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Why I’m Crazy About Christie Marie Sheldon’s Course ‘Unlimited Abundance’

Christie Marie Sheldon quote: You have a choice about which energy frequencies you want to live in.
For the past few weeks, I’ve been taking part in Unlimited Abundance.
It is a program where Christie Marie Sheldon walks you through removing abundance blocks that are holding you back from – well, abundance! If you are interested in this program, you may be interested in my Unlimited Abundance review.

The Downside Of Unlimited Abundance

Some of the sessions make me think that I’m missing out on something. Christie will talk about something as if I’m supposed to have it, but I don’t.

For instance, during one session Christie mentioned something about using the blank space to fill in what comes to mind. The problem is there is no blank space on the PDF’s that come with the program.

Unlimited Abundance is taken from a webinar she did with some people a while back, and it seems like they had materials that we don’t have. We do have slides that are supposed to go with the audio of the webinar, but they don’t always seem to match up and it can be hard to follow along.

In short, it would be nice if we could see the original webinar for Unlimited Abundance. But, I’ve managed to move past this issue (for the most part) and just focus on what she is clearing for each session.

Update: I now know that Christie Marie Sheldon hosts an Unlimited Abundance Live course once a year. If you sign up for her live course, then you get to participate in live webinars once a month for a full year with Christie and other people who signed up. You get to do the exercises live, ask questions, and interact with other participants. If you are not part of the live event, then you are watching an Unlimited Abundance Live event that has been recorded and packaged into a course for you. The packaged course is what I took, so, of course, I didn’t have everything the live course had. The recorded program was still easy to follow along with, though.

What I’m Experiencing So Far

I am really enjoying Unlimited Abundance.

I am experiencing some progress in terms of abundance. Not only are my beliefs starting to change about what I can do, have, or be, I am also noticing some concrete changes in my life.

  • I’m getting more questions and helping more people on a dream article I wrote two years ago!
  • I’m making unexpected money
  • I’m getting more visitors to a website that I am very focused on
  • I’m having an easier time with my freelance writing

I’ve been focused on my career and money for the most part, but health is definitely something I’m going to be turning more towards.

Update After Finishing Unlimited Abundance

It’s been just over a month since I first wrote the first half of this Unlimited Abundance review. Do I recommend it? Hell yeah!

In the past month I’ve tripled my income and doubled my happiness – and I was pretty happy before this all started. Plus, I’ve been getting a lot of things for free or close to free lately, which is pretty awesome.

I totally credit Christie Marie Sheldon and Unlimited Abundance for pushing me towards the success I’ve been having.

My Amazing Update: A year and a half later, and I’ve surpassed tripling my income by a long shot. I attracted a steady full-time client for my freelance writing and make more money than my husband who has a degree just from that client alone. I’m also earning much more in terms of passive income. And my income is increasing every month. I still get a lot of things for free, which is amazing and I’m always grateful for. I’ve gone on trips across the country to see my best friend, gone on trips with my husband, renovated the house, bought a ton of fun things, given gifts to my parents that I never thought I would be able to afford a few years ago (that may be the best part!), and so much more. I am living in abundance. I always have money to do what I want. My happiness, health, and relationships are all better as well.

It’s Shocking What’s Happening In My Career

The truth is that since I took Unlimited Abundance, I’ve been experiencing success in things I’ve been working on for years.

For instance, I’ve had articles posted for years that didn’t get attention no matter what I did with them. I think I write some pretty good articles on this site and others sites, and I was starting to get a little down on myself as I watched articles from 2011 not get ranked or noticed. ‘Why bother anymore?’ is the thought that kept coming to mind.

But, in the past month, I have boosted views to articles that I thought would never get attention. And, people are interacting with them and finding value from them – which is all I ever wanted.

That’s just one small aspect that has changed.

I had someone contact me on one of my relationship blogs for men and ask me for an interview. That’s never happened before, and keep in mind that I’ve been writing about relationships since I started over 5 years ago.

How Unlimited Abundance Really Helped Me

What I find that I took from Unlimited Abundance are these 4 things:

  1. The ability to recognize blocks that are holding me back from getting what I want
  2. The ability to connect to my higher self and work on removing those blocks
  3. The ability to move past fear and take action on what I need to take action on
  4. The ability to take chances when I know that the chance might pay off for my abundance

That’s why I think Unlimited Abundance is so great. Christie taught me how to remove those blocks that are holding me back from getting what I want and move forward with a higher vibration and more abundant life. If that resonates with you, then I urge you to try out the program.

About Christie Marie Sheldon

Christie Marie SheldonYou can tell that she has a passion for helping people, and it is neat to hear her stories and perspective throughout the program.

Christie has had some pretty great success, and she seems to have a laid back ‘I can do anything’ attitude, which is exactly what this course is about – going after the abundance you deserve.

She giggles a lot, and I’ve heard her say somewhere that she does that because she feels good and has excess energy to get out.

The thing I liked most about her is that she never seemed to get annoyed or frustrated with the questions she was getting – even though some of the questions were repeats of repeats. That kind of patience and understanding shows her true nature.

How Is Unlimited Abundance Set Up?

When you get the program, you have instant access to the 24 sessions of the program. Each session comes with an audio and PDF aspect. These are supposed to work together- so before you start the audio, download the workbook and open it. Or, you can download it and print if off to take notes on it. Your choice.

Then, you simply listen to Christie. She talks, helps you connect the light (which happens in every session and is something that you will get good at doing), and then helps you clear out any blocks that are holding you back from abundance.

I found that removing distractions is important. You want to be fully aware and connected so that you can figure out what your unique blocks are and then move towards clearing them.

I did one session every day and sometimes a few days apart. When you listen to the program, you will find that they seemed to be doing it once a week or so. Some people have said that they prefer to do it once a week because they can focus on one aspect of their life for a whole week. I really think it’s up to you.

That’s it. Move through each session at your pace and do what she recommends. You should start to see a shift in your abundance and be amazed – just like I was.

Note: This Unlimited Abundance review is on the recorded Unlimited Abundance program that I took. If you take the Unlimited Abundance Live program, it will be a little different because you will be working through the course live and attending monthly webinars.

Another Interesting Update

I had a rough past week in my personal life, and I was not using the principles I learned from Christie in this program. I was also not doing very well in terms of sales and ghostwriting, which are my two main sources of income. I woke up one day and realized that I had not been practicing a technique I learned from the program, and I instantly started to practice it. I woke up, went for a walk, and came home – all the while practicing this technique. After I made my coffee, I turned on my computer and noticed that I had already made $200 that day from some unexpected sales.  In other words, the power of the program became even more real to me. Highly recommend it! 

You can sign up for a free masterclass from Christie Marie Sheldon. Learn more about the masterclass here. And, if you just want to get the course already, you can save big on her course right now. It’s the same course I took, and you can access it digitally or both digitally and physically. Learn more about the course here.

5 thoughts on “Why I’m Crazy About Christie Marie Sheldon’s Course ‘Unlimited Abundance’”

  1. Wow, tripling your income is incredible. Did you set any specific goals for this? I just started the course today and am really looking forward to seeing how it’ll all unfold.

    1. I did want to make more money, but I wasn’t confident enough to pick a number. At the time, I thought that I would never make more money, but now I’ve surpassed the triple income and just keep earning more. It’s amazing what the right mindset and openness can do to change your life.

      1. That’s cool. I’ve just finished listening to the first audio three times and I’m now really curious. It’s positive to hear that you and so many others have got so much out of it.

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