My New Mantra: Top 10 Tweets On #mynewmantra

Today I decided that my new mantra is – well, you can see it in the first tweet I have listed in this post. I felt like my hashtag was pretty cool, and then I realized that a lot of people use the hashtag to express both positive and negative things. This post will focus on the positive!

1. Speak Softly

This is my new mantra, and I plan to repeat it to myself until it absolutely becomes part of my life.

The truth is I don’t speak bad about people too often – or at least I’ve toned it down, but when I do speak poorly of people or things, I feel bad. So, that’s why I’ve made this such an important habit that I want to build.

2. Spread Some Kindness – Even To Them

This is such a good mantra to have! When you kill ’em with kindness, you are doing yourself and the world a favor by not adding any more negative energy into the world.

3. Wake Up On The Right Side Of The Bed

Or, at least choose NOT to be a miserable cow.

4. Make It Count!

After my Unlimited Abundance experience, I know that this mantra is such a good one. When you feel like today will count, and you make sure that you do what it takes, the day works out perfectly.

5. People Not Believing In You?

A lot of people are not going to believe in you as you try to achieve your dreams and goals in life. Take a cue from Bruno Mars and say this mantra.

6. There Is Never Enough Time

Do you finish your day and say, “There’s not enough time in the day!” I think we all have at some point. But, when you look at someone who is really busy, and still manages to get their stuff done, it is a little sobering.

7. Overcoming Fear

What is the one thing that holds us back in life? Fear! Remember, everything you are striving to achieve can be found on the other side of fear. – adapted from George Addair’s quote

8. Let Go Of Anger

Fear is bad for your happiness and goals – and health, and anger is bad for your happiness and health – and goals. If you are holding on to anger, this mantra is for you.

9. Let It Go

I can’t remember where I read it, but someone said something along the lines of, “Do your best, be happy, and leave everything else up to God.” Doesn’t that just sound great? I really believe it is all about having faith and trusting that the action you are taking is getting you to where you want to be.

10. Stop Living In The Past

If you are stuck thinking about what was done and how it could have been done better, then you can’t move forward! It’s time to focus on the present and the future, and get out of the past that cannot be changed.

On Twitter? Use the hashtag #mynewmantra and inspire others to develop new positive affirmations about themselves.

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