe in energy healing is an understatement.

It’s funny though because when I first starting dating my husband, I laughed at his acupuncture theories. He was into energy healing long before we even met.

I’m not an expert on energy healing, but I’m learning more and more about it. Whether you think it is the placebo effect or actually manipulating energy, you have to agree that many people have benefited from the practice.

What Is Energy Healing?

Here’s a cool infographic to explain energy healing a little more.

What Is Energy Healing

I especially use the mental body techniques, such as visualization, tapping, hypnosis, and affirmation healing. Although I’m interested in all of these things, and will be learning more and writing about it when I do.

2 thoughts on “Our Distance Energy Healing Experience”

  1. Nice story, I’m glad your husband found relief. Yes, energy healing can be really effective, it doesn’t matter if a person believes in it or not, although I do think the effects can take hold more quickly if a person believes in it as there is less resistance to work with.

    Thank you for sharing your story

    1. It is really tough to have believe in any such healing technique in this age of science and technology. Human brain is an amazing thing and science is yet to discover a lot about it. Hopefully today or tomorrow, people will recognize this healing technique as they do about medical healing. 🙂

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