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15 Minute Mind-Hack To Add To Your Morning Routine For Happiness

Update March 2017 – Somewhere along the years I forgot about this meditation, but then I started taking Vishen’s course, Becoming Limitless (take a free masterclass around the concepts here), and I remembered just how powerful it is. I can’t believe I ever stopped this meditation. I’ve done bits and pieces of it in one way or another, but when you do all the steps of the meditation together it makes you feel amazing. In fact, the day after I started doing this, my husband lost his job, we had a couple of emergency situations, and while I went through the emotions that come from unexpected things like that, I found myself quickly feeling grateful, forgiving the situations, and looking forward to the future with excitement. In other words, if you want to add an awesome mind-hack meditation to your morning routine, I highly recommend this one!

Start Your Morning Off Right With A Mind-Hack

Every morning you probably get your physical body ready for the day. You most likely shower and brush your teeth. You comb your hair. You put on clean clothes. You may even spray some perfume or cologne on you. These are all part of taking care of your physical needs for the day, but what about your emotional and mental needs?

Do you wake up feeling depressed, stressed, or anxious? Do you actively do an activity to help get yourself happy and emotionally ready for the day? Chances are you said no. I know I did when I watched the following video by Vishen Lakhiani from Mindvalley.

Mindvalley rocks. It has a ton of programs that are CRAZY beneficial for your life. And Vishen is the guy behind the company. He has a lot of wisdom when it comes to business success; however, he also has a TON of insight into how to be happier in your personal life too.

The following video is about a 6 phase meditation that can help you improve your happiness  every day. The 6 elements to the meditation are: Compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, future dreaming, the perfect day, and the blessing.

He breaks down each phase for you, so you can easily implement this type of mind process into your life. This meditation has the potential to make your day amazing, but it can also help you future amazing too.

Vishen uses this meditation daily and clearly explains why it helps you to make the most out of every day. And, he does a 10-minute meditation (using the sounds from OmHarmonics) so that you can experience it for yourself.

Go ahead and listen to his explanation and DO the meditation. I’ll write down my experience with it after the video, and you can write down your experience with it in the comments.

Note: You can get the guided audio from

I noticed that the meditation starts out like every session with Christie Marie Sheldon in Unlimited Abundance. It is a little different of a technique, but expanding your energy across the world is the underlying goal, and it really does help you feel connected to everyone and everything.

The forgiveness part of the meditation was so helpful! Especially today.

I had a guy come out and clean my carpets this morning. He charged me $120, and I gave him $140 by accident. Once I realized my mistake, I went out to his van and asked if I had given him $140 – knowing full well that I did – and he said, “Well, let me count,” and, magically, he only counted $120.

There was nothing I could do, because I should have counted it before I gave it to him, but I was ticked off about it. I knew that he must really need the extra $20 if he was willing to keep it, but that didn’t help me totally forgive the situation. The thought of him only taking 15 minutes to do the whole house kept rolling around in my mind, and the anger went on from there. BUT, the part of the meditation where he gets you to visualize the person you are upset with, and say ‘I forgive you,’ helped me drop the anger.

In the end, I really liked the meditation. It’s like packing a bunch of mental goodness (gratitude, forgiveness, positive thinking) into a short meditation. It helped me feel lighter, more grateful, and ready to tackle the day (and future).

It is a perfect way to start your day – along with your shower, tooth brushing, breakfast, or whatever else you do to feel physically good in the morning. It’s also the perfect way to get rid of the negative vibes that may be sticking around from the day before and start out fresh.

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