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Online Entrepreneurs: What Does It Take To Be Successful?

Online Entrepreneur Needs To Keep Stepping Higher

Not everyone has the finances to go to college or university, but everyone has dreams of making it big in their chosen profession. But, college isn’t really necessary to pursue every big dream like it used to be.

Even my husband, who is finishing up his CGA, thinks his classes are a joke and a waste of a lot of money. Half of the stuff he learns is useless in the real world (some of it even wrong) and he has learned much more through trial and error as well as self-education than he ever has through his courses.

The Education Of An Online Entrepreneur

Some people have gone to business school and used their insight to start an online business. However, many people have not. Many people learn as they go, face challenges, fail, pick themselves back up, and turn their business into something profitable and rewarding.

When I first decided that I wanted to start an online business, I didn’t sign up for another college course. I’d been there and done that enough times. Instead, I started learning as much as I could about creating a successful online business geared towards what I wanted to do and got busy taking action.

And I’m not the only one. You will find story after story from online entrepreneurs who skipped the formal education and taught themselves (much to the dismay of a generation who didn’t grow up with so much information at their fingertips.) Even Sir Richard Branson recommends that you skip business school and instead invest the money in your own business.

It goes beyond learning from your failures. Self-education is much easier than it was before. There are online courses, informational blogs, digital products and services, and mentors who are willing to reach out and help you succeed.

Self-Education Is Important For Online Entrepreneurs

Not going to college does not mean you don’t get educated. In fact, I think entrepreneurs take on a lot more education than many other people.

As an entrepreneur, you can’t stop growing, learning, and tweaking. Education is a lifelong thing when you run your own business. The best entrepreneurs that I’ve seen online are always coming up with new ideas, new services, and new ways to reach their customers.

While it’s true that entrepreneurs have the ability to increase their incomes yearly, it is also true that everything can collapse quickly, and I’ve seen that happen when things become stagnant.

The bottom line is that continuous improvement is necessary for growth and success – especially in today’s fast paced world.

Interview With Michael Bergen

I’ve been writing about challenges lately in the sense of taking on a challenge to develop a new habit or improve your life in some way. Following is the last interview I have around this topic for now, and it applies directly to entrepreneurs and why constantly learning and pushing forward is important to entrepreneurial success.

Michael Bergen

Michael Bergen

Twitter: Bluetitan247

Facebook:  Michael Bergen

Google Plus: Michael Bergen

Michael is the Content Marketing Manager at Riverbed Marketing, a digital marketing agency based out of the Greater Vancouver area of beautiful British Columbia, Canada. He enjoys the highly technical and analytical side of online marketing, and he is a crypto-currency and day trading enthusiast in his spare time.

Q. What Challenge Did You Take On?

Developing my skills as a freelance entrepreneur online with no financing for post-secondary education. Although I had the honor of having opportunities to support those goals, I focused on only areas of self-development. Learning online with available information and being tech savvy to follow personal interests has served me well.

Q. How Long Did It Last?

I don’t think there is ever really an end to the learning process. We always seek to discover more and more about the human nature and how it relates to our field of work or interests. The human condition is always the finite variable in the equation. Don’t ever focus on a conclusion, just learn from the discovery.

Q. Was It Hard To Stick With The Challenge?

If you focus on the end goals of your aspirations and goals, the challenge is just a complication to overcome! It’s always extremely daunting and humbling to encounter your greatest challenges. But through these experiences, we either make or break our dreams.

When Ideas Have Sex (This Is Deep)

I really feel that online entrepreneurs need to meet with other minds in order to have success. I didn’t for a long time, and my online business didn’t grow much for a long time either.

The thing is that we have access to the world thanks to the Internet, and because of that our education isn’t limited to books and a teacher; instead, it is limited to how much we are willing to go out there and learn from other people’s successes and failures, overcome our own challenges (as Michael pointed out), and join other people to think of ideas that we cannot think of on our own and have not learned yet.

If you don’t think that the meeting of the minds is important for advancement, watch the following TED talk. It made me think long and hard about how online entrepreneurs can find success. And I have a feeling it will impact you in some way on how to find success in your business or venture.

Some points I took from the talk:

  • Things are changing much faster than they were before
  • Exchanging one thing for another is a unique human feature
  • Exchange of ideas helps things to grow
  • Exchange creates the momentum for more specialization, which creates the momentum for more exchange
  • You can save time by exchanging ideas (Very important for people who run their own business)
  • Working for each other can help us raise each other’s living standards
  • When you cut people off from exchange, you throw progress into reverse
  • We all know little bits of how to do something, but none of us knows the whole
  • IQ is irrelevant when it comes to creating – it matters how well people communicate and interact
  • Progress is being made by the collective brain

When you think about this and apply it to the world of online business, it makes education seem less important when it comes to entrepreneurship. What seems most important is to connect with other people and combine your ideas to create something great.

So, if you are an entrepreneur, and you want to advance your business, taking online courses and devoting time to self-education is definitely important to work on your self-growth, awareness, ideas, and success; however, collaboration with others is also important. I highly recommend you reach out to places like MyBlogU that offer a chance for you to brainstorm with other people and grow your business.

Please share your thoughts on what it takes to be successful as an online entrepreneur in the comments below. 

11 thoughts on “Online Entrepreneurs: What Does It Take To Be Successful?”

  1. Hello and great work on this post!

    I love the insights from the Ted X you included, definitely some food for thought for sure! Thanks for the opportunity to participate on this one and I look forward to reading more form you soon.

  2. Hi author,
    Define success. Can you be successful if you are unhappy with your life? Plenty of ostensibly successful people are unhappy, so the traditional indicators of success, homes, cars, fame, etc aren’t guarantees.

    In the broadest sense, success comes when you have achieved contentment in life. On that basis, achieving success merely requires that one find a way to be satisfied with what you have – family, friends, activities, etc.

  3. Kari as a Online Entrepreneurs I got a good lesson from your reading. And your decision is really correct to get self education to be a Online Entrepreneurs. I think college and university is not perfect to be a Online Entrepreneurs because it is the delay way but if you have a great interest than you learn more. Thanks and hope you’ll be a top listed Online Entrepreneurs .

  4. I completely agree with you, Online business is not easy to run and also it has no end because everyday people are coming up with new ideas and you must be a winner to stay relevant.

  5. Very good post and having excellent information. Online marketing is very useful to any business but there is lots of competition in the business market, so its very important that we use effective ways and create new ideas for business marketing.
    Enjoy to read your post. thanks for sharing it.

  6. Some really good points! and I hadn’t seen the TED talks thing before, haha. I like the point about IQ being irrelevant when it comes to creating, which is quite true, and really entrepreneurial minds are usually just creative thinkers.

  7. Owning and running an online business is not as easy as it needs one to consistent and dedicated as it can overwhelming at times.Being passionate is a must if you are to start an online business as at times it can be discouraging.

  8. I completely agree! Self-education is the key to being a successful entrepreneur. I learned all my digital skills online that allow me to run my businesses from anywhere I travel. The way change is accelerating today the only way to stay on top of things is by scheduling your self-education each week, paying attention to changing trends and always testing and experimenting through trial-and-error with new ideas, tools and processes.

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