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Money And The Law Of Attraction Cards From Esther And Jerry Hicks

Esther and Jerry Hicks The Teaches of Abraham

Money can be an awesome thing or a stressful thing. And just like most people, I’ve experienced both sides of the spectrum.

When you have a lot of it, you feel good and are able to do the things you want to do.

When you don’t have a lot of it, you are more restricted to what you can do – and if you have a lot of bills to pay, it can be stressful to think about whether or not you are going to keep bringing in enough money to pay them.

For instance, when my husband lost his job, we suddenly had a HUGE loss of money. His job covered all the bills and then some, so it was a huge hit to our monthly budget. We were used to spending money whenever we wanted, but it suddenly became very stressful to spend extra money when we knew that we needed to keep every penny in case something unexpected happened…and let’s face it, something unexpected always happens when you are stressed and worried!

Esther And Jerry Hicks Money And Law Of Attraction Cards

The other day I went to a metaphysical shop in my town to buy my dad some crystals as a gift. While I was waiting for the shop to open I got an email about a cruise that Esther Hicks is going on soon. I had her on my mind as I entered the store, and when I noticed the Money And The Law Of Attraction Cards by Esther And Jerry Hicks in the ocean of tarot cards the store had, I figured it was a sign to buy them.

Note: The Amazon price is about 10 dollars cheaper than where I bought it from. If you are thinking of going to your local metaphysical shop to buy them, I suggest doing some price comparisons – unless money is not that big of a concern to you.

These cards are pretty much what you would expect. They are little doses of wisdom from Abraham that help you refocus your beliefs, thoughts, and attention towards money into more suitable ones that help you attract it.

If you are a fan of Esther and Jerry Hicks and Abraham, then you will most likely like these cards. Following is the welcome card in the deck. (They are not this dull; they are actually a white color. It’s just my awesome camera skills that make the card look like this.)

money law of attraction hicks


How I’ve Been Using These Cards

I’ve been using these like my tarot cards. I shuffle them, let my intuition guide me when to stop, and then take in the message I get. I do it every morning when I wake up (after I make my coffee and have a few minutes to sit), and I have found that the message helps me stay more positive about money and what I am doing to earn money.

What’s interesting is that this is a 60-card deck, and I’ve gotten two of the cards twice in the past week!

The first one I got twice is very important for me to remember. Following is the front and back of the card.

Feel Good Card By Hicks And AbrahamHicks and Abraham Cards For Money And LOA

This card is a good reminder to stay focused on more positive thoughts and feelings. I especially needed this card when I pulled it, so it doesn’t surprise me that I pulled it twice – once on Thursday and once on Saturday.

The second card I got twice was this one:

Praise Success Money And Law Of Attraction CardsMoney And The Law Of Attraction Abraham Cards

This is another important card for me. I do celebrate other people’s successes when I seem them, but sometimes I’m a little critical of how they go about earning their money.

For instance, I can’t count how many times I’ve been approached about someone selling a personal ghostwriting account, and I can’t help but get critical of how unethical they are being to earn a few bucks. But in reality, focusing on them is not doing me any good in the financial department! And, true to this message, I usually don’t end up pulling in any money during this state.

And, in case you are wondering, I had someone approach me on my Facebook page for iWriter about selling me their account the SAME DAY I pulled this card for the first time.

Should You Buy This Deck?

I really like it. So far it has helped me be more positive towards money and what I do to earn money. You don’t have to be an Esther Hicks or Abraham fan to benefit from the message in these cards; however, if you resonate with their messages, you will find these just as powerful.

In short, these cards are little bits of positive wisdom to reflect on daily, and I believe the more you reflect on something, the more likely it is going to become a part of your belief/thought system, so it can only benefit you!

You can check out the cards and more reviews on Amazon here.

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    1. Yay! I love their work too! And, I love the daily insights from these cards! I hope you do too. It’s making a huge impact on my thought process regarding money.

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