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5 Great Courses For More Happiness On Udemy That You Should Check Out

I do remember a time without the Internet. I didn’t know what was going on with friends unless I phoned them. I had to look in my mom’s encyclopedias to find information on something that I was thinking about. I had to go to a store to order something that I wanted. And, my world felt much smaller than it does now.

Online Courses For More Happiness From Udemy

You may be old enough to remember the time before the Internet too. While I’m sure most of us think about unplugging and getting back to those quieter days, the Internet does give us an easy way to learn, grow, and become more of who we want to be. And that’s the number one reason that I work online and spend a lot of time online. Personal growth is something I’m focused on, and the Internet makes it easy.

Udemy Has Courses For More Happiness

For the past few years, I have spent a lot of time taking online courses for more happiness. Sure, I could go out of my house and take a course in a school type setting. I spent a lot of my life doing that! But, online courses offer me some things that in school courses can’t, such as the ability to do it on my own time, and the ability to listen to a lesson over and over again until I get it!

While many of my favorite happiness focused courses come from Mindvalley, I’ve found that Udemy offers some stellar courses that can help you grow in all areas of your life. Following are 5 of them I recommend checking out.

1. How To Be Successful in Every Area of Your Life

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Sounds like a big promise, but with over 540 students and 212 reviews, this course stands at a 4.9-star rating with no rating coming in at less than 4 stars.

This course was created by Libby Seery, who is the founder of Renaissance Life Therapies. She is a life coach who offers counseling services through her site that can help you work through issues standing in the way of your happiness, such as abandonment and anxiety. On Udemy, she’s created 15 courses and had over 8,970 students.

The videos are done with animation and slides instead of focusing on her sitting behind a desk talking. I find that it is much more engaging this way. I’ve taken some courses on Udemy where I sit and watch the creator of the course speaking. That doesn’t give me anything to read or look at, which can cause me to lose focus and think about ridiculous things – like what I’m going to have for supper.

This course moves through everything from learning about what success is, what success means to you, what habits you need to develop for success, and how to have success in relationships, finances, health, and happiness. In short, it really does cover every area of your life. If you don’t just want to focus on one thing in life and, you want to overhaul your life completely, then this course will be for you.

Check Out How To Be Successful in Every Area of Your Life

2. Life Mastery – Be Happy, Healthy and Successful

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This course has had more students than the previous one, probably because it is a lower price than the previous online course at Udemy. The reviews come in at 4.8-startar rating, and the reviews point to the fact that this course contains logical and practical tips that you can implement in your life.

It was created by Chris and Louise Croft. Chris has had over 4,100 students on Udemy and claims to get a lot of repeat business. In the reviews for the course, you will note that some people have taken other courses by Chris, which says a lot for how impactful he can be on your life. Louise is a blogger and entrepreneur, and she is also a life coach. She’s had over 3,700 students on Udemy and has created 19 courses.

This course is done with video instead of animation. Chris is an interesting person to watch. He’s definitely not boring. But, I recommend bring along a paper and pen so you can write down notes and stay engaged. As I’ve said, I’ve taken courses where you are just sitting and looking at the instructor, and you can get lost in thought if you are not engaging yourself in more ways than one.

The course is about obtaining a happier and more successful life in both your personal life and your business life. It includes practical things that you can do each day to achieve the success you want. There are 30 videos and you will move through topics such as goals, wasted time in your life, developing self-discipline, creating systems in your life, developing a positive attitude (a happier attitude), being more assertive, and how you can influence others in a positive way.

Check Out Life Mastery – Be Happy, Healthy and Successful

3. Improve Your Life and Happiness with the Power of Gratitude

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When it comes to courses for more happiness, I think this should be the 101 course for everyone. Gratitude is a powerful tool that a lot of people are not taking advantage of. Many people don’t understand how powerful it is, and many people don’t know how to get unstuck from a habitual ungrateful attitude. With over 1,000 students and a 5-star rating, this course may be the perfect place to start if you are new to taking courses for more happiness.

The course was created by Andry Grant. He is a transformational energy coach, and he is a speaker and author. He has over 1400 students on Udemy and 3 courses.

The course explores 3 different perspectives of gratitude: spiritual, energetic, and scientific. I’ve found that the more you learn about something from different standpoints, the more you understand about it. In other words, if you understand how gratitude works for these three levels, you will be more likely to believe in the power of gratitude and use it in your life.

Therefore, if you haven’t been able to get into the habit of gratitude, or even find something to be grateful about, this course could help you.

Check Out Improve Your Life and Happiness with the Power of Gratitude

4. Increase Your Intuitive Abilities Using EFT (Tapping)


Years ago, I was introduced to tapping by Jessica Ortner’s Book and ever since then I’ve noticed that a lot of the great teachers out there use tapping to help them be happier. EFT means Emotional Freedom Technique, and it involves tapping and saying little affirmations while you tap to help you move out of an unwanted state of mind or feeling. In other words, you free yourself from those negative emotions that keep you in a state of unhappiness.

This course is not about tapping for happiness specifically, but it is about tapping your way into being more in touch with yourself, which I guarantee (I know because I’ve lived it) help you have more happiness in life.

This course was created by Cha~zay Sandhriel Ph.D. It’s had over 1300 students and it has an average rating of 4.8 stars. She has a Ph.D. in Holistic Life Coaching and Metaphysical Science, and she is a hypnotist, Reiki Master, and a suicide hotline counselor.

The course covers 4 topics:

  1. Clair-Audience: Being able to hear spirit speak to you.
  2. Clair-Voyance: Being able to perceive things beyond the natural range of senses.
  3. Clair-Sentience: Being able to perceive the emotions and feelings of everything around you.
  4. Clair-Cognizance: Being able to have a clear knowing.

In short, these topics are about moving outside of your everyday world and becoming more connected to yourself and the things around you.

This may be outside of some people’s comfort zones, but I think that makes it something to try! The only way you grow in life is to step outside of that zone and try new things that may not fit into what you are comfortable with.

Also, learning about something that could possibly make you feel more connected to the world or give you insight into why other people are interested in that topic, can make you more compassionate, which will definitely make you happier around others.

All in all, this course will help you remove blockages that are holding you back from seeing, hearing or knowing clearly.

All in all, this course will help you remove blockages that are holding you back from seeing, hearing or knowing clearly. That simply means that more happiness can come from this course if you are willing to give it a shot!

Check Out Increase Your Intuitive Abilities Using EFT (Tapping)

5. Master Your Brain: Neuroscience For Personal Development

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Before someone in my family started to struggle with brain health, I didn’t give the brain much thought. Now that I understand more about how our brain works and how it influences our life, it has become very important for me to look after my brain. I think the more we learn about how we run, the happier we can be. With over 6,000 students and a 4.5 rating, you can bet that this course is something worth trying.

The course was created by Gregory Caremans. He is a psychologist with a Master in communication. He specializes in Neurocognitive and Behavioral Approach. He was the director of the Institute of Neurocognitivism in Brussels. In short, this guy knows what he is talking about and is a great person to teach you more about your brain and how it influences your life.

The course is based on Neurocognitive and Behavioral Approach (NBA). You will take a journey into yourself and understand how your brain works and defines who you are, including your happiness. You will look at parts of your brain that influence your decisions throughout your day, and you will gain insight into why you act the way you do. That will promote more conscious living on your part, which will promote more happiness!

They say ignorance is bliss. I’ve found that it really isn’t. In my experience, the more aware you are of who you are and how you work, the more blissful you become.

I know that it may seem too complicated to learn about the various parts of the brain, but reviews have said that Gregory has made this complex subject interesting and easy to understand by anyone. That makes this perfect for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge around themselves and others.

You can hear in Gregory’s voice how passionate he is about this subject. His voice is engaging and so are the slides in the lessons. There is homework involved in the different lessons to keep you active and implementing the stuff you learn into your life. If you are interested in why you do what you do, or why someone else does what they do, then this course is for you.

Check Out Master your brain: Neuroscience for personal development

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